ROH Wrestling Episode #256

August 18, 2016 Drew Ortman 0

Here we are with our final show before Friday’s Death Before Dishonor pay per view. The last month of ROH Wrestling episodes has been relatively good. Yes, you heard that right, ROH has been putting […]

ROH Wrestling Episode #254

August 2, 2016 Drew Ortman 0

By Drew Ortman @drewortman Here we are for another week of Ring of Honor action and thankfully it is another week with new content. As I have said in the past, it is really hard […]

ROH Wrestling Episode #253

July 27, 2016 Drew Ortman 0

By Drew Ortman @drewortman Welcome to yet another week of original Ring of Honor action. Can you believe it? Multiple weeks in a row with newly taped shows, somewhat progressing storylines and excellent action. While […]

ROH Wrestling Episode: #252

July 23, 2016 Drew Ortman 0

By Drew Ortman @drewortman Here we are again folks for a sure to be not so epic edition of ROH Wrestling. On a positive note, I can say that at least we are getting multiple […]

ROH TV Ep. 251 Review

July 13, 2016 Drew Ortman 0

ROH TV 251 By Drew Ortman @drewortman Alrighty folks, this is it right here. This is one of my last threads of hope that Ring of Honor can get their act together and rise to […]

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