Indy Results: 11/11/2017 – 11/17/2017

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                                                          “11/11  thru  11/17”

Evolution Championship Wrestling                                                                                  11/11

Evolution Television Championship Title vs Career Match                                                         Murphy Costigan w/DP Holiday (c)  def  Cody Ices           (Ices has to go)


Best of the West      Ignition    Ep47                                       11/11

Toxic Trent & “Funsize” Danny Rocket  def  Jesse “The Snake” Poole & Niko                                     Poole’s partner is chosen by Kyle Newport.

Greg Hernandez  def  Steven Tresario

BOTW West Coast Championship Title Match                                                                                 Virgil Flynn III  def  Kenny K (c)                 (This was a rematch and Flynn regains the title)


FIGHT Pro Wrestling    Ep17                                                          11/12

Brittany Blake  def  Jenny Rose   (by Tapout)

Technical Division Match                                                                                                              Michaels Amaydo w/Lars Maddison  def  AC Wolf


Double Shot   Ep15           Gold Rush Pro Wrestling  (Flashback Edition)                          11/12

The 2017 Young Lions Cup is this week at the Gold Mine in Pacific California. This weeks episode takes a look back at the finals of the 2016 Young Lions Cup.

4 Way Elimination 2016 Young Lions Cup Finals Match                                                                Brody King  def  Super Beast, Stiker Green & Ju Dizz    (King wins the 2016 Young Lions Cup)

As King is being interviewed in the ring, Will Roberts comes out and interrupts things.



SICW  Explosion     Ep351         Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling                   11/12

Gary Jackson  def  Cowboy Marc Houston          (by DQ)

Next is a look back at an October show where Ricky Steamboat tells a story about Bruiser Brody. Travis “SpongeBob” Cook and Big Daddy interrupt to ask to be at ringside for the main event. Steamboat is made the special guest referee for that match.

Next we see the after math between Dave Vaughn and Curtis Wylde where Wylde is disqualified from the match.

Flash Flanagan & Ken Kasa  def  Mark Huston & Johnny Blade  (Steamboat was the guest referee. All hell breaks loose after the match. Steamboat hits “SpongeBob” with a cross body off the top rope.


AMW-TV            Appalachian Mountain Wrestling                                                                       11/12

Jordan Clearwater speaks for the first time since he was attacked on AMW-TV.

Kyle Maggard  def  Stan Sierra


Reality of Wrestling  Ep185                                                                                                   11/12

                                           “4th Annual Edition of BCW”

Bryan Keith  def  Jeisan

Ivory(c)  def  Jenna Lynn

Abel Andrew Jackson w/Bartek  vs  Warren Johnson w/Zack Mason                                              All four men start to fight so Sharmell comes out and turns the match into a tag team match. Warren Johnson & Zack Mason  def  Abel Andrew Jackson & Bartek


NWL      Ep43                       National Wrestling League                                                         11/13

Anthony “Sharkbait” Gutierrez  def  Ken Dharma     (by Tapout)

Jet Royal  def  Niles Plonk     (by DQ)

Dak Draper (c)  def  “Lakota Warrior” Red Cloud


Innovate Wrestling TV        Ep12                                                                                              11/11

A preview of the Fall Spectacular in Kingsport, TN is shown this week. The Illuminati is looked at. We also see footage from Shocktober. We see how Lenny Stratton became the number 1 contender. Back at Collision Course we see how the Ugly Ducklings became the United States Tag Team Champions.

Innovate Wrestling Television Championship Title Match                                                                Jeff Connelly (c) w/The Rogue Six  def  Caleb Courageous


WCWC     Ep180          West Coast Wrestling Connection                                                     11/13

WCWC Tag Team Championship Title Match                                                                                     The Bonus Boyz (Clutch & Sugar Brown)(c) w/Jeremy Blanchard  def  Fight & Flight (Mikey O’Shea & Damien Drake)

(Dante’s Rejects) Gangrel  def  Alexander Hammerstone

Jacob Austin Young  def  Eric Right w/Richard Syncyr

(Dante’s Rejects) Beast the Butcher  def  Marcus Malone

WCWC Pacific Northwest Championship Title Match                                                                       Jeff Boom  def  Darin Corbin (c)                  (Boom is the new champion)


ICW Xplosion   S7Ep27             Indiana Championship Wrestling                                             11/12

                                                              “King’s Ransom”

King BW comes to the ring with Amelia. Amelia will raffle off BW’s money that he won in the lottery. The first name picked in the raffle is Gabriel Gage. There will be another name picked and those two will fight for the money. On his way to the back BW attacks a fan that said something about what Shawn John did to BW last week.

King BW  def  Johnny Light

Jay Garrison (c)  def  Louy Chua

Cody Jacobs  vs  Chongo     (The match is thrown out as Devin Bliss and Johnny Light attack both men)

Shawn John comes out and calls out King BW for a fight at Roadkill. King BW comes out to address Jovi and he beats him with a chair.

Next up is the contract signing between BSnow and Khatonic for their no DQ match at Roadkill. Devin Bliss was hiding under the table and he comes out and both him and BSnow attack Khatonic and all hell breaks loose. ICW Heavyweight Champion Jay Garrison joins commentary for the next match.

The Pen Name  def  Nathaniel Von Bonner


CWF Mid-Atlantic  Worldwide  Ep131                                                                                         11/15

Otto Schwanz & Mike Mars  def  The Sandwich Squad (Aaron Biggs & Mecha Mercenary)

Worldwide Television Championship Random Draw Title Match                                                 Jesse Adler (c)  def  Dirty Daddy (c)            (by time limit)                     (Eric Andrews interrupts the drawing and asks to be the opponent tonight but Dirty Daddy was drawn instead)

Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship Open Challenge Title Match                                       Trevor Lee (c)  def  Ethan Alexander Sharpe     (by Tapout)                                                        (Before the match starts Sharpe asks Lee that if he can beat Lee in less then 20 minutes then he will win the title. Lee agrees and retains his title with 5 seconds left of the 20 minutes)   Trevor Lee has been CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion for 600 days now!


Championship Wrestling from Hollywood       Ep337                                                  11/14

10 Man Battle Royal                                                                                                                               Brian Cage  def  Buddy Royal, Levi Shapiro, Quip Sullivan, Lucas Riely, Jake Atlas, Rocket Boy,        Guy Cool, Steven Trasario & Mikey O’Shea   

Los Rancheros w/Howdy Price  def  Alonzo Alvarez & Zicky Dice

“Marvelous” Matt Knicks  def  Kevin Condron

Ray Lyn w/Dylan Bostic  def  Mazzerati

United Wrestling Network Tag Team Championship Title Match                                                    PAC 3 (Dylan Bostic & Dan Joseph) w/Coach Flexo (c)  def  Chris Bey & Nino Black (FSW Tag Champs)


Blue Collar Wrestling   Ep4                   (Old School, New Class)                                        11/15

NWA Continental Heavyweight Championship Title Match (cont. from last week)                    Badd Blood (c)  def  Kobra Kai

NWA Pacific Northwest Championship Title Match                                                                      Buddy Highway  def  Tommy Celcious(c) w/Gregor Petrov(c)         (Highway is the new champ)

NWA Women’s Pacific Northwest Championship Triple Threat Title Match                              Sunni Daze (c)  def  KaCee Carlisle w/Pa Moonshine & Crashella    


Rocky Mountain Pro  Charged        S3Ep5                                                                                       11/15

Before the show starts, Mercury Yaden and Anaya beat the hell out of each other with a chair.

Laynie Luck  def  Heather Rae

Vlad Balashov  def  Zuma

Rachelle Riveter  def  Allie Gato (c)       (by DQ)

Danger Dean & Curtis Cole  def  Stephen Ashburn & Anthony Andrews

6 Man Tag Team Match                                                                                                                      Mario Vanjur (c), Tremaine Island & Humphrey Jacobs 1st(c)  def  Tyler Stinson, Filter & Hunter Grey

Anaya comes to the ring and grabs a mic, he calls out Yaden and he comes out with a mic and they bitch back and forth.



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