The Rant Of The Day #6

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The Rant Of The Day #6

By Nick Whitworth @pwpitstopNick

Here we go again…. The Rant is still going strong. I am amped up and ready to let loose. So without wasting time, here we go. The topics for The Rant Of The Day #6 are:

– Cody Rhodes plan to draw 10,000 for an event in 2018
– Samoa Joe’s WWE thus far
– Bullet Club: Greatest faction of all time?
– WWE finally became “Broken”
– Who is WWE’s competiton
– Gallows & Anderson: Disappointing WWE run?

1: Cody Rhodes has gone on record to say he plans on financing a wrestling event in a 10,000 seat arena. Is that possible to do? The answer is very possible.

He is of course part of the world wide phenomenon called the Bullet Club so that alone has serious drawing power. Not quite 10,000 seat power but them alone would put a decent dent in that number. Cody has friends and connections all around the world so the line up he could draw up would be and could be better then any recent Wrestlemania card we have seen.

The biggest draw of them all… To really fill those seats is a name “The American Nightmare” has called out…. Daniel Bryan. Bryan has been recently cleared by doctors and has even had a back and forth twitter shoutout with Rhodes. Cody recently said for the event he creates that he wants the main event to be Cody Rhodes vs Daniel Bryan.. Watch those seats fill up right there.

The right match will draw a large crowd. A dream match will draw an even bigger crowd. This right here is a dream match with the chances of happening alot better then one would ever think. Fans have been itching for Daniel Bryan to make his triumphant return to the ring and with WWE not wanting to clear him, we see this match happening.

Bryan has said he wants to return and we know WWE’s stance on him so it is safe to say once his contract expires he is back in that ring. I still don’t think he should risk his health but I would be lying if I said Bryan vs Rhodes would not excite me. Heck, I have goosebumps just thinking of it.

We will see a different Daniel Bryan in the ring. He of course will have to change up his style a bit but not enough to make this match anything less then 4 stars. Daniel Bryan vs Cody Rhodes has the potential to be the greatest match of the decade… And we are only less then a year from finding out.

Will Cody Rhodes’ event draw 10,000 people? Yes,Yes,Yes,Yes

2: In wrestling conversations I have heard people say Samoa Joe’s WWE has been a disappointment or his run has been watered down. I say, are we watching the same matches? Samoa Joe has been on fire right from his NXT debut. The only issue he had was his little injury which shelved him a few months. That is all.

Joe exploded on the WWE scene and honestly hasn’t stopped since. Joe is as hot now as he was back when he was in Ring Of Honor and made the jump to TNA in the early 2000’s. He has this aura about him that makes us think he is really going to cause damage on his opponents.

Even during his feud with Brock Lesnar, Samoa Joe looked dominate. Even though he lost the fight, he had Brock beat. Tossed him around like a rag doll and the fans ate it up. They ate it up because it was very believable. If anyone can stand toe to toe with Lesnar, it is Joe.

He will be the one to defeat Roman Reigns and take the Intercontinental Championship and as long as he stays healthy I see Joe with the Universal Championship before the end of 2018. He is too good not to be positioned at the top and so far that is where he has been positioned.

You see, Joe can mix it up with anybody of any style. Joe is a tank yet knows how to adapt to work with smaller guys. His style looks very stiff and real like. He makes it look like an all out war in the ring.

Say what you want to about his run, as soon as his music hits (which is the only thing i dislike, needs better music) you know someone is about to get hurt. I will say this… By SummerSlam 2018 Samoa Joe will be the Universal Champion

3: The Four Horseman, NWO, D-Generation X and the Bullet Club. Factions from different era’s but one question remains unanswered… Which group is the greatest of all time?

The Horseman, NWO and DX had big money promotions backing them and promoting the groups the way they should be. Bullet Club formed in Japan and never stepped foot in a big corporation like WWE. Unless you were a mega wrestling fan, you never really knew much about New Japan Pro Wrestling. Yet through social media, Youtube and the interent as a whole everybody now wants to see the Bullet Club.

The BC knows how to use social media to create buzz about where they will be next. They know how to market themselves in such a way that they became the most in demand group we have ever seen. Every promotion wants them and every fan wants to witness their magic live.

Just to show you just how over these guys are, just on Pro Wrestling Tee’s the group has sold over 400,000 shirts in 4 months. Just let that sink in for a minute……. Absolutely insane. They even sell merch in Hot Topic stores. That is right, and they can’t seem to keep their shirts in stock. Watch any WWE program and scan the audience, all you see if Bullet Club t-shirts. This alone shows you the Bullet Club movement into greatness is in full effect.

I am not knocking the other groups, just the Club did this all on there own. They have completely changed the mindset of WWE being the place to be to make the big bucks. These guys collect pay checks that make most guys in WWE envious all while doing what they want, when they want and how they want to be shown. They hold all the power of their characters and their career direction. I challenge anyone in the other groups I have talked about, to see if they held all that power when they were hot.

The Bullet Club lead the movement of Independant Wrestling and why Indy wrestling is so hot. They helped put the spotlight on the indies and it is evident by WWE and their talent today. Just take a peek at NXT’s roster. All their top stars came from the indy scene and came in with a huge fan following. The Indy movement wouldn’t be what it is if it wasn’t for the Bullet Club and I stand by that.

Bullet Club = Greatest Faction of all time. Hands down (mic dropped).

4: As a child, it was the characters in wrestling which grabbed my attention. Still to this day, I love a solid believable character and “Broken” Hardy was one which I loved.

It has been about 8 months since The Hardyz returned home to WWE and we have been patiently waiting to see them become “Broken”. Legal issues seemed to of ruined the chances of this happening so all we were getting were a few mannerisms and that was pretty much it. Until now.

Matt Hardy suddenly became “Woken” and is alive and ready to take the WWE by storm. Is it too late? The only way to get this character over like it should be is to sit back and let Matt do what he needs to do with the character. If given complete freedom with “Woken”, WWE will have a massive star on their hands. Also can add in Brother Nero once he returns from injury as well.

“Woken”, “Broken”, potatoes, patatoes. All we want is to see the Matt Hardy we seen shine in Impact Wrestling. Judging by the first promo where Hardy was full blown “Woken”, things look like we are in for a real treat.

If Hardy is given the chance to show Vince just what he can do, this could very well open the doors for other stars to get more freedom with their characters. Freedom gives the star not only the power to do what they want, it makes that star give his/her all into the character and for the most part really shine. If you get to incorporate your ideas in the character, you can’t help but want it to be the best it can be. If you are told “this is what you have to do” you don’t have the same excitement about it.

My hope with “Woken” Hardy is Matt gets to achieve the amount of success he truly deserves. He is a solid in ring performer and with this character can surpass any previous WWE success he has had. A main event run? We will see. He is capable of a main event run and with “Woken” he has a chance to became a mega star.

I am just glad Vinny Mac finally “Woke” up and let Matt Hardy become who he needs to be.

5: For years now people have said “WWE has no competition”, “WWE has produced crappy programming because they have no one to compete with”. WRONG.

Independant Wrestling is their compeition. Social media is their competition, Youtube is their competition. Pro Wrestling Tee’s is their competition. WWE doesn’t have just one set promotion to challenge them. They have the entire wrestling scene challenging them.

Proof that WWE see’s Ring Of Honor as competition, they like to raid their roster. WWE did a NJPW raid when they snatched up AJ Styles, Gallows & Anderson and Shinsuke Nakamura. They even did a raid of Impact Wrestling with Eric Young, Bobby Roode and Samoa Joe. All of WWE’s top stars came from the indies and came in with a great deal of buzz.

Social media competition? Yes indeed. Social media helped change indy wrestling just by the simple thing of a wrestler creating a simple post. Fans then share or retweet said post and just like that, that post is seen all across the internet world. I myself follow a boat load of wrestlers so I see everyday just how important social media is to the wrestling world.

Youtube let us fans see matches we never would of seen before. Just look a indy star Joey Janela. A video of a bump he took went viral, now the guy is a hot commodity. Streaming events lets us fans see promotions all across the globe which is one of the reasons NJPW is so hot in North America.

Pro Wrestling Tee’s is the greatest site. Period. Think of a star and they will have shirts there. I myself have a few tee’s from Tee’s (I had to say it like that, sorry). The stars don’t need to drag suitcases and suitcases of shirts to try to sell at events. Instead, you just hope on the site and pick which one you want. This store slaughters WWE merch and I would love to know what WWE thinks of this.

With all this in one pot, I would say this is why WWE has changed they way they see the indies. WWE even acknowledges other promotions and even lets the stars keep their original name. They know there doesn’t have to be a Monday Night Wars for fans to choose other options and with a simple click of a mouse we have whatever we want, anytime of the day.

Now all we need is for a WWE/NJPW event.

6: I am a big fan of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson and I was over the moon when they made their debut on Monday Night Raw attacking The Usos. They came in looking like the bad asses they were in New Japan. They came in like a big deal and made an impressive first impression of what is to come….

This isn’t Gallows first WWE run but it was still nice to see him back. Anderson, on the other hand, it was a treat to finally see standing in a WWE ring. As a fan of their work, I was loving this signing and couldn’t wait to see what happens.

Immediately, they made a big splash. They even got the band back together and aligned with AJ Styles to form The Club. They were a major force to be reckoned with.. But some of that has since fizzled out.

It seems like their feud with The New Day caused them to loose a little steam but they still managed to capture the RAW Tag Team Championship. Heck, they even entered Wrestlemania 33 as the champs.

Alot of people talk smack about them being a disappointment. Do I agree? Not one bit. Yes, they aren’t the bad ass guys they were in NJPW but they still are featured in WWE programming more often then not. WWE could use these guys alot better then they do but I love watching them and will continue to support them. A disappointment though… I just don’t get it.

Like I mentioned, WWE could showcase them like they should be showcased but I do not think people should hate on their run. They look like they are enjoying themselves and that is what matters. It isn’t all about championships and mega pushes. WWE can’t push all the stars everybody wants pushed for RAW would need to be 10 hours long.

All Gallows & Anderson need is a simple trade of brands or add Finn Balor to the group and start taking out everybody they see. A brand switch would give them a fresh start, just like it would anybody who gets traded. Adding Balor to the mix gives them the OG Bullet Club feel and hype that die hard fans would love to see.

Gallows & Anderson’s WWE thus far is far from a disappointment and I hope they think the same way (I am sure they agree with me, I am always right, right?). I myself, am happy I got to see them here in Halifax, Nova Scotia this past August at a live event. I got to see them and give Balor a “Too Sweet”, checked off a few things from my wrestling bucket list.

Well, that is all, time to take the kids to meet Santa. Until next time, keep supporting your local wrestling and your local wrestlers. Buy their shirts, buy their 8×10’s. Let them know you are in their corner. Cheers.

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