The Review, Dragon Pro Wrestling Present’s, UltraViolet

Newport, Wales, 3/12/17 – SELL OUT

By Ciaran James @TheCiaranJames

No1 Contenders 4-Way Ladder Match

Danny Jones def. Wild Boar, Beano & Brendan White

Featuring one of the pillars of Dragon Pro and three of the most promising talents in the South West/Wales region, this was sure to be a solid opening contest. This was Danny Jones first appearance for Dragon Pro in quite some time, and since being stripped of the title in October he was determined to get it back. Both Beano & Brendan have been making huge progress this year, from Dragon Pro, Attack and Chaos they have planted their flag in the ground and look set to again build on that in 2018. Wild Boar continues to run riot, the diminutive brawler seems more focused than ever and as always pain was on the menu. All four men didn’t hold back as each in their own right deserved the opportunity to challenge for the Dragon Pro title, although Danny Jones emerged victorious, Brendan in my opinion dominated the match. Beano after enduring a Ladder match the previous week held his own, he must have still been aching but he came close a few times. For Wild Boar this was just another example of how destructive and violent he can be, the win would have been nice, but it seems his thirst for pain is higher. What was a surprise was the revelation of a union between Boar and the wildly eccentric Kaggy, who made an appearance mid match to thwart Beano. In the end it was the returning Danny Jones who captured the contract and to become the No1 contender.

Dean Winter def. Big Grizzly

This was built as a match twenty’s year in the making, the two lifelong acquaintances Big Grizzly and Dean Winter finally went to war. The audience was 70/30 in favour of Grizzly, with Winter receiving the applause of those who see his huge potential as a heavyweight performer. This was a full on big man brawl, there was no advantage for either man as they cancelled each other out continuously. For Dean Winter this was a match that he needed to win to complete a year of highs, from the win over Mike Bird, to the technical brawl against Edwin Ricci, Grizzly would be a name worth defeating. The Big Welsh behemoth fought back, there was no way Dean was getting bragging rights over him this time. They went back and forth, they traded hard hitting strikes, chops and big moves trying to put the other man down. This match could of gone either way, near falls and reversals peppered the last few moments of the contest before Dean Winter came of the top rope with a huge splash for the victory.

Dragon Pro Tag Team Championship – Open Invitational

The Brotherhood (Elijah & Joe Mezinger© def. The Syndicate (Bishop & Jay Jewel)

The ever-improving Brotherhood invited all challengers to the Neon, there were a number of opponents that could have challenged the champs, after all they have made lots of enemies this year. Who came from behind the curtain wasn’t expected, but a worthy challenge they were, the Syndicate this year has come together better than ever and looked to add the tag titles to their ranks. The always impressive Bishop again impressed in the ring, alongside Jay Jewell they put up a great fight. Joe and Elijah have this year become one of the most progressive tag teams in the South West/Wales region, through their great teamwork and dominance they are becoming quite the reigning champions. Over the course of the year they have withstood the challenge of Mike Bird/Drew Parker and Beano & Charlie Sterling, although under pressure in moments during the match they prevailed triumphant once more after some great fluidity inside the squared circle. They may not be liked, but right now they are the team to beat in Dragon Pro Wrestling.

No1 Contenders Triple Threat Match

Sierra Loxton def. Kay Lee Ray & Sofia Ari

After Viper had to sadly withdraw, Dragon quickly replaced her with fellow WWE Mae Young Classic competitor Kay Lee Ray. Making an instant impact, the fiery scot floored her opponents and looked to end this quickly, however the ladies of Dragon Pro aren’t so easy. Both Sierra Loxton and in her biggest match to date Sofia Ari withstood the initial attack and rallied against Kay Lee, Sierra with her experience gained this year alone looked to be the favourite. Sofia Ari also impressed, since making her debut she is becoming quite the talent and definitely one to watch in 2018. This was a great mixture of fast technical wrestling and all out brawling, add in the breathless top rope Moonsault from Sofia and you’ve got quite the match. The more experienced Kay Lee seemed to have the advantage at times, her prowess in the ring was great to see and she brought the fight to Dragon Pro. When it was all said and done there was no way that two Dragon Pro graduates were allowing Kay Lee to win, after a very competitive match which the crowd were suitably impressed Sierra Loxton grabbed the win and a future championship opportunity.

Posada & Josh Holly def. Ollie Sudden & Jeff Ramsey

Dragon Pro continued to showcase their talent in the next contest, the combined forces of Posada & Josh Holly overcame the very talented Jeff Ramsey and Ollie Sudden. The very popular Ollie entertained the audience in his exchanges with his opponents, that however didn’t last for long as Posada and Holly took over and worked a beating on Sudden. Posada especially looked good here, since his debut he has come along very well and looks more than comfortable in the ring. Josh Holly is another impressive talent, his facial expressions and interactions with the audience were great, there is no reason why he can’t push on next year to bigger and better things. Once Ollie managed to get away from his challengers, that then allowed the very versatile Jeff Ramsey to enter the match, he looked crisp in his moments and looked to swing momentum his way. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to give his team the win, it was the more aggressive and serious Posada and Josh Holly who came out on top.

Mike Bird def. Matt Horgan 

Teacher/Student, Jedi/Padawan, however you want to phrase it this match was exactly that. The ultra-talented Mike Bird took on the challenge of the very talented and very promising Matt Horgan, in what was for me the match of the night. Chests were scorched, limbs were aching and necks were twisted after this contest, with neither man wanting or looking to give in this contest could have continued all night. What advantage Matt Horgan did have was his business acquaintance Merlin Cambridge at ringside, who was quite the distraction for Mike Bird and the audience. Matt seems desperate to prove himself, in challenging his former mentor he looked to embarrass and defeat Mike Bird. Sadly, for Horgan, Mike Bird isn’t a stepping stone for anyone, therefore he was more than ready for this all-out war. For me personally due to the effort of both men and the pure wrestling ability this was the match of the night, there were many close calls and pin fall attempts before both Merlin and Matt played their tricks. The distractions were not enough to deter Mike Bird, who finished off Horgan with a devastating Piledriver for the win.

Dragon Pro All Wales Championship Match

Jimmy Havoc def. Mark Andrews ©

There wasn’t really much in this contest, two of the UK’s biggest and best performers went toe to toe in a very entertaining main event for the All Wales Title. Jimmy was his usual vulgar self, he did however have a healthy portion of the audience behind him in his quest for another title. This went from inside to outside as both Mark & Jimmy scrapped for the win, from high flying to brawling the momentum swung consistently. Jimmy looked to hit his Acid Rainmaker on multiple occasions, however Andrews seemed to wriggle free and start fighting back, the plucky underdog kept going. The rowdy crowd were split 50/50, the noise just seemed to grow with each passing moment as the finale of the match grew closer. Both guys were spent as they returned to ring after brawling around ringside, it seemed that Andrews was destined to win, I among others couldn’t see Havoc winning. That was until Jimmy found himself some space and the opportunity to hit the Acid Rainmaker for a shock victory and to become the new All Wales Champion.

With Mark laying in the ring, Jimmy was taking liberties with his fallen opponent. It was then that Danny Jones music hit, he handed the referee his No1 contenders contract and stormed the ropes.

Dragon Pro All Wales Championship Match

Danny Jones def. Jimmy Havoc ©

Jimmy with chair in hand swung for Danny and missed, the audience were on their feet as the former returning Champion put a boot to the gut of Havoc. With the new champion prone Danny hit a perfect sit down Piledriver for the victory and to once again become the All Wales Champion.

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Once again Dragon Pro produced a great show, featuring current talent and the future stars of tomorrow the staff and wrestlers should feel very proud. Congrats to all. 

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