Interview with Andrew Bowers

January 6, 2017 AC Adamson 0

NORTH Wrestling is the nations newest and some would argue fastest going wrestling promotion. There second show was released earlier this week for FREE in its entirety onto YouTube. Before the big  release I sat […]

Remembering Mr Fuji

August 29, 2016 AC Adamson 0

Some people will tell you that management in wrestling is a lost art. I would counter that it’s an art that peeked and nobody really does it now because it could never be done as […]

A History of Summerslam

August 18, 2016 AC Adamson 0

SummerSlam was born on August 29th 1988. Like the rest of the ‘big four’ it was constructed specifically to combat rising competition from Jim Crocket promotions. The inaugural show took place at Madison Square Garden, […]

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