The Rant Of The Day #7

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The Rant Of The Day #7

2017 is winding down and the world of wrestling is on fire. Dalton Castle just captured the ROH World Championship, AJ Styles continues to be WWE’s MVP and the Jericho/Omega match has every fan wishing the time away to witness what will be greatness. Oh and I am back with another Rant… Jericho/Omega- my Rants… same level of excitement?… don’t you say a word…

Today’s topics are- Shinsuke Nakamura’s main roster run: what is the problem

– Vince McMahon

– Who should WWE sign from Impact Wrestling

– Who should be called up from NXT after Wrestlemania

– Will Dolph Ziggler leave WWE?

– How should WWE debut Kenny Omega if he signed with the company

1: During NXT Takeover: Dallas we witnessed one of WWE’s greatest matches in a very long time. The match itself was extremely excellent but every fan watching, either at the arena or at home, was standing tall glued to what was happening. Sami Zayn vs Shinsuke Nakamura blew the roof off the joint and slaughtered every match WWE put on at Wrestlemania 32.

The moment the lights went out and Nakamura’s music hit, us fans were hooked. We knew WWE just got real. Signing him was one of their best signings they ever done. This guy is everything that company claims to be. Instantly “The King Of Strong Style” was a mega star. In NXT he was pushed exactly how he should of been pushed and showcased like something special. The fans were just patiently waiting to see him debut on the main roster and become a top guy….

Shinsuke showed up on Smackdown Live, blew the roof of that joint as well, we all thought it would only be a matter of time before he is champion. Week by week, month by month, he never reached the expectations everybody around the world had set for me and we can’t figure it out.

Is it a case of bad booking? Can’t cut a promo worthy of a main event run? Not connecting enough with the fans? Doesn’t have the drawing power on the main roster as he did in NXT and in NJPW? Only WWE higher ups know that one. We can keep speculating but the bottom line is we just don’t know.

Nakamura is a true talent. He has the sports entertainment factor nailed down and he can “go” in that ring. When you talk about “IT”, Shinsuke is “IT”. He just doesn’t seem to have that same spark or fire as he did down in NXT or in New Japan. Something doesn’t seem right.

So Nick, what is the problem?. Well, Nakamura is such a special talent that having him on television every single week seems to have watered down his character. That has nothing to do with him or his talent, it is the WWE lifestyle. How spectacular was it to watch him strut and stride, shaking his hands awkwardly as he made his way to the ring? Seeing it week after week made that excitement become more and more normal.

With talents who have such a special way of connecting with the fans, over exposure hurts not creates more money. If WWE still gave him a mega push but dialed back on the live appearances you would see a different Nakamura. Well actually, you would see the Nakamura we all want to see. There are so many ways of showcasing talents beside live in ring work and 15 minute promos. Simple vignettes can mean a lot more to the feud then the same ol same ol we see week after week.

So WWE, you can still have your mega stars and not over kill the steam the have going. DM me, we can chat about it a bit ok. Thanks.

2: Raise your hand if recently you said “WWE doesn’t know how to book people” or “Vince McMahon only want Roman Reigns as the top guy”. I am raising my hand with you all but it wasn;t until recently when a good friend of mine called me out on my hate towards Vince which made me stop and think…. I don’t see the business side of things.

Vince is a genius, hands down. He knows what he is doing. We don’t. We think we do but we don’t. We know what we like and we want it but Vince can’t please the millions and millions of WWE fans. It is impossible.. Even for a workaholic like himself. There is more to it then meets the eye. Television ratings, merch sales, drawing power for live events. Things we aren’t privy to.

We might see what their weekly show drew for numbers but not the actual breakdown in the numbers. Maybe Finn Balor gets the cheers worthy of the top spot but overall veiwers tune out during his matches. We don’t see the overall merch sales. We know John Cena is the king of sales and that is why he is in the position he is in. Do we see who draws on the live event scene? Vince sees all of this and that goes into the basket along with the ring work and fan reactions of each superstar to know who gets those proper mega pushes.

Roman Reigns gets chewed up by fans yet when WWE posted a Instagram post of him holding the Intercontinental Championship right after winning it, it became their most liked picture they ever posted on Insty. So you shower him with jeers yet like the picture… You think if WWE would of posted that same picture but instead of Reigns it was with Samoa Joe, you think it would of received the same amount of likes? No… because Reigns is more over then we think.

If Vince pushed every star every fan wanted we would have a new champion every week and then we would be shooting our mouths off about that. I am not being harsh or anything. My point all along is each push is a business move. Yes, there are times when McMahon should listen to the fans a bit more (Daniel Bryan) but he deserves more credit then he gets.

We tend to forget a few things. We wanted a Ziggler push and when WWE went on in on him he got hurt. Same with Bryan and Balor. My only negative piece on this topic is Vince tends to become gun shy when a guy gets hurt. Especially if they are being pushed heavily. He backs off or gives up on that star even though he shouldn’t. Injuries happen, it is part of the game but that shouldn’t derail a star’s push. Plus when that star returns, the fans go bananas for them anyways so why not take advantage of those reactions.

Vince, not hate here, all love but I do want to sit down and pick your brain a bit. I want to see how you tick.

3: With Impact Wrestling cutting ties (or rumored) with some of their higher paid talents, this could be a good time for WWE to swoop in and ink a few up.

Ethan Carter III – His WWE release was the best thing to happen to his career, much like Drew McIntyre, and would be a huge asset to the company. He is a terrific heel, excellent worker and would come in with a nice fan base. I would sign his up quickly and have him debut right on the main roster. Let him be him and watch what would happen. WWE would have a new mega star on their hands it would be refreshing for the fans to see something different. He needs to be pushed hard right out of the gate. Do it Vince, do it ASAP

Eddie Edwards – He would be a perfect fit down in NXT. I would even throw him in with the Undisputed Era. If not, he would make for a great babyface for when the main roster does their annual call ups. Great talent who would shine under Triple H and the freedom Hunter gives his staff.

James Storm – Yes he might of burned bridges from his previous but quick run in NXT but I still would love to see him show up in WWE on any brand. He can be used in NXT like how Eric Young is being used or he could shine on the main roster with the right push. I mean, if Bobby Roode needs a boost add Storm to the mix and watch them ransack the tag divison.

Bobby Lashley – No thanks.

The BroMans – I know everybody`s jaw just dropped and yes I am serious. I like them as a team and I thought it worked well. Jessie Gooderz is such a natural cocky heel that he would and could generate solid heat. They would be a nice touch to a stale tag divison.

There is money to be made with stars from Impact Wrestling and judging by WWE`s roster right now, they have no issue snagging a few Impact stars. Why not eh?

4: Every year WWE’s main roster does it’s call ups of stars ready to the big time. This year will make no different but the question is…. Who should get the call up?

Andrade “Cien” Almas – Current NXT Champ but is ready as we speak. His NXT run took off with the help of Zelina Vega and if he goes up, she needs to go up as well. They make a great duo and could make a big impact on the main roster.

Sanity – This faction would be great to watch cause damage on the main roster, but would need to be shown like the nut cases they are on NXT television. They all are deserving of a call up and all are ready. They would make for a great addition to either brand. Plus Eric Young deserves a nice run up on the main roster more then anyone in NXT right now.

The Undisputed Era – Nothing more one could say about this group other then a main roster call up needs to happen.

Other then that, there are plenty of stars who deserve a call up but I am afraid of them getting lost in the shuffle. Johnny Gargano could be the next Daniel Bryan if pushed right. The Velveteen Dream is very unique and his character would be perfect for either brand. The Iconic Duo, I am surprised they haven’t been called up yet, but now with the 2 womens factions going strong they could become an after thought.

The call ups are exciting but also have a trend to start off with a strong push then fizzle out quick. Tye Dillinger….. My point exactly.

5: Dolph Ziggler and his unhappiness with his position in WWE isn’t something new but this year just seems to come across like he will actually make a move. I am sure the Cody Rhodes movement plays a huge part in him leaning more towards departing.

Like a lot of WWE stars who leave, he will be a wanted man in all indy promotions but Ziggler brings more to the table then say a Jack Swagger would. NJPW, ROH, PWG, these promotions will want a piece of Dolph as soon as WWE announces his departure. I actually would bet all the money my best friend has that he has had contact with at one of those 3 I listed.

Much like Cody, he will show the world that WWE didn’t use him like they should of and it is their loss. Ziggler is good, real good, just bad luck stunted his main event pushes. He also seems to phone it in a lot lately and just plain ol seems unhappy.

All he needs is a simple change of scenery and some creative control to rejuvenate his and light that fire in him that has been missing recently. A simple move to NJPW is enough to ignite that spark he is missing out on. Once he sees the internet world go nuts over this news, Ziggler will be more amped then ever and that of course translate into magic in that ring.

I am a big Dolph Ziggler fan, but this move needs to happen before he bows out of the business for good. Imagine the wrestling world without him right now. He is too talented to let unhappiness in one company ruin his overall thought process on the business as a whole.

Dolph, make the right move here. Especially where I think Kenny Omega is WWE bound. Exit Omega, insert Ziggler…

6: This time last year the wrestling world was buzzing about Kenny Omega being WWE bound. The rumor mill was running wild with the Royal Rumble being his place to debut. Well, as the Rumble has came and went, no Omega. He even had the fans fooled by saying he was leaving New Japan to see what all is out there for him.

As we all know, Kenny stayed with NJPW and went on to become the biggest name in the wrestling business today. Now we are here, ending 2017 and the plan is to start 2018 with Omega vs Jericho at Wrestle Kingdom 12. No WWE in sight I guess.

The Cleaner has gone on to say he is New Japan for life and Jericho has said we will never see Omega in a NJPW ring again. Both know how to work the fans. Especially with the direction of their characters. Judging by that one would think Omega will defeat Y2J and continue his success in Japan. Well, not me. I don`t buy it one bit.

Call me crazy, but I actually think Omega is WWE bound this time and used Jericho to really get the buzz going. So how would one debut Kenny in WWE? Easy, are you ready?

Vince would need to get out of his comfort zone here if Omega does indeed sign that dotted line. No NXT, straight to the main roster. Have him debut in the Rumble, mid Rumble match, eliminate a few big name WWE guys and go on to win. AJ Styles (as WWE Champion) walks out to congratulate Omega then points to the Wrestlemania banner. Watch and listen to that crowd reaction. I am talking bigger then an Austin pop.

AJ Styles vs Kenny Omega headlining Mania 34 will go down as one of WWE’s biggest blockbuster shows of all times. Record breaking numbers, mark my word. Omega pins Styles clean to become WWE Champion thus making him WWE’s biggest star on their roster. Just imagine that right now.

He is too good not to receive a monster push right from the start. He is too good not to make champion right away as well. By having him defeat WWE’s MVP, it would make any no Omega believers a believer. Kenny is absolute money and Vince is a smart business man who could make a fortune off of him. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved. Us fans as well.

So, maybe I am right here, maybe I am wrong but the truth is if Kenny Omega is WWE bound this is how it should go down. Plus I am never wrong here (don’t tell my wife I said I am never wrong). Plus Omega vs Styles is a tad bit better then Lesnar vs Reigns… Right?

Well, lunch time for moi. Until next time folks, enjoy the upcoming holidays. Spend it with loved ones and enjoy the quality family time. Also enjoy the quality The Rant Of The Day time as well. Makes for a good Christmas.

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