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Drew Ortman covers Ring of Honor, EVOLVE and various other topics for Kayfabe Today. He is also a member of the weekly Kayfabe Today podcast. Drew lives in Ohio, United States.

WWE 205 Live: Episode 2

December 7, 2016 Drew Ortman 0

By Drew Ortman @DrewOrtman Well the excitement and intrigue of being a premiere episode is over and we are on to episode two of WWE 205 Live. After much speculation heading into last week’s show, […]

WWE 205 Live: Episode 1

November 30, 2016 Drew Ortman 0

By Drew Ortman @DrewOrtman Welcome to the premiere episode of WWE’s new cruiserweight exclusive show, 205 Live!. Now if you were like me heading into this show, there was only one question bouncing around my […]

EVOLVE 72 Review

November 13, 2016 Drew Ortman 0

By Drew Ortman @DrewOrtman Big things often times do come from small packages. While the card this evening was only stacked six matches high, Gabe Sapolsky and the boys still delivered an EVOLVE card consistent […]

EVOLVE 72 & 73 Preview

November 10, 2016 Drew Ortman 0

Another weekend of the best independent wrestling action on the planet is upon us and once again the lineups look amazing as we have come to expect from EVOLVE. Not only will the EVOLVE Championship […]

ROH Wrestling Episode: 268

November 10, 2016 Drew Ortman 0

By Drew Ortman @DrewOrtman Tonight is one of those nights that as wrestling fans we are always striving to find. Picture this: You sit down and turn on the television, flipping through the channels until […]

ROH Wrestling Episode: # 267

November 2, 2016 Drew Ortman 0

By Drew Ortman @DrewOrtman Well, folks, it looks like we may have another solid week of ROH Wrestling action ahead of us. Previewed for the show is a tag team battle between The Addiction and […]

ROH Wrestling Episode: #266

October 28, 2016 Drew Ortman 0

By Drew Ortman @drewortman We are back for another week of ROH wrestling action, but this time with a little less excitement than we have become accustomed to. While it still feels weird to say, […]

EVOLVE 70 Review

October 16, 2016 Drew Ortman 0

By Drew Ortman @DrewOrtman Tonight’s event was one that had its ups and downs but still delivered greatly as EVOLVE knows how to do. It seems like even when an EVOLVE show doesn’t quite hit […]

EVOLVE 70 & 71 Preview

October 15, 2016 Drew Ortman 0

This Satuday and Sunday night, it is Florida who is once again lucky enough to be hosting a weekend of sure to be fantastic EVOLVE action. The two previous shows were nothing short of excellent […]

ROH Wrestling Episode: #264

October 12, 2016 Drew Ortman 0

By Drew Ortman @drewortman Welcome to Ring of Honor Wrestling where this week we are in for an awesome show. Last week we saw the first half of matches from the Field of Honor card […]

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