Saturday Spotlight #35 Matthew Riddle vs Mike Bird – Pro Wrestling Chaos

By Ciaran-James @TheCiaranJames 

The “Saturday Spotlight” is a new weekly piece looking at the amazing, wacky world of professional wrestling. This week I invite you to watch what could arguably be the match of 2017, taking place on 3rd June in Bristol at a Pro Wrestling Chaos Present’s Unbrolievable. With the Progress Atlas Championship on the line Matt Riddle and Mike Bird put on a clinic, and reminded us all why wrestling is the greatest form of storytelling and sports-entertainment. I have also attached my review from the match. (Full review available @ ) Enjoy!

Progress Atlas Championship – Matt Riddle © def. Mike Bird – via submission

I don’t think that I can give this match justice with my words, by now you’ve surely seen the reaction on social media to this match. This was without a doubt the best match I’ve ever witnessed live, both Mike Bird & Matt Riddle tore the house down. What made this match even more tasty was the added incentive of the Progress Atlas Title being defended by Riddle, for Bird this was a chance to prove himself against one of the best. This pure wrestling contest was hard hitting from the opening bell, the two combatants held nothing back as they battled for control. After a few minutes Riddle & Bird knew they were in for one hell of a fight. The chops and slaps exhibited by both echoed throughout the building, every fan winced as each blow was landed, skin on skin has a new meaning. The level of intensity went up as they started throwing each other around the ring with a multiple Suplex’s, on two separate occasions Riddle dead lifted Mike Bird off the mat and hit consecutive Gutwrench Suplex’s. They cancelled each other out continuously, the strikes, kicks and slaps became harder as each reached deep. Riddle peppered Bird with stiff kicks, Bird asked for more then proceeded to German Suplex his opponent, Riddle stood right back up as the audience roared with approval. Then again traded strikes before Riddle locked in a Cross Armbar, after a few minutes prone on the canvas Bird came to life and powered out of the submission. The atmosphere reached fever pitch, they traded big moves for near falls, most impressive was Riddle’s jumping Tombstone Piledriver. Mike Bird kicked out of the pin attempt as the audience rose to their feet. Both men were spent, with Riddle perched on the turnbuckle Bird looked to end this match, with his title on the line Riddle turned the tables. He reversed Bird’s attempt and cradled him, Matt then leapt of the top turnbuckle and hit the infamous BroStroyer Piledriver, this match was all but over…. Bird kicked out, almost immediately Riddle locked in the BroMission, the contest was over. You’re winner and still champion Matt Riddle.


Photo Credit to Jim Maitland

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