NXT TakeOver: WarGames – Review

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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

                                                     TakeOver  :  War Games

        It’s finally here and I am so damn excited! TakeOver Houston. The next TakeOver pay per view for the NXT brand. I was happy when it was just known as TakeOver but with the incarnation of the Undisputed Era and the return of the Authors of Pain, Mr. Regal has given us all a treat. This treat has not been seen in 20 years, 2 rings, one cage to contain the 3 teams of men. War games is here! For the younger generation if you thought Hell in a Cell was crazy or the Punjabi Prison, or maybe even the Elimination Chamber, then this match will be a treat. It’s the largest structure that has been built as in taking up space. Tonight is going to be a wonder to see, but there are many other matches tonight, also one being the women’s championship four way title match. We will have a new women’s champion tonight no matter what. Some other scores will be settled tonight, too so let’s get to the action.


Lars Sullivan  def  Kassius Ohno

What a way to start off TakeOver War Games. Everyone knows that the undefeated Sullivan has been a complete dominant force since he showed up in NXT. Has Ohno bit off more than he can chew tonight. Ohno is not a small man himself, and he has that spinning elbow that can take ahead of of a marble statue. For a while Ohno had been feuding with Hideo Itami, who was supposed to be his friend, and after we hadn’t seen him for a bit he asked Mr. Regal to face Sullivan tonight and Regal was surprised, but granted him his wish. These 2 men are beating the hell out of each other, and Sullivan just takes it all. Kick and punch over and over from Ohno only pisses Sullivan off as he lets out a scream after each one. Something different from Sullivan tonight was an off the top rope dive. Ohno, did every single thing that he could to take out this monster, if you will, but Sullivan was just too much and he got the pin over Ohno. What an impressive showing from Sullivan’s first TakeOver appearance.


Aleister Black  def  Velveteen Dream

Black has been one of, if not the, top star in NXT for awhile now. With his black mass kick taking everyone he faces out, he’s been unbeatable. Dream showed up in NXT and for some reason has taken a liking to Black. He’s been a thorn in Black’s side and every time Black has come to the ring, Dream comes out and want to hear his name come from Black’s lips. I’m not sure why Dream needs this but he’s hell bent on hearing it. The crowd goes nuts as Black makes his way to the ring, just like always really. Dream is playing more mind games with Black tonight as he is wearing tights with his face on one leg and Black’s face on the other. Black is not letting it bother him though. A lot of arm holds from Black have Dream in much pain. The two mirror each other with sitting on the mat and Black pulls a Dream move with slinking into Dreams face. This match has been great so far and the WWE universe is getting behind both men. All you can hear is Dream saying “What’s my name” and “Say my name” but Black refuses. So many impressive moves by both men have kept my interest in this match, I’m completely glued to the screen. Every time you think the match is over, someone kicks out of the pin attempt. In the end Black connects with a Black Mass and wins the match. Dream was impressive in this match all the way through. After the match Black grabs a microphone and says “Enjoy infamy, Velveteen Dream”. He finally said Dream’s name but out of respect not because Dream wanted him to.


NXT Women’s 4 Way Championship Title Match                                                                           Ember Moon  def  Kairi Sane, Nikki Cross & Peyton Royce

Asuka has moved on to the RAW roster, she left NXT undefeated and now the title is vacant. With the Mae Young Classic over, NXT has a few new women to fill the roster and the winner of the classic Kairi Sane will be part of this match but I can’t see her taking this thing. The Iconic Duo’s Peyton Royce pulled off her spot in this match but Billie Kay couldn’t. The other two involved in this match have been in many crazy battles with Asuka and Ruby Riot over and over again so Ember Moon, after taking injuries, deserves her spot in this match. Nikki Cross almost lost her spot in this match but came back and won the battle royal to cement her spot tonight. No matter what this match will end with a brand new NXT Women’s champion, a new era, if you will, will officially start tonight. All 4 women are in the ring and ready to go as the bell rings. You can tell that all these women are hungry to win as dives start right away from Moon and Sane. Cross eats a devastating powerbomb from Moon onto the floor. With no DQ’s, everyone is keeping holds on longer then they usually can and everyone is getting affected. Moon, Royce and Sane are battling it out in the ring as Cross is still out on the outside but I know she’s gonna slide her way back into things soon. Cross does find her way back in and she almost wins it but Moon stopped the pin. Royce did the same but Sane stopped that pin. Sane hits her insane elbow on a Cross, Royce pile. Moon follows with a double eclipse on Royce and Cross and she gets the pin on Cross. Ember Moon is the new NXT Women’s champion! Mr.Regal brings the title to the ring but Asuka steps in and hands Moon the title instead. The Ember Moon era has begun, the 6th NXT Women’s Champion in history.

NXT Heavyweight Championship Title Match                                                                             Andrade Cien Almas w/Zelina Vega  def  Drew McIntyre (c)

McIntyre has had one hell of a 2017 there is no doubt about that. His independent run was amazing and he won gold everywhere he went. He decided to sign with WWE once again but in the NXT brand and it didn’t take him long to win the title. McIntyre’s original run in WWE was ok, not great, just ok and this time he’s on top. When Almas she showed up in NXT, everyone thought he was going to be on top, but with his partying ways he hit a slump. Enter Zelina Vega, she turned Almas career right around and now he’s focused again. This match should be interesting to say the least. McIntyre has the size on Almas, but Almas can strike hard. Vega gets involved as she tries to hit a hunacanrana but McIntyre stops it in mid swing. Vega barks orders from ringside and it looks like Almas is paying attention. Momentum picks up by the champion as he starts throwing his opponent around the ring like a rag doll. Almas tries coming back, but McIntyre can never be counted out, he has to be taken out. On the outside McIntyre gets thrown head first into the ring post and Almas hits a back flip off the ring post taking McIntyre out again. Almas is trying again and again with any and everything he can think of, but the champ will not give up. Almas won’t give up either. Almas goes for the title and Vega hits McIntyre with a short hunacanrana and Almas hits a DDT, but the champ kicks out again. When it seems like no one will ever win this match Almas hits a crazy DDT off the top rope and pins Drew McIntyre to become the new NXT heavyweight champion. I don’t believe this, the 12th NXT champion in history. Maybe McIntyre will show up on RAW or Smackdown live this week?


War Games Match                                                                                                                                   The Undisputed Era (Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish)  def  Sanity (Eric Young, Killian Rain & Alexander Wolf)(c) & The Authors of Pain (Akem & Rezar)& Roderick Strong w/Paul Ellering

Its been 20 years since we’ve seen the brain child of the late great American Dream Dusty Rhodes. Two rings, one cage, 9 men, this is gonna be nuts. There are quite a bit of rules for this match that involve shark cages and 3 minute intervals and no escaping the cage or your team forfeits. No one can win until all three teams have entered the ring. Young will start for Sanity, Cole for the Undisputed Era and Strong for the AOP. Paul Ellering was in the very first War Games match, so he has a bit of knowledge for his team. Strong, Cole and Young battle for the first 5 minutes before any other man comes to the ring. A double team on Cole controls what’s going on in the ring. Cole takes turns beating on both men, one in each ring. With the first 5 minutes at an end, the Undisputed Era is the first team set free from the shark cage. They hit the ring and a beat down on Strong starts right away. For the last 3 minutes, it’s been all the Cole, Fish and O’Reilly. The next team in is the Author of Pain so Strong will finally get some help. AOP uses Strong as a human projectile, tossing him from one ring to the other, taking everyone else down. All of this craziness, and the match has not even started yet. Finally, Sanity comes to the ring and the match is underway officially. Wolf hits the cage and pulls out a night stick and goes to town. Dain is on the outside just tossing in the furniture, tables, chairs and trash cans, fill the rings, and Dain finally enters the madness. Dain locks the chain on the door and swallows the god damn key, what a crazy fucker. Dain controls things as he is taking everyone he can out of action. Dain has been the biggest destructor in this match ever since he entered the ring. Everyone is out on the mat except O’Reilly. He wraps the chain around Wolf’s arm and tries to break it. Young is bleeding and no one else is moving. Strong finds a second wind and hits everyone with some kind of move until Cole super kicks him in his face. A tower of doom in both rings happen at the same time, but Cole sits pretty. AOP set up 2 tables and Wolf hits a super German suplex sending himself and Razor through them. Cole has climbed to the top of the cage and is just laying there. Dain hits a coast to coast, taking O’Reilly out with a trash can. Strong climbs to the top of the cage and superplex’s Cole into the ring on top of everyone. This match has been amazing all the way through and I have a feeling that we will have a winner soon. Cole hits Young with a kendo stick and then throws a chair into his face on the mat. Cole hits him with a knee and he gets the pin. Adam Cole has won the first ever War Games match for his team the Undisputed Era.


      All I can say is WOW! TakeOver War Games was one hell of a show! Every single match was great. Its hard to pick a favorite. We saw a few feuds settled tonight and we also have two new champions. A brand new era in NXT is upon us and it looks like its gonna be hard for any other show to compare. Tomorrow night is Survivor Series and its gonna be awfully hard for them to top what we just witnessed tonight. NXT never disappoints and with the collection of talent building I don’t see them ever doing that!         Until Wednesday Night!


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