Saturday Spotlight #30 Survivor Series Special

By Ciaran-James @TheCiaranJames 

The “Saturday Spotlight” is a new weekly piece looking at the amazing, wacky world of professional wrestling.

When it was revealed that Bill Goldberg was returning to WWE in 2016 excitement filled the air, this was because there was only one viable opponent…Brock Lesnar. With nostalgia running wild the showdown was set for Survivor Series 2016, many doubted Goldberg’s prospects against WWE’s alpha male. What transpired last year will be fondly remembered by those their live and watching on the WWE Network, few then realised what Goldberg and WWE would do over the next 6 months. So sit back, prepare yourself for this years star studded event, and don’t worry I only want your attention for five minutes and 20 seconds. Enjoy!

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