The New Era

June 29, 2016 Robbie Radford 0

The average comments you’ll hear from teenage WWE fans these days are something similar to: ‘Oh man, bring back the attitude era’ ‘The entertainment back then was so much better’ ‘The ratings were so much […]

Monday Night Wars Week Six

June 29, 2016 AC Adamson 0

Welcome to number 6 in my examination of the quality of the wrestling exhibited during the “hottest” time in the history of professional wrestling THE MONDAY NIGHT WARS. In this series of articles, I am reviewing a randomly […]

Bro, It’s Matt Riddle

June 28, 2016 Josh Anderson 0

With the recent resurgence of the indy scene, EVOLVE is leading the way as one of the top promotions of the year. Featuring some of the most talented wrestlers on the planet, many of EVOLVE’s best are […]

The Dark, The Lunatic, The Wacky Dean Ambrose

June 26, 2016 Ciaran 0

In November 2012, a trio of the brightest younger superstars in the WWE’s ranks made their debut. Collectively they became known as ‘The Shield’ and were together arguably the greatest faction in WWE’s history: They […]

Making of a Wrestling Fan

June 21, 2016 AJ Howells 0

I was proudly born and raised in a family of four in Bristol, South West England. Dad always worked full time, Mum did a lot of child care and worked part time to supplement the […]

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