The Review, Pro Wrestling Chaos Present’s The Wrestle Squanchers

By Ciaran James @TheCiaranJames 

 Kings Oak Academy, Bristol, 13/01/2018

James Drake w/Nathan Bane def. Beano 

The evening kicked off with this unannounced offering, which resulted in a very entertaining contest, featuring the leader of the Brotherhood James Drake taking on the challenge of plucky Welshman Beano. With fellow brother Nathan Bane patrolling at ringside this was always going to be a challenge for ‘Man Like’ Beano, however he gave a good account of himself and stood up well against James Drake. Since his debut in September, I felt this was Drake’s best in ring performance since arriving in Chaos, this fast paced back and forth match raised the bar high and set a precedent for the following matches. James & Beano really excelled in this match and seemed to bring out the best in one another, as the match wore on Beano seemed to gain the upper hand and had Drake on the ropes. As previously mentioned it was the presence of Nathan Bane that offered James Drake his opportunity to claim victory, after Beano was distracted Drake took advantage and sealed his win. This was an excellent opening contest, Beano looked as good as ever and continues his rise up the ranks, a future star in wrestling for sure.

Team H8 (Jeckel & Gideon) def. Eddie Ryan & Charlie Sterling 

The criminally underrated Charlie Sterling made this match what it was, from his entrance, his mannerisms and crazy bumping he was the star of the match. As expected the veterans Jeckel & Gideon picked up the victory after a surprisingly fun tag match, featuring some great brawling and impressive power moves this was a tidy little match. I am still impressed with the natural strength of Jeckel, he makes power moves look easy as he threw both Ryan & Sterling around the ring. When it seemed the mismatched duo of Eddie Ryan and Charlie Sterling were on their way to winning, that thought went out the window, Eddie obviously caught up in the moment Superkicked his partner out the ring, this then gave Team H8 a perfect opportunity to finish off their opponents and start their year off very well.

Pariah Khan returns!

As Sterling and Ryan stood in the ring, a familiar tone of music flooded the tiered venue, the former part owner of Pro Wrestling Chaos returned. With his very own unique lyrical twist, he announced he was back to help the mismatch duo get their heads right. After forcing both Sterling and Ryan to hug it out, Dr. Khan ordered both men to follow him. A grand return indeed.

Eddie Dennis def. Big Grizzly via DQ

After dropping his King of Chaos Championship to Matthew Riddle last November, the former champ looked to start 2018 in a better vain. Eddie’s opponent was current HTTT holder Big Grizzly, who in the last 18 months has improved greatly, his promos especially have come on amazingly well. When these two-last met in July 2016 Grizzly picked up victory, and on Saturday he was intent on doing the same. This was a good big man match, the audience were mostly behind Dennis but Grizz does have his supporters, both men brawled around ringside to the adulation of the fans in attendance. The strikes were hard and unforgiving, there was no clear winner as neither man was able to maintain dominance. As the match continued both started to outdo one another with the power moves, it became so physical that Eddie suffered an injury mid-match yet kept going. With the tide turning against Grizz, Eddie hit the Next Stop Driver, however that was not enough, feeling defeat was on the horizon Big Grizzly struck Eddie with his briefcase to force the ref’s hand. Grizzly full of pride, revelled in his destruction as the match was ended on a disqualification.

Inter-dimensional mystery portal match

Sierra Loxton def. Chuck Mambo, Posada, Josh Holly, Splits McPins, Cal Adams, Brendan White

Following a bizarre segment with owner Dave Mercy, that only Rick & Morty fans will get we were offered the to watch the next generation of wrestlers exhibit their skills. Unfortunately, due to the number of competitors a few got lost in the shuffle, which was unfortunate as it featured some exceptional talent. Unless you are a hardcore fan of the South West/Wales independent scene a few of the names you wouldn’t recognise, however Sierra, Mambo and Brendan received warm responses. These matches are always hard to navigate, with lots going on at once it was difficult to see every spot take place, on reflection maybe a tag match featuring one other competitor would have worked better. After a spirited flurry of moves chaos regular Sierra Loxton picked up the win.

Wild Boar returns to Chaos, with Kaggy!

As Sierra celebrated her win, her former nemesis in Dragon Pro wrestling Kaggy made her debut, flagged by the returning Wild Boar she motioned at him to attack Sierra. Before the audience could even register what was going on Boar viciously attacked the ‘Freaky Princess’, he then inflicted a harsh Package Piledriver to leave Loxton unconscious in the ring. Boar with Kaggy by his side or vice versa, the landscape of Chaos could be headed for a dark period.

Maiden of Chaos Championship Match

Jinny © def. Sofia Ari

Another Dragon Pro graduate made her debut for Pro Wrestling Chaos, the impressive Sofia Ari arrived to a wealth of cheers as the ‘Warrior Princess’ looked to make a statement. Chaos, placing Sofia in a championship match against Jinn showed great confidence in her. Jinny looked on at Sofia as if she was nothing, however that all changed as Ari seemed intent on upsetting the current Maiden of Chaos. As the bell rang Sofia caught Jinny off guard, after a shower of moves Sofia had the champ reeling and prone on the map. Sofia looked to cap off her debut in stunning fashion, she climbed the turnbuckle, she hit her patented Moonsault, however, Jinny moved. Suddenly the momentum had changed and Jinny was now firmly in control, she quickly finished off Sofia and retained her title in a stunning blink and you’ll miss it match.

Knights of Chaos Tag Team Championship Match

The Brotherhood (Joe Mezinger & Elijah) © def. Mike Bird & Drew Parker

This was the match I was most looking forward to, having seen these two team clash last Summer in Dragon Pro I knew these four men could deliver. Before the match began Brotherhood leader James Drake was ordered to leave ringside, clearly bothered by this decision Drake was not happy at all. I was pleased that Joe and Elijah were chosen as the members to defend the tag titles, they have a unique chemistry which makes them a pleasure to watch and in turn allowed them to dominate. Mike Bird and Drew Parker were more than worthy to challenge the champions, they to have formed a great team which loves to outperform their opponents on all occasions. After and early back and forth the Brotherhood settled and controlled the majority of the match, Bird to his credit did all he could to make these boys look as strong as possible, it’s always great to see a veteran give back. The hot tag to Drew was built beautifully, and when it happened the match went into overdrive, Parker flew through the ropes and took over. His agility is amazing and as a wrestler he come on so much in the last 6 months alone, he took the fight to his opponents and on several occasions looked close to winning it. As usual the Brotherhood did whatever to win as a steel chair was introduced, the referee was struck and James Drake returned to ringside. After much Chaos the champions retained, they then continued the assault on Bird & Parker.

Anti-Fun Police debut!

As Drake, Elijah and Joe gloated they mentioned all the fun they have been having, that’s right FUN! Then the music of the much hated/loved Anti-Fun Police debut, out stepped Chief Deputy Dunne and Los Federales Santos Jnr. They stormed the ring and issued a statement to the Brotherhood, who according to the Anti-Fun Police have been having too much fun. Chief Dunne then announced that next month Bird, Parker, Dunne & Santos Jnr will take on the Brotherhood in an 8-man tag match.

Will Opsreay def. Dick Riley

This contest was a great exhibition of athleticism, agility, endurance and skill, featuring fast paced high octane moves it was easy to see why many called it the match of the night. After a very wrestling based first ten minutes to which I thoroughly enjoyed, the match then kicked on to feature a series of no sell spots intended to wow the audience. As mentioned the skills on display were breath-taking, both Ospreay and Riley deserved the plaudits they’ve received, Will Ospreay also proved why he is one of the best Junior Heavyweights in the world today. They both put in a shift and pulled off all their moves with amazing precision, the pace at which they worked was impressive. For fans of this type of wrestling the match ticked all the right boxes, unfortunately for me it fell apart after the no sell Jumping Tombstone Piledriver delivered by Riley. I still believe those type of moves are to be used to further a feud or end a match, to use it as a throwaway move lowers the believability of a contest. The match built to a great crescendo, Ospreay delivered his final moves with beautiful precision to inflict another defeat on Dick Riley.

Overall this was one of Pro Wrestling Chaos best events, featuring a new venue, great wrestling, returns and debutants it ticked all the boxes. The opening contest, The Tag Title match and Ospreay/Riley stole the show, it set up Control, Alt, Delete perfectly, which again looks set to be another top evening of professional wrestling.

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