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WWE TLC 2017 Preview

October 22, 2017 kayfabetoday 0

Preview and Predictions: WWE TLC (10/22/2017) By @TheNotFakeDC   With the roster decimated by illness, WWE brass has decided to dust off a hardy old fan favorite and American Hero….STAIRS! Always a team player, Stairs […]

The Fall of Hell In A Cell

October 7, 2017 kayfabetoday 0

By Kevin @buzzkill112233 As we head towards this Sunday’s Hell in a Cell PPV, I want to pose a question. When was the last time you witnessed a truly great Hell in a Cell match? […]

WWE No Mercy Preview

September 23, 2017 kayfabetoday 0

By DC @TheNotFakeDC Brock Lesnar vs. Brawn Strowman (Universal Championship) Brawn Strowman is the hottest thing going in WWE today, and Sunday he finally gets the opportunity to capitalize on his monster push with a […]

Q & A with Lance Archer

September 22, 2017 kayfabetoday 0

By Austin Grinnell @WolfmanAustin13 It’s easy to look at his antics in New Japan Pro-Wrestling and assume that Lance Archer hates the fans, as his entrance consists of him spitting water all over those who […]

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