The Rant Of The Day # 5

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The Rant Of The Day #5

Here we go again…. Another Rant with some great topics to rant about. A busy few weeks in the wrestling world brings me to The Rant Of The Day #5. The topics are:

Andrade “Cien” Almas

– Finn Balor and not being “over” enough

– Recent call ups from NXT to the main roster

– Austin Aries and his House Of Hardcore Promo

– Kassius Ohno and what is the purpose behind his NXT return

– Batista and his rumored meeting with Vince McMahon

1: When the former La Sombra signed with NXT I was extremely excited. WWE hasn`t been able to produce the next Rey Mysterio and this signing changed just that.

After changing his name from Manny Andrade to Andrade “Cien” Almas, he made his NXT television debut defeating Tye Dillinger at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn II. Honestly, I lost all my excitement for Almas almost instantly. I disliked his gimmick right out of the gate. To top it off, he seemed like he was just a talented enhancement talent used to make newbies look great.

Finally Andrade ditched his cheesy hat and suspenders and started to showcase why NXT signed him in the first place. He became more edgy and just really seemed to be enjoying himself. Especially how Alberto El Patron went on record to say Almas dislked working for the company and wanted out.

Then, just the the pairing of The Miz and Maryse, he was paired with Zelina Vega (Thea Trinidad) and that is when the magic happened. He suddenly was the main event talent he was in Mexico. His stock rose, due to his in ring work and Vega’s outside work. She became a throwback manager who would interfere, distract the ref, attack the opponents and talk on the mic. She added that little touch that Almas was missing.

To top off the hot streak “Cien” was on, he went on to defeat Drew McIntyre for the NXT Championship in a fantastic match which the crowd loved. He is now everything he should of been. I am very excited to see who his first feud will be against and really hope his title reign isn’t a short one. He needs this run to really show the world just who in the heck he is and what we can expect from him in his WWE run. If anything, we are in for a real treat here.

2: For a while now I have been wondering if certain “internet leaks” are done on purpose from WWE and the recent leak on WWE changing the main event of the Royal Rumble 2018 by taking out Finn Balor (vs Brock Lesar) due to him not being “over” enough again has me wondering.

Balor made NXT what it is today. He has that ever so popular title of “IT Factor”. He looks like a million bucks. His in ring work is crisp and top notch and he has the look that the men wish they had and the women drool over. All in all, the guy is a true main event talent with fans covering all demographics.

He made his main roster debut with a huge bang, winning the Universal Title instantly but ended up hurt in the match and had to relinquish the strap the next night on RAW. Unfortunate but this kind of stuff happens. Obviously he was “over” enough then to garnish such a mega push that one injury wouldn’t be enough for the fans to give up on.

Fast forward a year later and Balor is indeed just as “over” now as he was then. The fans love the Demon and we are all waiting for his return to the Universal Title picture. I am not Vince so I can’t understand why he would think Finn isn’t a massive fan favorite but I would love to find out.

Watch the crowd when he makes his entrance on Raw. The crowd is into him 100%, so that is why I think this is all a work to rally the fans behind Balor even more. To add more fuel to the fire about my thought process, WWE has a poll up right now on who should face Lesnar at The Rumble. Balor is leading with 60% of the votes. Yes, 60%. That right there says just how “over” he is.

Mark my word, the plan never changed. This was leaked to get everybody talking and to get the fans to really get behind The Demon so when it is announced he will be the one facing Lesnar that the match will receive a massive pop. Now lets wait and see if I am right….

3: Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, Ruby Riot, Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan all made their made roster debuts in one week on WWE television. Boy was I shocked at this. I would never of named these ladies if I was asked who should be called up next.

Ruby Riot was main roster ready. She has a unique look that draws you in then she showcases her true talent that hooks you as a fan. I just didn`t think it would be so soon. She never really got a chance to really shine just yet so her call up wouldn`t bring the kind of reaction like an Asuka would get.

Rose, Deville and Morgan, in my eyes weren`t ready but that isn`t my call. Logan, who I absolutely love, is the one I was the most excited for. She is pretty as all heck yet a true bad ass. I just never got the chance to really watch her shine in NXT like I was hoping for.

Even though I might say these stars weren`t ready, they made a huge impact and have a lot of moment going forward. What I don`t see that the higher ups do, I will see why they made this decision and I am sure I will eat my words. Maybe a women`s Royal Rumble match in the near future?

4: When Austin Aries and WWE parted ways, I was extremely disappointed due to the fact we never really got a chance to see the Austin Aries I love. I do understand business and business and the show must go on, but just some of the incredible matches that could of happened just didn’t. The reasons behind his departure is none of my business. I am a fan and will support him where ever he goes.

He recently was in Philly for House Of Hardcore 35 and cut a heart felt promo about why he left. He put all the blame on himself. He really owned up to a lot of things really. To me, that was one of the reasons why I love the guy. He spoke from the heart and meant every word of the promo.

To my surprise, and Aries as well, the crowd hated the promo. They chanted “boring” and completely chewed him apart. I thought it was unfair and just because he didn’t cut a 15 minute promo slamming Vince and WWE that his promo wasn’t a solid one.

I can’t speak for Austin but I am sure he left the ring not feeling the greatest. As a fan, we can’t do that to the people we like. Whether the promo is good, bad, boring or exciting, we support those wrestlers we like. Everybody can have an off day, or have an off promo. Doesn’t mean we should eat this person alive. He deserved better from his fans.

Austin Aries, don’t let this one little bump in the road affect the patch you want to go down. You are who you are and we love you for that. Maybe pop up to The Maritimes and go one on one with our star Markus Burke. Vegan vs Vegan. Yes please.

5: When Kassius Ohno made his return to NXT I instantly thought….. He is being groomed for a position at the Performance Center. He brings a world of knowledge to the Center and would be a perfect fit in the role of a trainer.

Ohno hasn’t really been involved in anything that excites me since his return. He is a talent with a name who is there to put over others. I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes so maybe he isn’t pushed like he should be due to back issues. All I know is he isn’t the same Ohno that he was in his first NXT run.

Bring back the former Chris Hero and slowly let him transition into more of the backstage role makes his return more exciting for me. I think he is a perfect fit for the P.C and will add his flavor to the NXT game.

Having been around the world and wrestled every style, his book of knowledge would be what would want in a trainer. Sure it would of been nice to see him have a great run on the main roster (maybe he still will) but helping out with the talent and helping the next generation of stars is where he needs to be. I don’t know about you, but the thought of him adding his touch to the newer talent makes me even more excited for the future of WWE.

6: I recently read that “The Animal” Batista has been in talks with Vince McMahon about a possible full time comeback. This fills me with mixed emotions.

When Batista took off and became a main event star, I thought he was a natural fit. He was the right guy for the position of #1 in the company and did a fantastic job at it. I even met him when he was on the same flight as me. I shook his hand, got his autograph and honestly walked away from the meeting an even bigger fan of his.

He of course parted ways with the company to focus on his growing movie career. Can’t hate on a guy for doing what he loves. I then got excited when he made his return in 2014 and was ready to see the old Batista back in the squared circle. I always have said, every star deserves a great final run, so I was ready to see him get the run he deserved….. but those plans quickly needed to be changed due to the popularity of Daniel Bryan.

Instead of switching gears, WWE kept going, causing the fans to hate Batista. This did bring out a Batista I really liked. I thought the treatment from the fans left him with a sour taste in his mouth but I guess time heals all and he is ready to return to a full time schedule.

If and when he returns I hope he doesn’t cut a typical babyface promo. Instead he should completely trash the fans for turning on him and cheering for Bryan. If done right, that one promo would make Batista the most hated man in WWE, and as we know, that is good for business.

That is all for this time. Time to head to a Santa Claus parade in my town. Brock Lesnar had his best match he has had in years, all thanks to my man AJ Styles. This is why I am a huge Styles fan. I even have a Styles onesie for my son. Until next time folks, keep supporting your local wrestling. These guys are the true stars in the sport, and you never know, WWE might come a calling for one of your homegrown stars.

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