The Rant Of The Day # 8

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The Rant Of The Day #8

Well, well, well, the rants keep on coming. I always have lots to say. Maybe I over analyze topics too much….. Naw…. Who am I kidding… My rants are always on point. To me anyways.. So lets kick this into high gear. Today’s Rant topics are:

– Is a 3 hour Monday Night Raw too long?

– Daniel Bryan cleared to in ring action?

– Should WWE still go with Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 34?

– Mike Kanellis

– NXT Women’s division needs a boost

– Could Johnny Gargano survive on the WWE main roster?

1: A 3 hour Raw is way too long right? Yes and no. What kind of answer is “Yes and no” Nick? Well, quite simple actually. They way WWE runs Monday Night Raw as we speak, yes that is too long. A simple make over would and could work wonders for the 3 hour television show.

Since gaining an extra hour of air time, WWE hasn’t really done much with that hour. More wasted promos and unnecessary multi person matches. Only 1 or 2 top feuds get promoted while the rest become uninteresting. All in all, that extra hour became wasteful. I am sure most of the viewers are like me and PVR the show to do a lot of fast forwarding.

Week after week, Raw is always the same. The same few stars get the most TV time. I could probably tell you exactly how next weeks show will go and I would be close to what happens. The same ol’ same ol’ becomes very boring and makes the viewers turn the channel. Ratings should show WWE that what they are doing isn’t working to what it could be and it is time to re think how to gain those viewers back.

That extra hour could go to use in ways like building up 205 Live, building up the tag team division or even adding in a Women’s Tag Team Championship to the mix. You could even give TV time to guys who we don’t really see. 205 Live on Raw is the same type of match every week. The tag division has only a few teams and the women, well, that division alone could use more stars.

If done right, a 3 hour show would be worth the late nights. Nothing worse then staying up late only to go to bed ticked off because the show was a waste of time. I think less promos and more in ring work is the way to go. I understand the show’s kick off promos but a lot of time those tend to drag on a tad too long. As soon as those drag, people grab that remote.

I would religiously watch Raw if WWE made every match, every feud and every promo feel like a big deal. Much like the Attitude Era where every star was over and every match up meant something. Take that extra hour and really develop more rivalries and see who is hating on a 3 hour Raw.

2: Over the past few weeks I really started analyzing Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon’s interactions and one thing popped in my head. Is Daniel Bryan secretly cleared to return to the ring?

This could just be a case of “if he gets cleared then we will go in this direction” or Bryan has been cleared and the company is mum on this so when it is announced the wrestling world will go insane. We keep hearing how he isn’t cleared and he will go elsewhere once his contract is up so why not keep this on the “DL” and just continue this tease until the fans are about to blow.

A Daniel Bryan return would be the biggest WWE news in a very long time. He retired right when he was the face of the company and was about to make a boat load of money. The “YES” chant is still very over. So that is proof that Daniel Bryan is still money. Plus he would be refreshed and full of electricity that even a match with Shane O Mac would be a blockbuster match.

Of course, Bryan would need to change up his game in that ring, but if anybody can adapt to change it is Daniel Bryan. Just look at AJ Styles today compared to the AJ Styles 15 years ago and today’s Styles is the better choice. Changing up his game isn’t just healthy for his health, it is healthy for us fan because we thought a return was impossible and crazy. Now, it seems like a possibility.

Daniel has made it clear… He will wrestle again, even if not inside a WWE ring. Maybe the company is ok with its talent venting on social media as it seems to be the “in” thing right now. I mean, it does create a buzz around that star but I think Daniel Bryan leaving will be his last resort.

Now, time for some Negative Nancy here but as much as I would love to see him back wrestling again, I really hope he does what he thinks is right. One wrong move could cause serious damage. Yes, I know this kind of stuff can happen at any given moment in this business but with his past issues with concussions and with his neck I hope he really thinks this one over.

Nobody wants to end their career while being the face of the biggest company in the wrestling world but that is also a good way to bow out. Adding in the fact Bryan is still very much over with the crowd and the “YES” chants continue to fill arenas around the globe, I am sure this is what feeds his brain to come out of retirement.

WWE only let him wrestle again if he is clear and I am sure he will be and has been heavily screened and checked. The company wouldn’t want something bad to happen on their watch but if the doctors say it is a go, then I am sure they will start his comeback right away.

I will end this topic with this…… Kurt Angle returned to the ring…

3: For the past year it has become very evident that Wrestlemania plans are the Universal Champ Brock Lesnar facing off against Roman Reigns with Reigns leaving with the strap. Now, how will the crowd react to this match and the outcome?

You can’t please every fan, I know that, but with Wrestlemania being the Super Bowl of wrestling we shouldn’t know the outcomes of matches before the show even starts. Especially when you plan on putting the belt on a guy that is already so hated.

I honestly think the fans will react to this match much like they did to Lesnar vs Goldberg at Wrestlemania 20. That is not a good thing at all. That was a horrible thing to watch and it hurt the match and made an impact on the in ring activity.

The best thing to do is to switch gears and go a different route. WWE does make long term plans and that is totally fine but when it involves the outcome of a main event match at the companies biggest show, you need to re think things. You do not have to eliminate the plans for Reigns to be the top guy, you just need to shift that for a different time (another major pay per view).

By flipping the script it creates a new found buzz. They did it with AJ Styles by having him defeat Jinder Mahal for the WWE Championship and how was the reaction of that move? Myself being a major Styles fan, I went crazy for the shift. WWE took a match that I thought was going to be boring (Lesnar vs Mahal), went a different direction and got the wrestling world excited. That’s how you do it. You shock the fans and you gain excitement.

I think Lesnar’s time is up as the champion. Now to bring some buzz back to the Universal title as we barely see it. Imagine Samoa Joe beating Brock Lesnar for the belt at Mania…. Oh my lord, the pop he would get…

So, WWE, you need to really think this one over. If Lesnar vs Reigns is the route you want to take, that is fine but let me warn you…. Hate will reign down on the new champ (like what I did there?).

4: When Mike Kanellis made his WWE debut along side his stunning wife Maria, who herself had made her WWE return after a 7 year absence, the fans were in for a real treat. Bennett, er, Kanellis has quite the resume and is made for WWE. Seeing him finally make it to the promise land, I couldn’t wait to see him take off into superstardom.

Suddenly Mike wasn’t being showcased like the talent he is. Suddenly I myself was worried his run was going to be short lived. I got nervous because for some reason we weren’t seeing the Mike Bennett we know.

News broke about Maria’s pregnancy which as a father myself I couldn’t help but become excited for the couple….But we will have to wait to see the Maria that WWE fans don’t know. The Maria who can slay a promo and the Maria who is the polar opposite of what WWE portrayed her as during her first run with the company.

Then we find out about Mike’s addiction prescription pain medications and his new found sobriety. As having a friend who struggles with substance problems and myself having a highly addictive personality (hence why I will not take anxiety medication), I feel for Mike. I also now see the strength he has as he fights this daily struggle.

Things started to make sense to me about his WWE run thus far. WWE isn’t going to go full blown on a talent who is so fresh into sobriety and Mike wouldn’t want that risk. Getting to WWE is a dream of his and staying sober is a constant fight. His WWE run thus far has been the right run.

People tend to hate on him on social media by calling him a “jobber” and what not. Those people are just plain ol’ ignorant and have no idea about the wrestling business or sobriety. I follow Mike on twitter and am shocked by the treatment he receives. He deserves better from the fans.

Kanellis is a great addition to the roster and will shine. Give him time to get himself in the right place and watch WWE get behind him. The company has a great history of supporting its talent (Eddie Guerrero) and supporting their sobriety. They signed him for a reason. That reason just will take a little longer to come to fruition. When it comes, look out.

5: The recent addition to WWE’s main roster of Liv Morgan, Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan, Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose, what is left of NXT’s women’s roster?

NXT has just a few solid women but its division is very much lacking. Ember Moon, Nikki Cross, Kairi Sane and The Iconic Duo are pretty much the entire roster. I expected a lot of Mae Young Classic competitors to be signed right away but that doesn’t seem to be the case (just yet anway).

It was the popularity of NXT’s women’s division that cause Vince McMahon to start the Women’s Revolution on the main roster. The women have busted their humps trying to show the world that women are just as good as the men. It shouldn’t matter if you are male or female, it is all about the art form and whether or not you can tell a story inside that ring… And boy can these gals tell a damn good story.

As soon as the women started making noise Ol’ Vinny Mac pulled everybody up to the main roster, leaving Triple H with a fresh new roster. That didn’t stop Trips from doing what he does best and that is producing a fantastic women’s division. Asuka went on to become one of NXT’s best women’s wrestlers they ever had. Ember Moon has all the tools to be a great and wasted no time stepping up and filling Asuka’s role once she departed for RAW. Much like Ring Of Honor, Triple H always has women who step up to fill the spots of those who head up to the main roster.

So, with those recent call ups, and we all know more will come once ‘Mania is over, so what is next for the divisionj in the mean time?

We all know Shayna Baszler has signed and is set to debut. I really like her and see big things in her future. Rumors are running wild of Ronda Rousey signing which has me excited like a kid on Christmas morning. Who else though? Well, time to ink up a few stars from Mae Young Classic.

The Mae Young group where such a diverse group that any one of those stars should be signed. I would immediately sign Mercedes Martinez, Candice LaRae, Mia Yim, Piper Niven and the stunning Tessa Blanchard. These 6 could easily make the jump right to the main roster and still get a serious pop when they walked out. They all bring something different to the table but also are very marketable and very over with the true wrestling fans.

I don’t see the recent call ups hurting NXT, I see it as an opprotunity to grab new stars and re create the magic the division had back with Charlotte/Bayley/Banks/’Lynch days. If anyone can do it, it is the man Triple H.

6: Johnny Gargano is becoming NXT’s hottest star. The new Finn Balor actually. Not since Balor has NXT had a babyface who can carry the team on its back. I’ve always stated that Finn played a major role in NXT’s massive boom in the business and since he left for the main roster that they haven’t been able to fill that role. Insert Gargano

The past few months in NXT Johnny Wrestling has become the face of the company, consistently putting on top notch performances. His popularity has rise tenfold and his in ring work is so percise, crisp, smooth and on point. Quite honestly, you can’t help but get behind the guy.

For years I have wondered why WWE hasn’t signed Gargano and when he finally busted on the NXT scene I was excited but nervous on if he could get over with the crowd. Boy was I wrong. I would say Johnny is like Daniel Bryan in every aspect of the game.

2017 has been his year and with the 2018 main roster call ups looming, one has to wonder if his name will be called. He is better suited for Smackdown Live where Raw seems to like the big guys like Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman. Smackdown Live showcases more of the natural talent side of things, just look who leads that brand. If he was to land on Raw I think he would fall into the Curt Hawkins category, but if he lands on Smackdown Live I see him getting the proper push and showcased like a big star.

Before Tommaso Ciampa got injured he had just attacked Gargano on NXT Takeover: Chicago. This feud never had the chance to shine before the injury took place. Smackdown Live would be the perfect spot to have this rivalry. This feud is made for the main roster. It has dollar signs written all over it. Will it happen on the main roster though?

I don’t know how the company feels about Gargano, but if given the chance he can be a mega star for them. With AJ Styles being the MVP of WWE, I would think the company see’s talent over size nowadays. The crowd needs a reason to get behind a star or that star will sink. Johnny has everything going for him and the crowd would not only get behind him, but would stand along side of him during all of his battles.

WWE needs to think long term here as their MVP is 40 years old. Who better to lead the way then Johnny Gargano. His nickname is Johnny Wrestling…. That should tell you something.

Well, that is all for this week. Hope you all enjoy the holidays and hope you are just as excited for what is to come in 2018 for the wrestling world. Until then, Cheers.

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