Smash Wrestling TV Review – Episode 17

by Lewis Carlan

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This week’s episode of Smash Wrestling TV originated from London, Ontario and featured two matches – a three way tag team match featuring Halal Beefcake vs. The Kevin Bennett Experience vs. The Well Oiled Machines and in the main event Smash Wrestling Champion Tyson Dux defends his title against NJPW/ROH star Jay White.

The show opens with Scotty O’Shea giving a piece of paper to Kevin Blackwood and asks him to give it to Cody Deaner.

Match 1 – Halal Beefcake (Joe Coleman and Idris Abraham) vs. Well Oiled Machines (Braxton Sutter and Mike Rollins) vs. The Kevin Bennett Experience (Kevin Bennett and Big Tank)

I was expecting a solid opening match with all this talent involved and all three teams delivered in giving just that to the fans. The “Genetic Jackpot” Joe Coleman and “The Sultan of Shwarma” Idris Abraham are one the more entertaining tag teams in pro wrestling today. Joe Coleman comes to the ring with a giant bottle of protein powder which is brilliant. Kevin Bennett is one of the best young wrestlers today and it’s always a treat to watch him do in ring thing. I will admit I am not a huge fan of the Well Oiled Machines – Braxton Sutter and Mike Rollins. They can come off as kind of annoying to watch. I don’t hate them but I don’t love them either. As stated the match was very solid and entertaining. Lots of great back and forth action. The move of the match was Kevin Bennett hitting a springboard cutter on Braxton Sutter. Bennett’s partner Big Tank hit a nice corner splash on Rollins. Coleman and Abraham had a cool spot as they went back to back and took out everyone “Double Dragon” style. Sutter and Rollins emerged victorious when they hit the “Oil Change” on Bennett. Sutter had Bennett in a Boston Crab and Rollins nailed an off the top rope leg drop. I was a bit disappointed to see Bennett take the loss as he was the best all around wrestler in the ring and one of my favorites.

Winners – The Well Oiled Machines

The next segment was Impact Wrestling’s Allie announcing that she will be taking on current Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Gail Kim at the CANUSA classic in Dec 2017. For some reason Allie, who is from Toronto is representing Team America in this match.  She also announced that Rosemary will be facing Mercedes Martinez at CANUSA as well.

Kevin Blackwood gives the piece of paper to Cody Deaner and said it was from “Hacker”. Deaner opens it and there is a symbol drawn on it. O’Shea attacks Deaner and spray paints the symbol on him. O’Shea said that this was Blackwood’s fault. We then see that next week Kevin Blackwood will be facing Scotty O’Shea.

Match 2 – Tyson Dux (C) vs. Jay White for Smash Wrestling Championship

I was waiting to see this match when I first heard it was announced and it didn’t disappoint. I mean when you have incredible talent such as Tyson Dux and Jay White facing off the result can be nothing less than outstanding. The match began with a feeling out process as both wrestlers exchanged holds. Dux eventually began to concentrate on the left arm of White. White nailed a text book drop kick on Dux as the action picked up. Dux hit a nice Saito suplex on White. White hit a suplex of his own into the turnbuckle on Dux. Great action down the stretch as they exchanged forearm smashes. White connected with a deadlift german suplex on Dux. Late in the match, White locked on a crossface submission but Dux escaped. The end came when Dux secured a Boston Crab on White which caused White to tap out.

Terrific effort by both wrestlers who delivered big time in this main event war.

Winner and still Smash Wrestling Champion – Tyson Dux


FINAL WORD – Smash Wrestling continues to produce excellent programming for the professional wrestling fan. If you haven’t had the chance to see Smash Wrestling, I highly recommend it. Enough said!


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