The Rant Of The Day #6

December 10, 2017 Nick Whitworth 0

The Rant Of The Day #6 By Nick Whitworth @pwpitstopNick Here we go again…. The Rant is still going strong. I am amped up and ready to let loose. So without wasting time, here we […]

Wrestling 365 – 12/10

December 10, 2017 Liam Byrne 0

By Liam Byrne @tvtimelimit Naomichi Marufuji © vs Mitsuharu Misawa 12/10/06 GHC World Heavyweight Championship Match It is testament to the conditioning of many puroresu stars that they are able to wrestle well into their […]

Wrestling 365 – 12/9

December 9, 2017 Liam Byrne 0

By Liam Byrne @tvtimelimit Chris Jericho © vs Steve Austin © 12/9/01 WCW World Heavyweight and WWF World Heavyweight Title Unification Match With the embers of the Invasion angle still smouldering mainly through the presence […]

Wrestling 365 – 12/8

December 9, 2017 Liam Byrne 0

By Liam Byrne @tvtimelimit Stars and Stripes © vs Harlem Heat 12/8/94 WCW World Tag Team Title Match There probably isn’t a team as synonymous with the WCW Tag Team Titles as Harlem Heat. Post-NWA […]

Wrestling 365 – 12/7

December 9, 2017 Liam Byrne 0

By Liam Byrne @tvtimelimit Taka Michinoku vs Brian Christopher 12/7/97 WWF Light Heavyweight Title Match It perhaps isn’t all that surprising that an attempt to launch a Light Heavyweight division in the WWF wasn’t entirely […]

WWE Round-Up 8th December 2017

December 8, 2017 Ciaran 0

Welcome to my feature, I for one find keeping up with weekly WWE programming very exhausting. Between RAW, SD, 205Live & NXT there is 7 hours of programming, and that’s before you even go through […]

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