The Rant Of The Day # 11

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The Rant Of The Day # 11

Knock, knock…. Who’s there?…. Nick and his Rant articles…. Ohhhh, you have my attention now… Here we go once again, 11th Rant and still going strong. Actually, Vince himself posted a pic of himself reading my last article…. Ok, fine, he didn’t but I am sure he has read them. Anyways, today’s topics are a ball full of fun so here we go.

– Paige’s in ring career finished

– DDP continues saving lives

– Total Divas and Total Bellas… hurt the business?

– Sheamus’ neck injury and what could be next for Cesaro?

– Monday Night Raw’s 25th Anniversary show, too many legends

1: The recent rumblings of Paige’s active in ring career being over is extremely sad. Not just because at the old age of 25 she will be retired from doing what she loves but sad because she fought hard to get her life back on track only to discover this.

The ever so talent Anti-Diva started her career at 13… 13, heck, at 13 I was in my room making mix tapes and hosting my own pretend radio show. This girl came from a wrestling family so it was only fitting, even at that age.

She inked up that dream deal with WWE at 19 and went on to become to first ever NXT Women’s Champion. She was only bidding her time down in the so called developmental branch before unleashing hell on the women up in the main roster.

In 2014, Paige not only made her debut on the main roster, but she defeated AJ Lee to capture the Diva’s Championship. Holy Moly, this girl is on fire. Now that is some way to set the tone for what her WWE career is going to look like.

Not only was she racking up championships but she was also involved in the Women’s Revolution. She was a lead hand in this history making movement and her world seemed so bright.. Or was it?

A bad relationship, 2 wellness violations, neck surgery, private videos and pictures leaked to the public… She was on a downward spiral really fast. WWE could of easily just wiped their hands clean of the situation but they didn’t. After her split from Del Rio, WWE and the fans watched her work her tail off to get back the career she was in the middle of losing.

Finally, she shows up on Raw in November 2017 with a few friends of hers and was back on the stage where she belonged. It was very bitter sweet. Hard work pays off and it was nice to see her back but even better that she was the leader of the faction Absolution with Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. All that drama and junk where behind her and things where looking up.

Then she gets injured. A kick to the back, and she is out with a neck injury. Not only after having neck surgery and still able to make a comeback, having another neck injury is usually a bad sign…. And that is where these rumblings started. WWE had no choice but to tell her they can’t clear her to compete and her wrestling days are over.

Very, very sad for someone who worked so hard to overcome a horrible year (2016). It is depressing news for anyone who overcomes what she did only to loose it all. WWE hasn’t officially announced anything yet but when you’re dealing with neck issues, the company usually makes the right call.

I have always been very vocal on stars dealing with neck issues and I will continue to say that the best call is for Paige to no longer wrestle. Walk away while you can. Now, she has a huge plus here and that is being the leader of Absolution. Paige can still be very much a part of this group, just a slightly different part.

WWE, I am sure will keep her in the group or at the very least will have her as a trainer down in NXT where she would make for a perfect fit. With her experience, age, and knowledge, Paige is still a major asset to the company. Fingers crossed they see the same.

2: Any wrestling fan knows the substance issues regarding wrestling icons Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Scott Hall. Roberts was featured in the film Beyond The Mat and looked horrible. His amazing career became overshadowed by his addictions. Scott Hall was featured in an ESPN E60 documentary. Much like Roberts, Hall’s career became an after thought. Death seemed like it was knocking on their doors.

Insert Diamond Dallas Page. DDP can take any situation and flip it so you see the good in it. He reached out his hand to both stars and with his program DDPYOGA, him believing in this guys and through making them accountable for their actions, little by little these guys got back on track.

As Dally says, you can achieve anything you want as long as you put in the work. These guys put in the work. Both have since been inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame (DDP has as well) and both have regained control on their lives. Yes, they have slipped. They are humans, but they now know how to picked themselves back up and keep on truckin’.

Recently ECW legend Justin Credible had shown up to an indy show under the influence. He had been sober but that night his demons snuck up and got the best of him. His actions that night became public and went on every wrestling site possible along with videos on YouTube. Sad that this is the society we now live in. We kick people when they are down.

Page once again reached out his hand and Credible gladly accepted. Justin has shown he has no issues putting in the work to stay sober but he just was missing something. Adding Dallas and DDPYOGA to the mix is a great way to remain focus.

DDP takes the time out of his insane schedule to help save these guys lives. It doesn’t end there though. Through DDPYOGA, Page has saved the careers of wrestling stars like Goldust, Chris Jericho and AJ Styles. Triple H even brings him in for workouts down in the Performance Center. He has people all sports using his program. Even the NFL is on board with this.

We only hear about guys like Credible, Roberts and Hall but Dallas saves lives every single day. He saves the lives of everyday people and that unfortunately goes unnoticed. Just YouTube some DDPYOGA results and it will blow your mind. I would even bet money that you will then go directly to the DDPYOGA site to order the program.

You see, Page is known for his Hall Of Fame wrestling career but people need to start knowing that he went from wrestler to hero. Doing what he does, believing in people like he does, he is a true hero and deserves more credit then he ever will receive.

Dallas, you are a hero in millions of peoples eyes. You have saved so many peoples lives then you actually know. As much as you believe in all these people, we all truly believe in you. BANG!!!

3: I will probably receive heat for this but I watch shows like Total Divas and Total Bellas. I will put some of that blame on my wife (just don’t tell her I said that). She hates wrestling but likes these shows and since they are wrestling shows I watch them (good excuse Nick).

As we watch these shows I always wonder….. Do these shows hurt the business? I wonder because they show faces and heels partying together and calling each other by their real names. Yes I know they portray characters but having them feud on WWE programming then seeing them share rooms on their trips to Mexico just damages that feuds believability factor.

Imagine watching The Walking Dead and then they put out a show having the zombies and the main characters hanging out before filming. Showing the zombies half dressed up doing shots with a star who previously slaughtered a heard of zombies. Even though you know zombies aren’t real (yet) but it still takes that believability factor out of it. You watch television to escape reality yet when they show you that it isn’t real, it ruins it for you and makes it tough to get invested in.

Television shows aren’t real. You know that, I know that. Same goes with the wrestling characters. I just do not see any gain in adding a program which shows the opposite of what your company is based on. Lana, on WWE television she has an accent, pop on Total Divas and she doesn’t. Since seeing her on the show I can’t get invested into the Lana character anymore.

Another thing that grinds my gears about these shows are the acting skills. Boy, these stars can’t act worth a lick. They come across as amateur and then if you hadn’t notcied, when they are having a heated scene they can barely keep a straight face. Nothing worse then see a half smile when you are supposed to be pissed.

John Cena on Total Bellas…. Man, he was portrayed like a douche. He had all these strict rules and he just seemed like a dick. His way or the highway. For being the company’s leader, this was the wrong way to show him to the world on how he acts outside of the ring. Even my wife can’t stand him. Lucky for me, I can’t see him…..

Obviously WWE sees more good then harm in these shows as they wouldn’t produce them if it hurt their company. I just personally think there is a lot of harm here but who am I really. It’s not like Vince and I have a working relationship or anything… Or do I?

4: Rumors are circulating that Sheamus has been working with a serious neck injury for a bit now. I will touch on that subject at a later date but today brings me this… What’s next for Cesaro if Sheamus has to retire?

When Cesaro added the tear away suit to his entrance, boy did he look like a million bucks. The suit, the shades, the way he strutted out on the ramp. True main event star. He looks the part, acts the part and has the in ring work for the part.

Vince has said before that Cesaro is missing something. I for one do not see what he could be missing but if it is due to the fact he can’t cut a 20 minute promo then you do not let that hurt his chances at being on the main event level. Instead, you do something about that.

Add in a manager for the Swiss. I am talking an old school style manager. One to do all the work outside of the ring, leaving Cesaro to do what he does best inside the squared circle. Bobby Heenan, Slick, Paul Bearer…These types of managers are the best way to put over a talent who lacks in other areas. You think King Kong Bundy can cut a 20 minute promo. Nope, Heenan did all the work. The right manager, if great at his job, will help get that said star over with the crowd by taking away his/her weaknesses and by replacing it with their strengths.

Tag Teams seem to be Cesaro’s strengths. Every team he has been in has thrived. He got Tyson Kidd over, rejuvenated Jack Swagger’s career, and recently boosted Sheamus back into the spotlight. One thing people forget about is NXT’s Kassius Ohno and Cesaro were a team and were insanely dominate. This would be a great way to introduce Ohno to WWE fans (we all know NXT fans and WWE fans are different for some reason) and would introduce the WWE Universe to the Kings Of Wrestling.

Personally, the time is right to move Cesaro into the main event level but WWE does have that fall back plan if his push doesn’t work… Ohno debuts on Raw and the band is back together. Cesaro is ready and very capable of holding his own in the main event. WWE just needs to believe in him and let him organically get over. It will work, hence the Cesaro section, but the company must of missed that part.

5: With the upcoming 25th Anniversary show for Monday Night Raw, one has to wonder…. Are too many legends lined up for the show? Simple answer… Yes. Well that is all for that rant…. Next topic please…. I am kidding.

It seems like every second day WWE keeps on adding names to the show. Everyone from Eric Bischoff to DX to Trish Stratus to MVP, the list is exhausting. The first thing that comes to mind is this 3 hour show will feature less wrestling then ever and more boring skits and promos. For being such a big deal and a huge milestone for the company, they seemed to have gone completely overboard here. So much that I have no interest in the show.

Being the 25th Anniversary the company has done really well at hyping the show. To leave this show without anything big happening would be a massive letdown. It can’t be just 3 hours of nostalgia. If that is the case with each passing hour the viewership will nosedive big time.

With all eyes on the show, now is the time to really shake things up. Don’t announce John Cena vs The Undertaker for Wrestlemania. Announce something bigger then that. Jericho will be on the show and he is one hot commodity right now, make a big move and create a dream match at Mania.

This show could be one of their biggest shows ever but if not done right the show could be a stinker. The fans this day in age are tired of the same ol’ repetitive schtick WWE does. New Japan is the talk of the wrestling world and WWE has to see that so instead of following the usually formula they do, go outside of the box and shake things up.

Bringing in a new star is a huge risk but the payoff is rewarding. Just look at AJ Styles. Have them show up and dive right into the main event scene. I am telling you right now, the internet would be buzzing big time and that is what WWE needs. Not too often after a Raw show do I heard alot of buzz. It is sad because it could be so much better but with this show being such a big deal it is now go time.

Will WWE go outside of the box and really shake things up? Probably not. Will WWE bring in a surprise guest to really generate buzz? You never know. So I guess what I am saying is fingers crossed the company uses this milestone to really add some new found spark it desperately needs.

Another one in the books folks. I am still full of topics to rant about. My brain never shuts off. Until next time, keep on supporting Kayfabe Today and if you haven’t already, tell your friends to check out The Rant articles. They are life changing.

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