NXT Review (06/01/2016)

June 2, 2016 kayfabetoday 0

By Beth Wood. Catch her on Twitter @n0cturnal0wl. Set in Full Sail University in Florida, this week’s NXT is just one week away from ‘NXT Takeover: The End’. The show kicks off with The Revival […]

RAW Notes 05/30/2016

May 31, 2016 Elliott Troop 0

@specficluchador. Heading into RAW,  the two points of intrigue were the motivations of a returning John Cena and the confirmation of what the #Hatch teasers on Twitter were in reference to. Both questions were resolved, with […]

Monthly WWE Report

May 31, 2016 Ciaran 0

By Ciaran Brazington. Finally, my WWE report returns to social media: it may be in new surroundings but the report on all things WWE is back. Now wasn’t May a fantastic month for WWE? With […]

The Glue in New Day

May 30, 2016 AJ Howells 0

By Alex Howells. Catch him on Twitter @AJHowler. Ever since The New Day were moved away from a group of stereotypical preachers to a fun loving, albeit heel faction (at least at first) the group […]

Chris Jericho: the making of a legend

May 28, 2016 Ciaran 0

By Ciaran Brazington. October 2nd 1990. That was the day Chris Jericho made his professional wrestling debut. In the two and a half decades since he has wrestled all over the world and won countless […]

Brand Extension: then and now

May 28, 2016 Elliott Troop 0

By @specficluchador. On Wednesday 25th May, WWE announced that they would be undergoing a brand extension. As of July 19th, RAW and SmackDown, for the first time since 2011, will feature two “distinct rosters, story […]

Roman Reigns is the Guy

May 25, 2016 Elliott Troop 0

By @specficluchador Roman Reigns’ ascent to the top of the WWE as been fraught with vociferous boos and widespread rejection from the “hardcore” fanbase. Regardless of the barrage of misguided hate, Roman Reigns has assembled […]

Tunnel Vision

May 25, 2016 Ciaran 0

By @Ciaran_HEEL Next time you’re watching Roman Reigns, close your eyes for a brief moment: you could swear you’re in 2005. This is no joke or an attack on Roman Reigns, this is just a wakeup call […]

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