Dragon Pro Wrestling Present’s Beyond Good or Evil, The Review

4/2/18, Newport, Wales 

By Ciaran James @TheCiaranJames

Wild Boar, Kaggy & Posada def. Mark Andrews, Beano & Sierra Loxton

The evening kicked off with this lively opener, with two Dragon Pro veterans’ and some plucky young stars it ticked all the boxes. All looked good in their exchanges, they sold well for one another and in turn produced a solid, free flowing contest. Posada continues to improve greatly, I first saw him at Thursday Night Throws in September and he has come on so well. Andrews as always was faultless, he is a polished professional. Beano seems to be the most over act on the Dragon Pro roster, his continued improvement and skill inside in the ring is a pleasure to watch, I see big things coming his way over the next few years. Sierra look comfortable here, she seems to relish the hard-hitting style and looked good, her war with Kaggy & Boar looks set to carry on into Chaos. Talking of which, the partnership between the reinvented Boar and his protégé Kaggy is really good, this has huge potential. Great opener.

Mike Bird def. Bishop

Mike Bird continues to keep giving back to the guys he helped develop, this time the talented Bishop got the nod. Although a great effort I’ve seen both perform better, however that doesn’t take away from this contest. The wrestling was good and both performed well, Mike Bird as we all know is one of the most talented in the UK, no argument. Bishop has all the makings of a top-level heel, he has a great look and his mannerisms are spot on. This was a solid match, they held nothing back before Bird scored the victory. I would love to see Dragon Pro capitalise on Bishop’s look and make him into a real villain, some squash victories and solid matches with the talented Matt Horgan, Cal Adams and Brendan White would serve him well. Bishop is another to watch over the next few years.

New Wave Trophy Scramble (Winner earns a title shot of their choosing)

Matt Horgan def. Dean Winter, Josh Holly, Sofia Ari, Cal Adams & Jay Jewell

The future stars of Dragon Pro had an opportunity to earn themselves a future Championship shot, as they competed for the very first New Wave Trophy. Every competitor looked good and performed well, when given the chance they got their stuff in. The audience were very into this match and it gave the contest that special feel, these six are all hot prospects for Dragon Pro. Top of the pile are Matt Horgan, Dean Winter and Cal Adams, these three over the last six months have really impressed and exhibited how good they are and could be. The remaining three have shone when given the opportunity, Josh Holly is carving himself a nice midcard heel character, Sofia Ari has been making waves for Pro Wresting Chaos & Jay Jewell seems more than ready to take that step up. You can’t fault this group of youngsters, they are all the future of Dragon Pro, after a very enteraining scrap Matt Horgan took advantage and secured the win.

Pete Dunne def. Brendan White

This was one of the matches that yielded most appeal, featuring a current WWE Champion and easily one of Dragon Pro’s best graduates it was destined to be something special. Pete the more experienced and prominent performer started the better, there were dual chants for both as Pete shrugged off the love for Brendan. “The Bruiserweight” took control and bossed Bronco around, for someone who has seen Brendan dominate opponents it felt strange to see it reversed. The audience were very vocal and the endless chants filled the Neon Theatre, the competitors seemed to feed off the fans. Finally, Brendan saw an opening an fought back, from there on the action went back and forth. It was obvious here how good Pete is, he didn’t do a lot but what he did do was effortless, he looked every inch the wrestling superstar he has become. Brendan as always performed valiantly, his pure strength and endless supply of suplex’s are an awesome sight. After countless near falls and a collection of stiff strikes, Pete Dunne took the victory in a very hard-fought match.

Dragon Pro Tag Team Championship

The Brotherhood (Joe Mezinger/Elijah) © def. Jeff Ramsey & Oliver Sudden

There was no question who would win this one, the superb combo of Joe & Elijah once more proved how good they are. Their teamwork, ringwork and understanding of what works is exceptional, Ramsey and Sudden were easy pickings. Jeff is guy who has bags of potential, good looking, has the fans onside and works a great a ring style, there is so much he could achieve. He worked well with Oli and seemed the only one to pose a threat to the Brotherhood., Sudden again performed admirably for the fans who seem to love him. Joe & Elijah continue to shine, they are easily two of the best young performers in the region, making waves at Chaos, Attack and further afield their full potential has yet to be seen. These two as a tag team or singles performers have bright futures ahead of them. Going forward I’d like to see Dragon Pro build an opposing force to the Brotherhood.

Big Grizzly def. Reg

Big Grizzly was next out, and it was Reg who answered the challenge but not as we know him. Decked out in full football attire he proceeded to challenge Grizz to a game of penalties, which ended rather abruptly after Big Grizz had enough. This was a run of the mill match for the Welsh behemoth, he toyed with Reg until it was time to call it a day. What was refreshing was to see Grizz welcomed as a face in Dragon Pro, the connection to the fans is there and their respect for him was evident. This was a fun little match before the ultra-serious main event that followed.

All Wales Championship – No Disqualification

Danny Jones © def. Jimmy Havoc

After the finale to Decembers show the differences between Havoc and Danny Jones needed to be settled. When it was announced the match would be DQ it seemed to favour Jimmy, however come match time that would not be the case. Danny battled as if the title was his life, he went toe to toe with Jimmy in a violent encounter. Since returning from Japan Danny has been super over with the fans, and Dragon Pro have rewarded him with some high profile matches and opponents. Jimmy Havoc was his despicable self and gave the fans what they wanted, although Jimmy isn’t too everyone’s taste I still believe he is hugely underrated in the world of wrestling, his act is as polished as anyone’s. After some great stunts, hardcore action and stinging piledrivers the match came to a close. The audience were on their feet when Danny delivered the final piledriver on the ring boarding after Jimmy had earlier torn the ring up, it was a fitting finish.

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Once again Dragon Pro produced a great show, featuring current talent and the future stars of tomorrow the staff and wrestlers should feel very proud. Congrats to all. 

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