Indy Results: 11/4/17 – 11/10/17

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                                                       “11/4  thru  11/10”

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood    Ep336                                             11/5

Hollywood Heritage Number 1 contender Fatal 4 Way Match

Eric Watts w/Ty Matthews  def  Ray Rosas, Suede Thompson & Bateman

Time Storm (c)  def  JR Kratos

Los Rancheros (Raul & Rohelleo) w/Howdy Price  def  The Bonus Boys (Clutch & Sugar Brown)

Hollywood Heritage Championship Title Match

Bad Dude Tito (c)  def  Brody King


Reality of Wrestling  Ep184                                                          11/5

Connor Hollomon  def  Abel Andrew Jackson w/Stevie Ray    (by DQ)                                           Rob Barnes and Bartek come to the ring and attack Hollomon

(ROW Rewind) Tag Team Title Match from last week

Alpha Unit (c)  def  Van Harrison & Brock Baker

(ROW Rewind) Submission Match

Rex Andrews (c)  def  Mysterious Q

ROW Championship Steel Cage Match (Gino’s fathers mask is up for grabs too)

Aiden Christiano (c)  def  Gino w/Regina            (Regina double crosses Gino)


Innovate Wrestling TV  Ep11                                                                              11/4

Footage from Shocktober   Bullet Club vs The Illuminiti

Shawn Shultz  def  Lenny Stratton w/Nicole Pain

Footage from Regenesis  The Brotherhood  vs  The Ugly Ducklings

The debut of the women’s division

Nicole Pain w/Lenny Stratton  def  Sahara Seven


Blue Collar Wrestling   Ep3                                                                     11/7

(Match from Sept 2016)

BCW Heavyweight Championship Title Match

C.J. Edwards  def  Gregor Petrov w/Tommy Celcious (c)   (by DQ)

NWA Pacific Northwest Television Championship Triple Threat Match

Jameson Moonshine w/Pa Moonshine (c)  def  Lance Dean w/Kevin Brandt & Teck Tonik w/Ares Toretto & Tyson Lee

BCW Tag Team Championship Title Match

Big Vicious & “Wonderful” Zack Winters (c)  def  The Role Models (Ares Toretto & Tyson Lee)

NWA Continental Heavyweight Championship Title Match

Kobra Kai  vs  Badd Blood (c)           (The show ends before there is a winner shown)


NWL   Ep42                                                                           11/7

Maverick  def  Thor Theriot

NWL Tag Team Championship Title Match

The Foundation (Michael Strider & Ace Steel) w/Carolina Rodriguez (c)  def  Leech Talent Agency (Ray Briggs & Flex Zerba) w/Roscoe Leech

First Ever Stomp The Grape’s Match

RedCloud  def  Niles Plonk


Absolute Wrestling : Uprising  S1Ep5                                                                                 11/8

The Forgotten come to the ring and say that they will destroy Absolute Wrestling. Bryan Flynn comes out and makes them leave.

Sammii Jayne w/Lucy Cole  def  Lana Austin

Satchel Jones  def  Soner Dursun    (Jones takes the place of Gavin Lewis after he’s beatdown)


ICW  Xplosion     S7Ep26             “Halloween Habromania”                                                  11/5

Chris Castle Showcase with guest King BW is interrupted by Nathaniel Von Bonner

BSnow  def  Khatonic

Nathaniel Von Bonner  def  Chris Castle

The Continental champion Devin Bliss comes to the ring to demand a match with Chongo. That match will happen at RoadKill and it will be for the Continental title.

Number 1 Contender Match with the winner challenging for the ICW Heavyweight Championship at RoadKill in three weeks.

The Pen Name  def  Havoc

Bobbing for Apples (Andy, Soul Survivor, Suicide & Louie Cha)

Chongo & Johnny Light  def  Cody Jacobs & Devin Bliss (c)

ICW Heavyweight Championship Title Match

Jay Garrison (c)  def  “Gorgeous” Gabriel Gage

King BW comes to the ring and makes another match right now.

ICW Heavyweight Championship Title Match

Jay Garrison (c)  vs  King BW                                                                                                           (Shawn Jovi comes out and attacks King BW and the match is thrown out)


West Coast Wrestling Connection on PDX-TV      Ep179                                                       11/6

          “The Best of WCWC 2017 part 1 – (The best matches from Jan thru June)”

The Legacy Championship Battle Royal (Jan 28)  Ep139                                                                 Ricky Gibson, Eric Right & Adrian Matthews  def  Dillon Divine, Mickey O’Shea, Caleb Konley, Julian Whyt & Richard Syncyr   (Gibson, Right & Matthews all went out at the same time)

WCWC Legacy Championship Triple Threat Title Match   (Feb 4)  Ep140                                   Ricky Gibson  def  Eric Right & Adrian Matthews        (Gibson becomes the champion)


“I Quit” Match   (March 18)  Ep146                                                                                                    Adam Thornstowe  def  Matt Striker

Hair vs Hair Match  (April 29)  Ep152                                                                                        Alexander Hammerstone  def  Eric Right w/Richard Syncyr

WCWC Tag Team Championship Title Match  (June 3)  Ep157                                                     Fight & Flight (Mikey O’Shea & Damien Drake)  def  The Bonus Boyz ( Clutch & Sugar Brown) (c) w/Kate Carney           (Fight & Flight are the new champions)

No DQ Falls Count Anywhere Bunkhouse Brawl Match  (June 10)  Ep158                                   Matt Striker, Gangrel & Alexander Hammerstone  def  The Wrecking Crew (The Grappler, Caleb Konley & JD Bishop) w/Jeremy Blanchard


Punk Pro Wrestling         “Walk Among Us”   (Fully Gimmicked Brand Presents)                     11/4

Carlos Gabriel  def  Tracer X

The Dynasty (Brandon Law & Richie Pepperfield)  def  The Coda (Kayden Greene & Ronnie Rios)

Billy Brash  def  Stephen Frick

1st ever “Get Your Shit In” 6 Way Title Match                                                                                    Matt Kenway  def  Saieve Al Sabah, Slade Porter, Aspyn Rose, Mallaki Matthews & Hunter Law  (Kenway wins the title)

John Davis  def  Tripp Cassidy

Joey Osbourne  def  Drew Adler

Punk Pro Wrestling Fully Gimmicked Title Match

Aaron Epic (c)  def  Anthony Henry


Rocky Mountain Pro : Charged  S3Ep4                                                                              11/8

Tough Guy Inc (Bob Evans & Timmy Hughes)  def  Anthony Andrews & Anthony Katana

Shocktober contract signing between Mario Vanjur (c) and Tyler Stinson. Vanjur makes a stipulation that Stinson will be drug tested for sugar before the match. Then thingsalmost get nuts.

Big Vig & Humphrey Jacobs 1st (c)  def  Curtis Cole & Danger Dean

Russian Chain Match                                                                                                                             Vlad Balashov  def  “The Show” Duane Douglas

Open Challenge Match                                                                                                                         Derek Stone  def  2 Cool Dudes (Zero Cool & Dustin Yurik)

2 out of 3 Lottery Tag Team Tournament Finals Match                                                                  Filter & Hunter Grey  def  Anaya & Mercury Yaden     (Filter and Grey are tag team #1 contenders)


CWF Mid-Atlantic  Worldwide     Ep130                                                                         11/8

Jarry Carey and Coach Gemini interrupt CL Party as the show starts. Carey and Party have a match coming up as the two picked teams to fight. Mace Li is the first pick for Carey’s team and Snooty Fox is the first pick for Party’s team.

Snooty Fox  def  Mace Li

Nick Richards  def  Michael McAllister

Cain Justice comes out and runs his mouth a bit. He’s followed by Ethan Alexander Sharpe wines about his loosing the 30 man Rumble.

Arik Royal  def  Chet Sterling


Pro Wrestling Battleground : Breakout TV Ep192                                                        11/6

Giant Griffin  def  Stonehenge w/The Angry Dragon


Capitol Wrestling   Ep31                                                                                               11/6

“Swipe Right” Joe Keys  def  “The Shamrock Shooter” Killian McMurphy


SICW Wrestling Explosion    Ep350    (Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling)                11/5

Bobby-D  vs  Dave Vaughn

Kahagas  def  Sean Vincent


Evolution Championship Wrestling                                                                                            11/4

Shocktober’s Main Event is looked at. (DP Holiday wins)     We take a look at the White Trash Millionaire’s winning the Evolution Tag Team Titles on the Saturday after Shocktober.

Dog Collar Match                                                                                                                                 Jamie Gibson w/Amy Jo  def  Jeff Storm w/The Rev (c)


AMW – TV                           Appalachian Mountain Wrestling                                                   11/4

Krutch  def  JR Roc

Contract signing between Jordan Clearwater and Stan Sierra

Mega Destroyer & Stan Lee  def  Eddie Browning & Clinton Stacy


PWCI this week         Ep104               Zero One Supreme                                                      11/7

Joey O’Riley  def  AT Brooks

The Mad Conservative has to rant once again toward an organization whose behavior continues to get worse and announces a decision.

Z1 USA Heavyweight Championship Title Match                                                                           Shank Barzini (c)  def  Mike Hartenbower


Best of the West : Ignition   Ep46                                                                                       11/4

Vintage Dragon  def  “Rolls” Royce Isaacs      (Dragon wins as the decision is reversed)

“The California Black Sheep”” Money ” Mike Rayne  def  “The Warlord of Weird” Sinn Bodhi

BOTW Tag Team Championship Title Match                                                                                     S&M (Marcus Eriks & Sledge)(c)  def  Diablo Azteca & Wild Horse



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