The Rant Of The Day #4

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The Rant Of The Day #4

Well, another week gone, another Rant to write (read for you). I don’t know about you all but here in The Canadian Maritime’s, October was better then our whole summer. Beach water warmer, less humidity but solid heat. The only reason why we know it isn’t summer is because it is dark by 7pm.
Before I start I want to say Hallelujah, AJ Styles is back on top as WWE Champion, I am one happy fella.
Anyways enough with that, you want wrasslin talk. Today’s topics are:

– Ronda Rousey/WWE rumored deal
– Vince gone/Triple H in
– NWA-TNA/TNA/IMPACT Wrestling/Global Force Wrestling
– Survivor Series 2017

1: At Wrestlemania 31 when The Rock was in the ring being verbally and physically attacked by Stephanie McMahon while hubby Triple H watched on I was unsure the purpose of this segment. If I wasn’t so impatient and just waited an extra 30 seconds it would of all made sense.

The Great One left the ring, paced around the outside, suddenly stopping. Igniting the crowd in a massive “RONDA ROUSEY” chant. Ronda got to mix it up with Triple H and Stephanie, leaving us fans wanting more. I was convince it was happening sooner rather then later.

Once Rousey had her back to back UFC loses I knew what she should do next. She’s a massive name with a boat load of talent. She would be a shoe in for a contract with WWE and WWE would be sill not to do what they had to do to get her to sign on that dotted line.

During the Mae Young Classic, she was at ringside with her Four Horsewomen compadres cheering on fellow Horsewomen and MYC competitor Shayna Baszler. At the end of the match was the beginning of what I think is in line for Rousey, a stare down between the Four Horsewomen and WWE’s Four Horsewomen. Could this mean a Four Horsewomen vs Four Horsewomen match?

That match has money written all over it. Having Rousey being the focal point of this battle, it will reel in her UFC fan base. Ronda has massive drawing power and by adding her to the WWE lineup will only increase that power.

The only place this match should happen is at this years Wrestlemania. It is too big of a match not to have at Mania and with the hype and excitement it will bring the event, you would be crazy not to have it on the show.

I personally think she is beautiful (to which my wife isn’t a fan of) and I think she will be a natural fit in WWE. She will learn the WWE style fairly quick and I truly believe she will be a force to be reckoned with. She will be one of the biggest draws the company will have and it will be super smart to really push her like the beast she is. mark my words folks, Ronda Rousey will go down as one of the greatest women wrestlers WWE has had in a very long time.

2: Vince McMahon can’t live forever and who will take over once he retires or how it will be run is something we all wonder. Triple H has built an empire with NXT and really knows what he is doing. Watching WWE programming you can tell what Triple H has his hand in and what he doesn’t.

Hunter is the best person for the job and the only person who will take WWE to the next level. Next level?. Yes, he will raise WWE to a platform it has never been to before. He will showcase the talent like they should be. He will bring back the importance of each championship. Will have meaningful feuds with solid builds. Most importantly, he will have every match mean something special.

Vince tends to choose a top feud to run with then just throws in other matches to make up a Pay Per View. Most of the cards seem lackluster and very rushed without leaving any time for the fans to get invested in. He adds his humor to a lot of programming and the silence it receives is actually funny yet sad because the only people laughing is Vince and his group.

McMahon thinks he knows what the fans want and Triple H actually knows what the fans want. I have said a million times, just watch a NXT: Takeover event then followed by a WWE main roster PPV then come and talk to me. Every match on the Takeover cards always have the fans hooked and 100% into them.

Hunter knows how to make each wrestler seem like a big deal. He knows how to put together the perfect feud and really build them up to be something special. He honestly knows what works and what doesn’t. He really does have the pulse of the fans and what they want and deserve.

Triple H doesn’t shy away from bringing in big name outside talent and letting them just be who they are. He doesn’t repackage them into a silly character they aren’t. Everything he is doing, he is doing right and that is why NXT outshines any main roster event.

Imagine what could happen if Triple H chose to start his own promotion… How long do you think it would take before his company is absolutely slaughtering WWE in all aspects of wrestling? Not very long… Not very long at all.

3: I began watching NWA-TNA right from the beginning with their weekly pay per view shows. At the time I lived in the Canadian Arctic and would order DVD’s right from their website and when they nabbed a spot on French television every Saturday mornings, I would watch in mute.

TNA had a solid roster but it was their X Division is what put them on the map. They had become a real threat to WWE and were suddenly the number 2 company in the wrestling world. They seemed to know what they were doing….

For some reason they decided it was smart to copy WCW and try to go head to head with WWE by bringing in old WCW stars and making them the focal point of their television shows. This didn’t pan out the way they hoped. It hurt them so much that this was the beginning of what was to come.

Everything they worked so hard for, they lost. I have no idea why they gave up on all they did right to try to slay the dragon that of WWE. They lost talent, snagged all of WWE castaways, flip flopped management, switched television companies so much I couldn’t tell you what station they are on now. Everything just became a disaster.

They went from NWA-TNA to TNA to Impact Wrestling to Global Force Wrestling then back to Impact Wrestling… ahh my head hurts. All they had to do was just stick with what they originally had. That formula was working and generating a buzz by creating and showcasing newer talent like AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels. Fans don’t want to see Scott Steiner or Hulk Hogan anymore. We want athleticism, not slow moving stars from yesteryear.

If TNA had just stayed with what they built the brand around, they would be a dominate force in the game today. Instead, they have became a bit of a joke. It’s a shame because Impact has a boat load of talent in their locker room just itching to show their true selves. With hard work, dedication and solid booking, they can get back that spotlight they once had. It’s never too late….. Or is it?

4: Survivor Series 2017 is shaping up to be a decent show. For me, WWE really needs to bring it. With last years main event lasting less then 2 minutes, I need something big to really grab my attention….. And they did it big time with AJ Styles vs Brock Lesnar.

Putting the WWE Championship on Styles completely shifted the fans expectations for the event. We now get a dream match that no one saw coming. Styles vs Lesnar will draw fans of every demographic. Two different styles (no pun intended) yet the outcome could swing either way. Lesnar is a beast but not the beast he once was and AJ will run circles around him…. Just as long as The Beast Incarnate doesn’t grab a hold of him.

On paper it is a solid line up but what WWE did by shaking up the card with new champions, it created a new buzz for the event with match ups that we only wished we would get. WWE even shook up the traditional 5 on 5 matches by adding new stars to the team and by eliminating others. Jason Jordan was replaced by Triple H, which could be a blessing in disguise as we could be in for a Jordan heel turn. Triple H, well, he could very well start his Wrestlemania feud with Kurt Angle. See, by doing these shake ups it creates a lot of possibilities and a lot of excitement.

I still think Paige will be involved in the Women’s 5 on 5 match. It would be a great way to introduce her back to the audience. Survivor Series, one of the great 4 pay per views of the year and what better way to return then by mixing it up in that match.

Rumors have circulated that Neville is on his way back (Thank you WWE) and just like Paige, it would be great way to make his return, plus it would be great to see him totally destroy Enzo Amore after his match.

I will say it right now, Styles will pull the best Lesnar match we would have seen in a very long time and Cesaro & Sheamus vs The Usos will be the best tag match of the year for WWE. Both are money matches and both will not disappoint.

Final thoughts: Rousey will be a huge star in WWE
Triple H will make us go “Vince who?”
Impact Wrestling – stop playing around and get back to your roots
Survivor Series 2017 will be Phenomenal

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