wXw Shotgun 10th January review

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By Liam Byrne @tvtimelimit

Another week, another step closer to Back to the Roots, the next big event in the wXw calendar. However, there is a massive contest on Shotgun this week as Jurn Simmons meets Da Mack and Bobby Gunns in a triple threat contest, whilst RINGKAMPF and Monster Consulting are due to talk about ‘die Käfigschlacht’, the four on four cage match upcoming against RISE.

Speaking of RISE, it is Tarkan Aslan and Lucky Kid who are first to talk about ‘die Käfigschlacht’, with Aslan talking about how dangerous it can be to cage lions. Aslan also believes that with John ‘Bad Bones’ Klinger by their side, they cannot fail.

We are shown video footage of Melanie Grey throttling Killer Kelly, with Session Moth Martina coming into the room to break it up; what confuses me is that it suggests that it is from the previous week’s edition of Shotgun, but I don’t think it was on the version I saw. Either way, we clearly haven’t seen the last of the animosity between this trio, which is made eminently clear when Christian Jakobi is confronted by Grey, whom he puts into a match at BttR with Martina. She is not best pleased, but Jakobi reminds her she is lucky to even get a chance at working her way back into contention following the stunt she pulled at the Anniversary show.

Julian Pace is the next wrestler to get some airtime, with a focus on his Academy show main event against WALTER. This is purely a chance to get to learn a bit more about him as he talks about his love of cars and his abilities as a football player. It is his acceleration that makes him a good footballer as well as a good wrestler.

We get a chance to see that in action straight away as Pace meets Kim Ray, who is a trainer at the wXw Wrestling Academy. After Ray seems unimpressed by some initial attempts at reversals by Pace, the student comes up with several quick pinfall attempts to show he is capable of outwrestling one of his trainers. A kick to the face initially curbs this enthusiasm, but Pace is indeed quick as he uses his speed to duck around Ray a few times in a row, landing a dropkick and a suicide dive in quick succession.

The crowd are behind Pace, but after several reversals in a row, a kickout by Ray sends Pace to the outside and sees him take a dropkick to the face as well as a stiff kick with Ray running across the apron. Ray dismissively kicks Pace to shrug off some strikes from the canvas, but the crowd’s chants seem to lead to a resurgence for Pace as he hits an impressive neckbreaker which showcases an impressive leap.

A tiltawhirl DDT has Pace firing up and nailing a top rope dropkick for a nearfall. Just as it seems Pace might have the match going all his own way, a missed boot in the corner allows Ray to connect with a bicycle kick and a suplex into a sitout buster for a two count of his own, with a PK earning Ray another nearfall. Going to the well one too many times, Ray aims for the suplex variation, only to get caught with a small package for the three count. A simple enough match that gives Pace a big victory on his move up to the wXw main roster on a more regular basis.

Bobby Gunns continues his review of the year from the previous week, starting with defeating Da Mack in his own hometown. Gunns then mentions about how he beat Homicide at his own game, winning a No disqualification match and ‘squashing him’ (as we see footage of him getting a small package), before moving on to his victory at the Anniversary Show over Ivan Kiev. Back to the Roots will see a live Smoking Break with Bobby Gunns as a means to celebrate his amazing year.

After showing us footage from when Jurn Simmons grabbed Dirty Dragan around the throat from the previous week, we find out that Simmons has challenged Dragan to a match at Back to the Roots. Dragan and Simmons are best friends, but Dragan feels that Simmons has it all to lose in this contest, which he officially accepts.

Ivan Kiev and John Klinger are backstage, where Kiev queries about Da Mack and the business with Chris Colen. Klinger promises Kiev that Da Mack will be back at the Back to the Roots show, and he will deal with the vermin – Colen has been a member of RISE, so it is Da Mack who is expected to sort out RISE’s problems.

In response, we get the first words from Monster Consulting and RINGKAMPF. It feels like RINGKAMPF and MC are on the same page, with the last words from WALTER talking about no matter how different they are, they’ll be brothers in arms. With the Avalanche on their team, with his success over the years in the cage, they could indeed be the favourites to win.

It is main event time as Jurn Simmons, Da Mack and Bobby Gunns face off in a triple threat. Mack instantly takes out Gunns with a running knee, leaving Mack and Simmons to begin proceedings in the ring. After some back and forth between Simmons and Mack, Gunns is back in the ring to break up a pinfall and it is Mack that takes a powder with a clothesline over the top rope. In the ring, Gunns tries to use a guillotine choke several times, before grabbing a two count with a basement dropkick.

It is Simmons who is next to be at ringside after missing a charge at Gunns, which allows Mack and Gunns to renew their feud from earlier in the year. Mack’s new intensity sees him take control with several clotheslines and multiple stomps in the corner. Simmons re-arrival into the match proper involves him chucking both Gunns and Mack across the ring with ease. The two rivals try to double suplex Simmons after some arguing, but Simmons takes over both men instead. A Slingblade by Mack to Gunns leads to a DDT on Simmons in a neat spot, before Gunns goes corner to corner on running elbows to both men.

A Simmons dropkick sets Gunns up for a superplex, but Mack takes advantage by turning it into a sunset flip bomb for good measure to hurt both Simmons and Gunns. Simmons manages to come to his sense quickly, landing several clotheslines (including one that took Gunns to the outside) before a Massive Slam, Sick Kick and piledriver on Da Mack. Sensing his chance, Gunns rolls Simmons out of the ring and steals the pin himself. A fun main event, if a little too contrived in the early going – I’m not a huge Gunns fan by any means, but a great finish.

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