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Chessman vs Cibernetico vs Dr. Wagner Jr. vs L.A. Par-K vs Perro Aguayo Jr. vs Vampiro 12/2/12

Doma de le Muerte apuestas match

On what otherwise appeared to be a day in wrestling history that didn’t offer much of note (especially factoring in access to content in terms of video footage), a packed match in terms of star power main evented the Guerra de Titanes in AAA. With six noteworthy luchadors ending up in the Doma de la Muerte, all six would put their masks or hair on the line. That this contest main evented over El Texano Jr.’s AAA World Heavyweight Title win over El Mesias spoke volumes as to the perceived importance of this match; that, or it was a necessity to place the cage match last due to logistical reasons. You choose.

On paper, this looked like an intriguing contest due to the relative importance of the Wagner and Par-K masks. However, this was somewhat downplayed by the booking of the contest: what was the likelihood that AAA would blow a potential money match in which either Wagner or Par-K lost their masks by booking that as the finish to a multiman match with more obvious options? Aguayo Jr. had never lost his hair, so that added a further element of tension. As for the other three, they’d had less success in apuestas matches. Cibernetico was offering his hair having lost his mask eight years before; Vampiro and Chessman had both lost their hair twice before.

Every version of this match available involved heavy clipping to fit the AAA weekly television spot or for commercial usage – thus, we got around half the footage of a match that went just over half an hour. With weapons dotted around, the match officially began as Aguayo Jr. was greeted with a chucked chair upon his entrance into the cage.  This was the style of match that AAA had become well known for, a garbage brawl with larger than life personalities that had set it so far apart from its contemporary, CMLL. This was not about putting on a five star classic, this was about six men beating seven bells out of each other. In the earliest moments, Par-K would be put through a table conveniently laid against a turnbuckle whilst Par-K then powerbombed Wagner through two chairs before slamming the aforementioned table on top of his foe.

Punches, kicks and weapon shots were the order of the match as each luchador took his opportunity to walk and brawl. It wasn’t pretty but it was full of action. Several attempts to escape the cage would be foiled as all six men still had enough wherewithal to halt their opponents from leaving the contest. The table, still somewhat held together by the border around the outside, was then used on Aguayo Jr., Par-K reversing a charge and sending him crashing through with a powerslam. In a clever spot, Par-K would the halt Wagner’s attempts to escape by launching part of a chair at him, a throw that connected and knocked Wagner back down.

Indeed, it was Wagner and Par-K who were bringing the most interesting work to the match, though any tension about one of them losing their masks ended as a cage-straddling brawl saw both men leave the cage and continue their fight at ringside. It wouldn’t be an AAA main event without some outside shenanigans, this time provided by Jeff Jarrett, whose wife suckered Par-K in to an attack by Jarrett, ending with a guitar shot. With the focus on what was happening outside the ring, Cibernetico made his way over the top, only to be jumped by members of the Perros del Mal stable before he could really enjoy his escape. This seemed to spark Aguayo Jr. into life as he escaped soon after to join in the beatdown of Cibernetico.

The two men who had had least success in apuestas matches were left and a chairshot had Chessman down on the canvas, bleeding heavily. Just as it looked like Vampiro had the match in hand, further skulduggery at ringside saw him hit with a blast from a fire extinguisher. A Chessman tackle off of the second rope and a legdrop off of the top allowed him, after an initial trip, to scale the cage and exit. Vampiro had lost his hair one more time.

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