NXT Review, 7/2/18

David Dodgson

Dave has been watching wrestling since the early 90s. Just as he felt he was out-growing it all, Stone Cold Steve Austin cut that promo at King of the Ring, the Attitude Era arrived, and he was hooked. He now watches WWE and Lucha Underground, catching up on the British Indy Scene when he can.

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By David Dodgson (@DodgeeWriter)

Back to business as usual this week as we have action from the first set of tapings after TakeOver. With the Dusty Rhodes classic coming up soon, the tag team scene will take centre stage including a tag team title match to further Undisputed Era and Sanity’s rivalry and lower card action from Heavy Machinery. With the next TakeOver event to build towards, we can also expect some movement in the men’s and/or women’s title picture.

NXT Tag Title Match: Undisputed Era v. Sanity

As Undisputed Era pose on the apron during their entrance, Sanity attack them from behind seeking revenge for getting jumped backstage several weeks ago. Security fill the ring to break it all up (much to the crowd’s disappointment). Undisputed Era escape to the stage only to be greeted by William Regal. The GM declares that tonight’s main event will be a six-man tornado match. No contest

This tag team rematch is never going to happen, is it? Once again, an attack before the match results in the match being called off but with a huge main event in its place.

Heavy Machinery v. Sabbatelli & Moss

This is a rematch from a few weeks ago when Sabbatelli and Moss got the win with the assistance of the ropes. Heavy Machinery dominate early on, frustrating the heels who start to antagonize each other with aggressive tag slaps. Sabbatelli (subject to ‘Tito sucks!’ chants for most of the match) almost gets a win with his feet on the ropes for the pin again but the referee sees it. We then see Tucker Knight make an impressive senton dive onto Moss on the outside before the big duo flatten Sabbatelli for the win. After the match, Riddick Moss refuses to help Sabbatelli to his feet much to the delight of the crowd. Winners: Heavy Machinery

A fun but short match (which is what Heavy Machinery do best). Interesting that a split between Sabbatelli and Moss is being teased just as they are starting to get more TV time. We’ll see where this one goes…

Johnny Gargano Promo

Gargano hits the ring to talk about how proud he is of the TakeOver title match with Andrade Cien Almas. He thanks the fans for their support and respect before turning his attention to Tomasso Ciampa, vowing to take down his former partner. Almas and Zelina Vega interrupt to say respect and adulation don’t matter when you’re a loser. As Vega gets in Gargano’s face, Candice La Rae comes out to send her running. From the stage, Vega makes a challenge – Gargano gets one last title shot but if he loses, he has to leave NXT.

A passionate promo form Gargano who must be the most popular babyface across the whole of WWE at present. The rematch will have high stakes – could this be a way to move Johnny Wrestling up to the main roster? Probably, but where does that leave his rivalry with Ciampa?

Bianca Belair v. Jessix Hill

Belair’s jobber opponent offers her hand at the start of the match only to find herself tied up and lifted onto Bianca’s shoulders. After a few squats, Belair hits her fall away powerbomb for a quick victory. Winner: Bianca Belair

A standard squash. The only thing missing was the crack of Belair’s braid whip.

Undisputed Era v. Sanity

These two stables have been involved in a chaotic rivalry since last August and we can expect more chaos here. The action quickly spills to the outside with the tables and chairs being brought out not long after. O’Reilly and Cole counter Young and Wolfe’s attempts to nail them with the weapons and take their fight backstage. That leaves Fish alone in the ring with Dain. Fish escapes to the stage after antagonising the Beast of Belfast with a kendo stick and ends up getting tossed onto the rest of the participants in the match as they return to the ringside area.

Back from commercials, the action has returned to the ring. Wolfe gets a near fall off a powerbomb to Adam Cole, setting off a sequence of both teams getting near falls off signature moves. Killian Dain shines here, breaking up a pin attempt with a senton bomb. One more senton proves ill-advised though as Cole moves and Dain goes through a table. That leaves Wolfe alone with all three Undisputed Era members in the ring. He fends them off until getting taken out by a superkick and Total Elimination.

It is now Young’s turn to be alone with his foes. A neckbreaker from Cole is not enough to keep him down, however. As Undisputed Era look at each other in shock, Dain returns to the ring. He takes out Cole and O’Reilly with a senton splash/dropkick combo before finishing off Fish with the Ulster Plantation. Winners: Sanity

Dain is on the verge of a huge push it seems. He always shines in these multi-man affairs, especially with how he takes out two or more opponents (and even members of his own team!) at once. Surely a singles run is not far away. The match certainly delivered on its promise of chaos. Entertaining as these clashes have been, it is time for both teams to now move on.

Final Thoughts

This was everything we have come to expect from NXT – lower card tag and women’s action, to the point promos, and an exciting main event. While there were no huge surprises or shocking twists, storylines were advanced, and the in-ring action was fun to watch. There were also announcements and teasers for next week with the UK Title match between Pete Dunne and Roderick Strong confirmed and Ember Moon challenging Shayna Baszler to a rematch. Join us for a review of those clashes next time!

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Dave has been watching wrestling since the early 90s. Just as he felt he was out-growing it all, Stone Cold Steve Austin cut that promo at King of the Ring, the Attitude Era arrived, and he was hooked. He now watches WWE and Lucha Underground, catching up on the British Indy Scene when he can.
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