Smash Wrestling TV Review – Episode 19

by Lewis Carlan

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Smash Wrestling TV Review – Episode 19

This week’s episode of Smash Wrestling TV originated from London, Ontario. The two matches on the show are Brent Banks vs. Stu Grayson vs. current GHC Champion/Impact superstar Eddie Edwards and then in the main event Kevin Bennett vs. Franky TM with a shot at the Smash Wrestling championship on the line

The show opened with a Kevin Bennett/Franky TM recap.

Match 1 – GHC Champion Eddie Edwards vs. Brent Banks vs. Stu Grayson in a non title match

When I first read that this match was on the show, I instantly was expecting a terrific match with all the talent involved and I was not disappointed. Brent Banks and Stu Grayson remain two of the most talented wrestlers on the indy scene and that was evident in this encounter. The fans were treated to a fast paced, exciting match from start to finish. Lots of big moves in this one including Stu Grayson hitting a springboard double DDT, Eddie Edwards powerbombing Banks onto Grayson, Banks nailed a springboard corkscrew shoulder tackle on Grayson, Grayson getting a double Pele kick on both Banks and Edwards. As the “This is awesome” chants began, the pace really picked up with Grayson hitting a jackhammer on Edwards, Banks landing a Blue Thunder Bomb on Grayson, and Edwards nailing a Tiger Driver on Banks. All of these resulted in near falls. The end of the match came when Banks connected with a springboard cutter on Grayson and secured the win.

This was a tremendous effort by all three amazing talents. I absolutely loved this match. Can someone tell me why Brent Banks is not signed to a major company? I wonder if this win gives Banks the right to ask for a GHC title shot?

Winner – Brent Banks

Next segment has Kevin Bennett with Big Tank and Muscle outside of Mooney’s Home of Mac and Cheese restaurant as he cuts promos on Franky TM and Mark Haskins

Its announced that next week Tyson Dux defends his Smash Wrestling title against Petey Williams.

Match 2 – Kevin Bennett (W/Big Tank and Muscle) vs. Franky TM

This match had a bit of a backstory as Franky TM was under control by Kevin Bennett and was fighting for his freedom. If he won the match, he would no longer be under control by Bennett. In addition, the winner of this match would be the new #1 contender for the Smash Wrestling Championship held by Tyson Dux. So the match had a lot at stake.

I will admit, I love Kevin Bennett. He is extremely talented, but this match never really got going in my opinion. It wasn’t a horrible match but it wasn’t a great one either. Franky TM had early control of the match with a number of chops followed by power moves as he used his size advantage. Bennett was able to come back as Big Tank and Muscle interfered on his behalf. As the match progressed, Bennett did hit a few nice moves such as turning a Franky TM hiptoss into a DDT and a textbook springboard cutter which got a near fall. Franky TM got in a few power moves including an impressive chokebomb and a gorilla press/cutter combo move. Franky TM wound up winning the match with a variation of a reverse powerbomb type move. Franky TM gained his freedom and became the new #1 contender for the Smash Title.

Again, this match never seemed to really get going. As it was trying to tell a compelling story of Franky TM attempting to get free from the control of Bennett, nobody is the crowd seemed invested in that story. I know what Kevin Bennett is capable of talent wise, it just wasn’t on display here.

Winner – Franky TM

Final Word – After watching that phenomenal opener, the main event kind of left me a bit disappointed. But I will still go ahead and give this episode of Smash a thumbs up!


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