The Rant Of The Day #13

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The Rant Of The Day # 13

By Nick Whitworth @pwpitstopNick

Well, you guys asked for it so you’re getting it…. Rant # 13 is here and is changing the game as we speak… or read…. That being said, today’s topics will make you think, make you laugh, make you angry and quite frankly might even make you shed a tear… They are as follows:

– Ronda Rousey’s WWE debut…. Now what?

– Did the Women’s Revolution start in WWE?

– Did WWE drop the ball with Finn Balor?

– Triple H signs Gabe Sapolsky and Jeremy Borash

– Johnny Gargano – NXT mega star

1: Ronda Rousey hasn’t even had one match yet but she has shined such positive light on the WWE which the company needs heading into Wrestlemania. So now what should happen with Rousey?

Rousey will get a decent pop from any audience she will be in front of, she will sell merch and she will put butts in the seats but the company better not try and make her a solid babyface as she wouldn’t be cast as a face. The money will come from a super heel Ronda Rousey. Her smug look she gives, you know that little smirk… That’s her money look right there. That alone will draw boo’s from any audience after she lays out the babyface.

She comes across as a natural heel, much like her partner and current NXT star Shayna Baszler. Ronda doesn’t even need to cut 20 minute promos either. She should cut very heelish- UFC style promos just like how Brock Lesnar does from time to time (when he actually talks). A very straight to the point promo is very effective. Simple yet leaves the audience wanting more and the company doesn’t have to worry about the promo going south.

Being a heel also gives her an out just in case the crowd turns on her if she makes a mistake in the ring. Fans nowadays love when wrestlers make a mistake and they jump all over them for it. Being a heel already she could just play with the crowd more if that issue ever happens and that would just tick them off even more, which is what you want as a heel. If she can nail the heel part, any little mistake can be covered by simply acting like a true heel.

Also, Rousey should just play the free agent role for a while. Jump from Raw to Smackdown, putting a whopping on anyone and everyone until her character is really hot. Then once she solidifies which brand she will be on, that brand will see a boost in sales and ratings. To the fans, her move will come across like a big deal which is what is needed here. A big deal equals fan buzz which equals money. See, my math is pretty good here. Who said a 51% in match was low…

Unless Rousey picks up wrestling quick, WWE should slowly put her in the ring. Little by little without showing any weaknesses in Ronda’s abilities. Even if she catches on quick I still would ease her into having full blown matches. Don’t wait too long but don’t go too quick. Timing is everything here as there is a boat load of money to be made off of The Rowdy One.

We all know she will be wrestling at Wrestlemania but with who? She is rumored to either be challenging Charlotte Flair or in a tag match with either The Rock or Kurt Angle against Triple H and Stehphanie McMahon. I think it all depends on how well she is progressing as to which match she will be involved in. If she isn’t ready, a solo match could destroy her career right out of the gate. A tag match would just allow her to showcase what she knows and she would still come off as a star.

Now to the point that will make you think… or cry depending of how much of a fan of hers you are.. Who should be the one to give Rousey her first loss. Personally I think she brings so much to the table from a star power point of view that when the time comes for her to receive her first pinfall loss I would go with a new up and coming star who WWE has big plans for. This would shine a massive spotlight on that star and would really get the fans behind her. You wouldn’t damage Rousey and you would have just created a new star. Win-win situation here.

There are many routes WWE can go Ronda Rousey and I am sure they will still work. Just the heel Rousey sounds more appealing to me. Plus Vince already told me he liked that idea.

2: WWE claims to have started the Women’s Revolution and to only WWE fans that might be correct. Enter Nick… Wrong, dead wrong.

Shimmer, Shine and Stardom, just to name a few, are the reasons behind this boom. Triple H just happened to hear the buzz they created and started taking notes on women’s wrestling. Hence NXT’s amazing women’s wrestling. Hunter grabbed a worldwide array of talent and changed Vince’s eyes on how women’s wrestling should be. To Vince, it was all bra and pantie matches or just really bad 5 minute matches which became the “bathroom breaks” for the shows.

Shimmer began is 2005 and was created strictly for women to showcase their talents. The company not only created a all women’s promotion, they began to change the game and mindsets on how women’s wrestling should be.

Much like NXT, well NXT is much like Shimmer, their roster is stacked with a worldwide group. The who’s who of women’s wrestling. They have had such stars as WWE Hall Of Famer Beth Phoenix, current WWE stars like Natalya, Paige, Ruby Riott, and Mickie James to current NXT stars like Shayna Baszler, Candice LeRae and Abbey Laith. Add in current Performance Center coaches Sara Amato and Sarah Stock and that my friends is just a tee bit of who all has been through this incredible company.

Every single well known female has stepped in a Shimmer ring. The company is WWE of women’s wrestling.

Shine is the sister promotion to Shimmer so you darn well know the product and roster is just as good. The same goes for Shine, they have had such a phenomenal amount of WWE talent enter their ring.

World Wonder Ring Stardom is just a little different as they are a Japanese based company. They have inked up WWE Hall Of Famer Alundra Blayze as their commissioner and the iconic Cheerleader Melissa as their Stardom USA president. Stardom’s roster is knee deep in top notch talent including Mae Young Classic stars like Piper Niven and Toni Storm. Mae Young winner and current NXT star Kairi Sane even came from the company.

So even though these are just 3 companies, these 3 played a major part in causing Triple H to take notice and make Vince McMahon change his mind on how women should be portrayed. Just look at what WWE has done over the past 2 years with womens wrestling. Recently they closed the Royal Rumble Pay Per View with the first ever women’s rumble. Women are just as good as the men and it is about time the world sees this. The thing is the women had to work their butts off to get noticed. It’s about time they receive all the accolades they deserve.

3: Poor ol’ Finn Balor… The Balor Club can be a huge faction, if done right but other then that Balor seems to be spinning his wheels. Considering how much of a monster push he received instantly upon his main roster debut.

Yes he became the first ever Universal Champion. Yes he won that title hurt. Yes he had to relinquish the strap the following night on Raw. Just watch the match, the son of a gun pops his shoulder back in place then goes on to continue the match. I would of cried and asked for my Mommy.

That injury shouldn’t have derailed whatever plan they had for Finn like it has. For some odd reason WWE can’t come up with anything worth while for him. His hurtin’ feud with Bray Wyatt involving The Demon vs Sister Abigail made me want to punch the TV. Luckily the TV is expensive so I chose to drop a few F bombs instead.

His demon character alone is a true sight to be seen. The way Balor crawls out on the entrance ramp with smoke filling up the stage will grab your attention instantly. It is honestly like the demon and Finn are 2 different people. As a big fan of characters, the demon is big time money.

Finn has that look that sells to everybody of all ages. His physique which is similar to mine will draw in the women, the demon will draw in the kids and regular Balor will draw in the male fans. So why isn`t he showcased like a star?

The former Prince Devitt has been spinning his wheels for the past year with zero direction. Some might not think he can draw but that so not the case. His NXT run and NXT title run is when the big NXT boom happened. He filled arenas everywhere the brand went. Every show he received the loudest pops, his shirts where everywhere and his matches were always spectacular. He lead the brand to where it is today. Without Balor in NXT, Triple H might not be having the success that he is today with the brand.

Maybe Vince has long term plans for him and the reason he is just floating along is just him biding his time until he is back in the main event scene. Also, immediately after the signing of Gallows & Anderson WWE started producing Balor Club merch so there obviously has been some sort of game plan here. Now that the band is back together maybe this is what Vince wanted all along.

Whether in a Club or ridding solo, Finn Balor is a main event star who not only looks like a million bucks but his track record shows just how over the guy really is. Plus with Hunter gaining more control and his love for Balor it is only a matter of time before we see the Universal Championship back around his waist where it belongs.

4: Triple H has a monster of a team with recent additions of HBK Shawn Michaels, Gabe Sapolsky and the biggest shocker of all Jeremy Borash. Wow is all I can say.

Sapolsky is an incredible addition as he became a protege of the iconic Paul Heyman, he launched Ring Of Honor, Evolve, Dragon Gate USA and was a booker for Full Impact Pro. He brings so much knowledge to the table with a solid resume to back it up. This signing was Triple H’s first true signing for his new team.

Shawn Michaels was a no brainer to bring in. His Hall Of Fame career speaks for itself and his friendship with Hunter makes this move not surprising but yet still fantastic. This guy could wrestle a broom stick and still steal the show…. That’s how good HBK is.

Never say never I guess but boy was I shocked when I heard Triple H signed Jeremy Borash to his team. Borash was TNA and did everything you can think of for that company. He has to of been the last original employee of theirs. Impacts lose, WWE’s gain… Big time.

I love the fact HHH is stacking up his team but I wasn’t quite sure why, until reports of Hunter gaining more control over the product of the shows. Triple H is one man and we can’t expect him to change Raw, Smackdown and 205 Live like he did with NXT… That is where his team comes in.

Trips is beyond ready to rock and roll and the new Vince McMahon and his team will be deployed to the other brands to add their magical touch and we will see a new era in wrestling being ushered in. These are just 3 recent additions, I am sure he isn’t quite down yet either.

Bringing in all these unique talents and putting them together creates magic. Having coaches from every genre and style, it teaches the students adaptability. Adding bookers who helped build competition to WWE brings a non WWE forumal to the table. Same goes for a guy like Borash who can do just about everything you can think of, minus the copy and paste WWE style. That is how you build a team. That is how you build the future of a company.

5: Winter 2017 and thus far in 2018 has been all about Johnny Gargano. This guy is so unbelievably hot right now. I would say WWE’s hottest star. The place explodes when he walks out from the curtain. That my friend is a true babyface.

I have always been a fan of Johnny Wrestling and have been hoping to see him with WWE for a while now but not in a million years did I ever think he would be mega over like he is. It’s not forced, it is so organic and natural that I think is the reason why he is so over. His in ring work continues to shine but with each match his fan base continues to grow.

If the company can capitalize on an organic growth for an employee, it usual makes for that stars popularity to go the distance rather then a quick one and done. Everybody loves watching a star grow week by week, match by match. Busting his/her’s butts and getting the reactions they deserve, genuine admiration from the fans is where the money is.

My biggest fear is Vince yanks Gargano from NXT and throws him on the main roster without any direction and lets his popularity fizzle out. But, but with Hunter leading the pack this might be the time to really show the WWE universe just how good Gargano really is.

Triple H loves him, Shawn Michaels thinks he is unbelievable, he is on the right path to mega stardom. Plus Trips will know just how to debut him on Smackdown Live (yes Smackdown is where he belongs). Just don’t put him up just yet. give him a few more months to really become mega hot then make the move. Don’t wait too long or it could fail. It is all about timing.

Johnny is ready to make a huge impact (not TNA) in WWE and the fans have been ready since he signed on that dotted line. Putting on the performances he has been doing, getting those massive fan reactions, no one is as ready as Johnny Gargano is and when the time comes we are all in for a real treat.

That`s all for this week folks, another one bites the dust. Been having computer issues lately. I think there is something wrong with the left phalange but I could be wrong…

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