NJPW – G1 Climax 27

July 19, 2017 Mark Worrall 0

By Mark Worrall @hoohoowozza Sapporo, Japan. Night 1, 17/7/17 The most anticipated tournament in the wrestling world begins, and with the whole of the wrestling world watching (unless you live in the WWE bubble) the […]

WWE 205 LIVE, Review, 21/6/17

June 23, 2017 Mark Worrall 0

 By Mark Worrall @hoohoowozza Show opens with Rich Swann and Akira Tozawa backstage as Swann tells Tozawa that it’s a big night as he faces Neville in the main event, in walks Titus O’Neil still […]

NJPW, KIZUNA ROAD Review 20/6/17

June 21, 2017 Mark Worrall 0

By Mark Worrall @hoohoowozza KORAKEUN HALL, TOKYO TOMOYUKI OKA def. TETSUHIRO YAGI Singles match between of the New Japan young lions to start the show with Yagi, the smaller of the two realising that he […]

205Live Review, 13/6/17

June 14, 2017 Mark Worrall 0

By Mark Worrall @hoohoowozza This week’s 205 Live emanates from New Orleans as a new host joins Corey Graves on commentary in the form of Vic Joseph, who it seems will be the new regular […]

NJPW Dominion 2017 Preview

June 8, 2017 Mark Worrall 0

By Mark Worrall @hoohoowozza This Sunday sees one of New Japan’s biggest shows of the year in the form of Dominion. With all New Japan’s titles on the line expect some possible changes, with the […]

WWE 205 LIVE Review 6/6/17

June 7, 2017 Mark Worrall 0

By Mark Worrall @hoohoowozza Show opens up with a segment from the previous evenings Monday Night Raw as we see TJP congratulating Neville on his victory over Austin Aries at Extreme Rules. However Perkins now […]

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