Modern Vintage Wrestling: Ep 33 – 11/14/2017

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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

This weeks episode of Modern Vintage Wrestling is gonna be a special one. For a few weeks now we have seen Abyss challenge the CWF Mid-Atlantic champion Trevor Lee for his title. The time has come for that match to happen. We have a shorter episode tonight, 15 minutes instead of the normal 30, but with these two stars in the ring, I know all 15 of those minutes will be non stop action. Let’s see what happened.

CWF Mid-Atlantic Championship No DQ/No Time Limit Title Match                                          Trevor Lee (c)  def  Abyss

The crowd is going nuts as Abyss comes out first but they are chanting for the champion Lee not him. Lee comes out next and things get even louder. The two are announced and the match is off. Lee has been champion for 567 days and he wants to extend that number for as long as he can, but tonight he has one hell of a challenge in front of him. Abyss goes straight for Lee’s throat right away but Lee finds a way to take charge. Things move to the floor quick and with no disqualification it doesn’t make a difference where the fight happens. With Lee on the floor, Abyss grabs a baseball bat wrapped with barbed wire and tries to attack. Lee stops him and things move back inside the ring. Lee gets hung up on the top rope for a few moments until a double still to Abyss arm set him free. Using his size and strength, Abyss slings Lee across the ring a few times until Lee ends up face first on the mat. With a chair, Abyss goes for Lee’s chest slamming the chair down hard. Abyss goes for a slam but Lee sets up the chair and hits him between the legs. This puts Abyss on the mat and Lee takes charge now. Attacking Abyss arm, Lee sends him to the outside and gets him with a huge punt kick to the face. When it looks like things are in Lee’s favor, Abyss brings a chain into the mix. Wrapping it around his hand, Abyss tries to go at Lee with it but Lee stops him and hits him with a finger split to the hand. With both men on the mat, Abyss rolls to the outside and under the ring he gets a bag of thumbtacks. Dumping them in the ring, it looks like Abyss is gonna take charge but its him that ends up slammed into them. Abyss goes at Lee with the barbed wire bat again but misses him and it gets stuck on the turnbuckle. Lee Suplex’s Abyss into the thumbtacks and then punt kicks him when he sits up. He got a double dose of tacks in the back. With a second punt kick, Lee rolls up the big Abyss and gets the pin. Lee retains his CWF Mid-Atlantic Championship Title.

This match was a couple weeks coming and as it finally came, it didn’t disappoint. Both Lee and Abyss fought their hearts out but Lee came out on top even with the thumbtacks and barbed wire. Only one match this week was a bit upsetting but only because I could watch MVW for ever, but I’m glad this match finally happened.            Until Next Week!


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