Smash Wrestling TV Review – Episode 22

by Lewis Carlan

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This episode of Smash Wrestling TV was taped in Montreal, Quebec and included 3 matches:

Kevin Blackwood vs. Kaito Kiyomiya vs. Brent Banks vs. Evil Uno

Jordynne Grace vs. Alexia Nicole

Impact Wrestling’s Matt Sydal vs Tarik

The show opens with Kevin Blackwood being told his match is next, as he is leaving he sees Scotty O’Shea’s mask and wonders where O’Shea is. Blackwood looks confused as he heads to the ring. O’Shea continues to play mind games with Blackwood.

Match 1 – Kevin Blackwood vs. Kaito Kiyomiya vs. Brent Banks vs. Evil Uno

All four men made their way to the ring as it was obvious that Evil Uno was the clear fan favorite as he is from Quebec. Brent Banks was booed as he made his way to the ring. This match had great potential with all the talent involved.

The match began with a series a rollups and all 4 tried to get a quick victory. Banks clothesline Uno to the outside which was followed a few moments later by Kiyomiya forming a “human centipede” with Banks, Blackwood, and Uno in the corner and drop kicking them. I will admit this was not a very good spot. Blackwood and Uno unsuccessfully attempting to get away from the centipede lock didn’t come across well. Realistically, all they had to do was take one step back to get out of it. Kiyomiya maintained control and scored a near fall on Uno. The match picked up as Uno hit a double suplex/back body drop combo on all three, Blackwood made a nice top turnbuckle dive on all three to the outside followed by a suplex/cutter on Banks for two, Banks nailed a corkscrew crossbody onto all three as well. It appeared Uno botched a blue thunder attempt by Banks, possibly due to miscommunication but Banks nailed the second try for a near fall. Down the stretch all four scored near falls with big moves that included a modified lung blower by Blackwood on Kiyomiya and reverse DDT on Banks by Kiyomiya. The end came when Banks broke up a Uno piledriver attempt on Blackwood with a springboard cutter for the win.

This was a very good opener as all four got in nice crowd pleasing spots. So much talent was on display here in this match.  Blackwood and Kiyomiya exchanging forearms in the middle of the ring was thrilling. All 4 gave it their all and delivered a fun, entertaining match. A few spots I could have done without but overall a solid match. Brent Banks is just amazing. Every single match, he never fails to amaze me with his in ring ability. I love Pro Wrestling Noah’s Kaito Kiyomiya and will miss him in Smash as his learning excursion here in Canada has ended and he returned to Japan. Evil Uno is always great and Kevin Blackwood is a future star.

Match 2 – Jordynne Grace vs. Alexia Nicole from The CANUSA show in Toronto

This match was part of the huge Smash Wrestling CANUSA show that took place in Toronto on December 3 2017. Jordynne Grace represented the USA while Alexia Nicole was competing for Canada. Grace was the larger of the two and it appeared Nicole had her work cut out for her. The match began with a feeling out process as Nicole snuck in a quick roll up for a near fall. Grace used her size advantage as she hit a huge shoulder block on Nicole. Nicole came back with a neckbreaker, tilt a whirl headscissors, drop kick, and double knees to the face. Nicole went for a pin attempt but Grace kicked out at 1. Grace came back with a big spinebuster, suplex, and bearhug on Nicole. The pace picked up as both wrestlers hit big moves including a muscle buster by Grace and a codebreaker and curb stomp by Nicole which resulted in near falls. The end came when Nicole was able to nail Grace with a stunner for the victory.

This was my first time seeing these two in action and they both have great potential. The match was very good and very entertaining with both wrestlers working hard. The final stretch of the match could’ve had gone either way. Nicole scoring the win may have been somewhat of an upset. Jordynne Grace is a can be great power wrestler as she hit some big moves. The crowd chanting “please come back” to Grace was well deserved.

Winner – Alexia Nicole

Backstage Kevin Blackwood is discussing his concerns with a man about Scotty O’Shea. The man (name I don’t know) tell Blackwood he needs to confront O’Shea.

Match 3 – Matt Sydal vs. Tarik

I was really looking forward to this match between these very talented wrestlers and they delivered in giving the fans a great encounter. The match did start a bit slow as Sydal hit a few armdrags and worked on Tarik’s arm. The action picked up quickly as Tarik hit a shoulder block but Sydal quickly came back to nail a standing ‘Rana followed by corner knees to Tarik which resulted in a near fall. Sydal took control of the match with kicks to Tarik’s legs, a tilt a whirl head scissors, and standing moonsault for 2.  Sydal maintained control with kicks and chops to Tarik until Tarik nailed Sydal with a boot to the face. It was all Tarik for a bit as he hit a number of offensive moves on Sydal including an elbow drop while Sydal was draped over the ropes. Tarik gained a near fall. Tarik hit a springboard kick for another near fall. Sydal regained control and attempted his shoot star press finisher but ate a stiff elbow to the face by Tarik as it was broken up. Tarik landed a back stunner for a very near fall on Sydal. The end finally came when Sydal hit a knee strike to the head of Tarik and connected with the shooting star press for the victory.

This match lived up to expectations. I will go as far as saying that I enjoyed this Matt Sydal match more than any of the Matt Sydal Impact Wrestling matches. (Nothing against Impact but this Matt Sydal match was better). I loved the relatively slow start that built up to a fact paced match and great finish. The shooting star press is such a great finishing move done to perfection by Sydal. Tarik is so talented, it makes me wonder he is not signed to a major promotion.

Final Word – Once again, Smash Wrestling delivered a terrific hour of pro wrestling action. Tarik and Brent Banks are ready to showcase their skills in a major promotion and I predict we will see that in 2018. Impact Wrestling or Ring of Honor should give them an opportunity ASAP.

I personally want to thank Sebastian Suave and the entire Smash Wrestling roster for an amazing 2017 and I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings to Smash Wrestling.

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