Smash Wrestling TV Review – Episode 21

by Lewis Carlan

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Smash Wrestling TV Review – Episode 21

This episode of Smash Wrestling TV originated from Montreal, Quebec and included:

Sebastian Suave vs. Matt Angel

Vanessa Kraven vs. Stefany Sinclair

Stu Grayson vs. Kevin Bennett

It was great to see the Toronto based Smash Wrestling expand and make its debut in Montreal, Quebec. I will admit I am two weeks behind in Smash Wrestling TV shows but I will  surely get up to date thanks to my good friend – Smash On Demand.

Match 1 – “The Endorsement” Sebastian Suave (w/ Anthony Kingdom James) vs. Matt Angel

Angel was out first followed by Suave and Kingdom James. James cut an anti-Quebec promo that got the crowd riled up. James asked Angel if he had anything to say. As Angel began a promo in French, Suave attacked him and the match began. Suave had early control until Angel hit a ‘Rana, dropkick, and corner kick for a near fall. Angel followed it up with sliced bread and a double stomp for another near fall. James interfered which enabled Suave to gain control and hit two back suplexes on Angel. Suave then connected with a Northern Lights suplex for 2 on Angel. Angel came back with a number of moves including springboard elbows and a cutter for a near fall. With Suave and James on the outside, Angel nailed three consecutive suicide dives onto Suave and James. Back in the ring, Angel nailed a kick to the head to Suave. James tried to interfere again but Angel took him out. With Angel distracted by James, Suave was able to land an airplane spin/backbreaker combo for the victory.

This was a solid opening match. I will admit it was the first time I saw Matt Angel in action and he was quite impressive. He is already a very talented high flyer. Suave and James are always fun to watch and Angel turned out to be a good opponent for Suave. Excellent back and forth action in this one.

Winner – “The Endorsement” Sebastian Suave

We find out on the next episode Matt Sydal takes on Tarik.

Match 2 – “The Mountain” Vanessa Kraven vs. Stefany Sinclair

As with Matt Angel, this was the first time I got see Vanessa Kraven and Stefanie Sinclair in action and good gosh did they deliver! Kraven towered over Sinclair but Sinclair took the fight to Kraven early. After taking a few corner chops from Kraven, Sinclair dropped toe holded Kraven face first into the corner, landed double knees to the face, hit a DDT for 2, then locked on a modified surfboard stretch submission. After getting out of the submission hold, Kraven started her comeback with a corner splash but it was short-lived as Sinclair and Kraven exchanged corner splashes and running corner forearms. The action got fast and furious as Kraven hit a suplex followed by a massive corner cannonball but Sinclair came back with stiff back kicks and a lariat clothesline that got her a  2 count on Kraven.  The end finally arrived when Kraven German Suplexed Sinclair off the second rope and followed it up with a Choke Bomb for the victory.

What a terrific match between both talented wrestlers. Kraven is a monster and Sinclair has some serious in ring skills. I enjoyed this match from start to finish. Kraven’s Choke Bomb finisher is awesome.

Winner – “The Mountain” Vanessa Kraven

Next we get a backstage segment with Tyson Dux and Beast King FTM. Franky TM asks for a title shot and Dux gives it to him.

Match 3 – Stu Grayson vs. Kevin Bennett (W/Big Tank)

I am a big fan of both Grayson and Bennett and I was pumped for this main event and they did not disappoint. The match has lots of terrific back and forth action. Early on in the match, Grayson landed a number of chops and uppercuts. Bennett hit a snap suplex for a 1 count. Great action sequence as Grayson hit a running corner shoulder charge which was followed by a running corner forearm smash by Bennett which was followed by a missed corner splash by Grayson. Bennett hit an elbow drop onto Grayson for a near fall. The pace of the match really picked up as Grayson hit a side slam on Bennett and then a suicide dive onto both Bennett and Tank to the outside.  Both wrestlers hit some big moves in the closing stretch – Bennett nailed a modified bulldog, Grayson landed a flying knee strike to the face of Bennett followed by a Bane Breaker attempt but it was broken up by the interfering Big Tank. Bennett hit his Remix finisher for a two count. Grayson landed another knee strike to the face and connected with his finisher the Bane Breaker for the win.

This was such a phenomenal main event with two phenomenal talents. The in ring action was as great as I expected it to be. Both Grayson and Bennett never disappoint.

Winner – Stu Grayson

 Final Word – What can I say? Smash Wrestling continues to deliver a top pro wrestling TV product that every pro wrestling fan can appreciate.

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