Saturday Spotlight #38 AJ Styles vs John Cena 3 – Royal Rumble 2017

By Ciaran-James @TheCiaranJames 

The “Saturday Spotlight” is a weekly piece looking at the amazing and wacky world of professional wrestling. This week I am not showcasing a match that was personally one of favourites of last year, and which took place at the Royal Rumble last year. 2016 belonged to AJ Styles, he took WWE by storm and ended his first year in the company as WWE Champion. John Cena meanwhile slowed it down a little, however his candle kept burning and that was due to his thrilling rivalry with Styles. By January 2017 the WWE seemed to be 100% behind their WWE Champ, but Cena returned from his hiatus to challenge Styles at the Rumble. I consider this match better than Okada/Omega at WrestleKingdom, it’ so good. So with it being Royal Rumble weekend I’ve gone with a WWE Championship match worth remembering. Enjoy!

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