The Review, Pro Wrestling Chaos Present’s All or Nothing

The Review, Pro Wrestling Chaos Present’s All or Nothing

Bradley Stoke, Bristol, 25/11/17

By Ciaran James @TheCiaranJames

Ladder Match For the Heir 2 The Throne Briefcase

Big Grizzly def. Beano

With the briefcase hanging above the ring as we entered, it was clear the finale to the David/Goliath storyline would be done and dusted first off. I was critical of the feud beforehand, due to the fact that Beano was in possession of the briefcase that Grizzly won fair and square, therefore why was it not just handed back? Anyhow with two talented performers it was sure to be a fitting finale, in reality the time had come for Grizzly to plant his flag in the ground and cement his place on the Chaos Ladder. The match lived up to expectations, the first half was dominated by the power and aggression of Big Grizzly, he tossed Beano around like a doll, the NP44 native was out of his depth. But that’s not to say Beano didn’t have his moments, when Grizz let his guard down or underestimated his opponent the plucky Dragon Pro graduate fought back. When the Ladders came into play the severity of the match was raised, the violence on display was spine tingling, the risks they went to for our entertainment has to be applauded. After coming close to toppling the self-proclaimed ‘Big Welsh Bastard’, Beano finally fell, as they both climbed the Ladder Grizz got the upper hand, he wrapped his hands around the throat of Beano and Chokeslammed him off the Ladder into the one propped up against the turnbuckle. Big Grizzly then reached up and grabbed his briefcase for the victory.

Nathan Bane def. Chris Andrews

This was not a match I saw great potential in, Nathan Bane a member of The Brotherhood has looked mediocre in the ring all year, and for Chris Andrews this was his Chaos debut. With Elijah at ringside you would think that Bane had the advantage; however that was never the case as Chris Andrews overpowered both with a plethora of power moves. Adams shows of strength were impressive; however that’s where it ended, apart from the occasional generic face expression he failed to impress. Bane who impressed last month against Project Lucha looked green, I saw him at the start of the year in 4FW and he hasn’t improved at all in the ring. Against the run of play Bane picked up the victory, the aftermath of the match bled into the start of the Tag Team Title Match.

Knight of Chaos Tag Team Title Match

The Brotherhood (Joe Mezinger & James Drake) © def. Project Lucha (El Ligero & Martin Kirby)

This was one rematch I didn’t expect to see before the end of 2017, last month at Coalition of Chaos Project Lucha were left, beaten, humiliated and without their tag titles. On Saturday James Drake, the leader of the Brotherhood decided to step up tag with fellow member Joe Mezinger and represented the group of rebels. Project Lucha who had already stormed to the ring to save Chris Andrews in the previous match, were more than ready to do battle. The two teams went at it straight away; the audience were on their feet as bodies flew around ringside, the crowd favourites Project Lucha were in command. As written in my preview, I see The Brotherhood as being big players in 2018 so I saw no title change here, that however didn’t stop the thirst of the challengers. This was a fast, pacey match that when the Brotherhood tried to slow it down, made themselves look foolish. James Drake seems to be settling into his stride, he had a good performance against Martin Kirby last month and looked good tagging with Joe. With Project Lucha in control the titles seemed to be returning to them, however Elijah returned wearing the mask he took from El Ligero last month, which caused a huge distraction. Ligero then left ringside in pursuit of Elijah, with the odds now 2 to 1, The Brotherhood took over and secured victory.

Marty Scurll def. Dick Riley

In October Dick Riley took on his biggest challenge to date in Pete Dunne, I was a little critical of the match as it came across that Dunne was the superior wrestler. This month Chaos sent IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Marty Scurll the way of Dick Riley; this would be another hefty challenge. Both are fan favourites and Marty especially received a great ovation, the audience though were more Riley than Marty at certain moments during the contest. The match as expected was exceptional, Marty looked every inch the world class wrestler he is and Dick to his credit went toe to toe with him, maybe Dick’s recent WWE try-out urged him to up his game. Momentum went back and forth between the two competitors; they toyed with each other throughout match as the near-falls mounted up. As previously mentioned Dick Riley really stepped up in this match and showed that when he wants he belongs in the conversation, I would however still urge the change of character as the “DICK” moniker is of the toilet humour criteria. Getting back on track, the audience were at fever pitch as the match neared it’s conclusion, Riley held his own right up until Marty locked in the Chickenwing and grapevined the leg.

Knights of the Squared Circle Fatal-4-Way Match

Mike Bird & Drew Parker def. Joey Janela & Mikey Whiplash, Eddie Ryan & Charlie Sterling, Team H8 (Gideon & Jeckel) Featuring a talented group of competitors this match was sure to leave some sort of mark on the evening’s events, with little to no rules the match soon spiralled out of control. The MVP of the match was the ultra-talented Charlie Sterling, from being wacky and comedic to a super confident technical grappler, there is nothing this man cannot do, plus he even bumps like Mr Perfect. There was so much going on in this match, from the inside to outside; from the mat to the top turnbuckle this frenzied tag team match had it all. The hard hitting, crazy pairing of Drew Parker and Mike Bird emerged victorious, after a catalogue of insane bumps and garbage wrestling they deserved it. Team H8 looked strong, they may not have the athletic ability of the rest but their power game is their biggest attribute, Jeckel alone can make lifting a fully-grown man look very easy. Eddie Ryan after losing out last month to Eddie Dennis had his moments, his Superkick Party tribute was well received, even at one point laying out his partner. The debuting (in Chaos) Joey Janela looked good in his exchanges, it was a shame there wasn’t a few less bodies to allow him to shine more, however his pairing with Whiplash delivered some pain inducing moments. This reminded me of a mid 1990’s ECW match, full of weapons, brawling, high flying ability and technical wrestling, it had everything. A credit to all the competitors who delivered for our entertainment.

Maiden of Chaos Title Match

Jinny © def. Sierra Loxton

With three championships on the line Saturday night, this is where I saw the title change I believed would happen. Last month at the Coalition of Chaos Jinny looked unbeatable as she became the inaugural Maiden of Chaos, for Sierra the evening was bittersweet as it was Jinny who eliminated her. I did think Martina would have logically been her first challenger, however Chaos went with crowd favourite Sierra Loxton. The match was equal to their outing last month, Jinny again looked the more proficient performer, when Sierra got her moments to shine she did just that. It was back and forth with Jinny controlling the majority of that match; Sierra rallied but was stopped short by the Women’s Champion. It built to a pleasing finale before the referee decided to take a break mid count, Jinny floored Sierra then covered her, the ref began to count, and 1, 2……those in attendance seemed to think the pin was broke. The referee then continued, 3….the bell was rung and Jinny retained. A very confusing ending.

Prior to the main event Alex Steele once more attempted to derail Eddie Dennis, unfortunately for him Matthew Riddle struck him hard with a huge forearm to send him packing.

King of Chaos Title Match – New Champion

Matthew Riddle def. Eddie Dennis ©

One of the most highly anticipated matches of the year was a fitting way to end the show. Returning to Chaos was the highly talented UFC competitor turned wrestler Matthew Riddle, who at the behest of then King of Chaos Champion Eddie Dennis accepted the challenge. We last saw Riddle taking on Mike Bird in unarguably one of the best wrestling matches of 2017, it was wrestling art. Eddie Dennis however is a different animal to Mike Bird, he is also someone who is out prove himself after quitting his fulltime career and defeating Flash Morgan Webster for the King of Chaos Championship. This was exceptionally hard hitting, except for the early opening moments they pummelled each other and never let up, forearms, kicks, Suplexes and Piledrivers, this got very serious, very quick. No matter the exceptional skill of Riddle, I didn’t envisage Eddie Dennis losing it on home soil, he more than most represents Chaos and embodies what the promotion stands for. Like Riddle’s classic contest with Mike Bird in June it’s hard to truly get over how good this match was, this is why OnDemand was created. The match went back and forth, Riddle begged for Eddie to hit him, Riddle walked through Suplexes, and it left you breathless. As the match neared its conclusion Eddie seemed to have it, his Canadian Destroyer to Riddle off the top turnbuckle was flawless, but Riddle kicked out, Eddie after a few reversals hit his Next Stop Driver, 1, 2…Alex Steele returned to ringside. The distraction took Eddie off his game; it allowed Riddle to recuperate as he landed a huge knee strike on Eddie. The champ was reeling, Riddle picked him up with ease and hit a devastating Jumping Piledriver, and still Eddie kicked out. The look on Riddle’s face was that of complete shock, he then wrapped himself around Dennis and locked in the BroMission, he pounded his opponent with elbows and forearms, forcing the submission until he got it. Ladies and Gentleman your new King of Chaos Matthew Riddle.

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