Impact Wrestling Review – 11/16/2017

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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

Global    With Bound for Glory behind us now, things are starting to move forward in Impact Wrestling. We have Alberto El Patron finally back in the picture and there is Sammi Callihan in the mix of things. We have a new Knockouts champion in Hall of Famer Gail Kim and Johnny Impact is on a rampage. The Global Champion Eli Drake still holds on tight to the Global Championship hard as Petey Williams is gunning for him and LAX are as pissed as ever, of course we can’t forget about the X-division madness. Impact is getting crazy so let’s see how this week goes.

6 Man Tag Team Match                                                                                                                     Sonjay Dutt, Dezmond Xavier & Garza Jr.  def  Taiji Ishimori, Caleb Konley & Trevor Lee (c)   What a way to start off this weeks episode, with some X-division action. Lee and Konley are teamed up with an unusual partner tonight in Ishimori. He was part of the Super X Cup but of course he didn’t win it. Lee has held onto the X-division title for a pretty long time as he always has help in Konley. Garza was part of the Global title race for awhile but as Johnny Impact took him out he has jumped back into the X-division side of things. Dutt finally had a chance to be the champion for a bit when he won it in India but as he had his eye messed up, Loki took it from him. We also have one of the most exciting editions to the X-division in recent years in Dezmond Xavier, the winner of the 2017 Super X Cup and the human ping pong ball. A lot of amazing speed and flying dives took place this entire match but in the end Xavier pulled off the win as Ishimori, Konley and Lee could not get on the same page.

Grand Championship Title Match                                                                                                         EC3 (c)  def  Fallah Bahh                                                                                                                           Its been a little while since we’ve seen Fallah Bahh in the Impact six sides and I for one am glad to see him. What other 400 plus pound man can you see fly like a cruiserweight (almost). The thing that turns me off about this match is the whole “round” thing, its like boxing or MMA and I’m not into that. EC3 has been a bit more cocky since he won the Grand Championship, if thats even possible for him. As round one comes to a close, the judges score it for Bahh. EC3 has his work cut out for him if he wants to keep that title. EC3 finally gets the big man off his feet with a nice kick. Bahh holds on till the end of round two and the judges give that round to EC3 and we move on to round three. EC3 is gonna try and take the win ae fast as he can because the judges could score things in Bahh’s favor and he could win tonight. I really don’t think that the higher ups are gonna give Fallah freaking Bahh the title and I was right as EC3 uses the ropes in his favor to get the win and retain his Grand Championship.



6 Man Tag Team Match                                                                                                                         LAX (Santana, Ortiz & Homicide) w/Konan  def  O.V.E. (Dave & Jake Christ)(c)& Sammi Callihan

At Bound for Glory we had the 5150 match and that was a brutal brawl and tonight this will be a straight up fight. O.V.E. showed up in Impact and shook up the whole tag team division as they won the titles, taking them from LAX. Now the Christ brothers have their family in their corner, Sammi Callihan, one of the most out spoken and brutal men to step through wrestling ropes. Callihan has started and is part owner of a few promotions in the Ohio area and he has, and does, wrestled around the world. I’m just amazed that he has teamed with his OI4K brothers (Ohio Is 4 Killers) and they will be hell to beat for sure. LAX dominated Impact for months and months as they took the tag titles when they showed up and no one could beat their numbers. Now someone else has numbers on their side. All 6 men are beating the hell out of each other and things end up everywhere with bodies and chairs just flying all over. Quite a few close pins by both teams happen and the crowd gets behind both teams. In the end O.V.E. and their all seeing eye get stopped and LAX get the pin but the tag titles were not on the line tonight. The war between these two teams has only just begun.

Next up we have American Top Teams Dan Lambert come to the ring. He’s here tonight to say “I told you so” after what happened at Bound for Glory. Lashley and King Moe defeated Moose and Stephen Bonner so Lashley needs to be released from his contract now. Lambert has a contract to be signed by an executive and he wants one to come to the ring and sign it. All of a sudden Moose comes out and makes his way to the ring and he’s ready to beat down Lambert but Lambert is not alone as The Top Team come out and attack Moose once again. Then The Cowboy James Storm comes down and c!ears out the ring. He grabs a microphone and starts to defend professional wrestling.

Gail Kim comes to the ring as she has something to say tonight. Kim won the knockouts title for the 8th time at Bound for Glory less then two weeks ago. With her supposed to be retiring at the end of the year, who knows what’s gonna happen with the vacant title. Allie comes to the ring as she asked to be out here for Kim’s speech. The crowd starts a “You deserve it” chant as Kim starts talking. Tonight she is relinquishing the knockouts title as she is officially done with professional wrestling. All she wanted was to retire as the champion. Now the Knockouts title is vacant. There are only a few women on the roster who could fight for it and I have a feeling that we may see Taya Valkyrie with it around her waist real soon.



Global Championship Title Match                                                                                                            Eli Drake (c) w/Chris Adonis  def  Petey Williams

We have a guest at the commentary table again this week, Jimmy Jacobs is in the building tonight and he’s sitting with Josh Matthews. I enjoy Drake as the champion, I’ve always liked the namer of dummies, yeah! He’s been in the game for a while and he deserves to hold the title. With Impact in Canada tonight you would think that Williams will win, but Drake has Adonis is corner. No one has ever kicked out of the Canadian Destroyer so if he hits Drake with it, he could win. On the other hand, the champion knows that its coming, so he is going to do what he can to avoid it at all costs. When it comes to Jimmy Jacobs, I don’t know where things stand with him at the table with Matthews and JB, but I’d love if he sat in sometimes, even though he’s better in the ring. Williams does his best to try and take out the champion using a sharp shooter as Drake blocked a Canadian Destroyer. A back and forth hard fought battle lets Williams hit a Canadian Destroyer, we think he has the win, but Drake is officially the first person on Impact to kick out of it. When Williams tries for another, the champion turns it into a gravy train and retains his Global Championship. I knew Drake was going to keep it as Johnny Impact will be the one to win it soon enough.

This week was great. It started off strong and played well all the way through. With 2 great 6 man tag matches and Gail Kim handing over her title things looked amazing. With Drake retaining his title, the show eased out with a bang. Next week is Thanksgiving and the show may be a bit different but Until Then!




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