NXT Review – 11/8/2017

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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector


We are only two weeks away from TakeOver Houston/War Games and NXT is heating way, way up. There will be so many huge matches on the Pay Per View but tonight there is a different focus. Tonight we will see the leader of The Undisputed Era, Adam Cole, take on Roderick Strong and that match is gonna be nuts. I can’t wait so let’s get to the action.


Heavy Machinery (Tucker Knight & Otis Dozovic)  def  Chris Pain & Sean Maluta

Heavy Machinery comes to the ring and gets the crowd going as they are ready to fight. We have again this week a team for Heavy Machinery to destroy. NXT does great with making Knight and Dozovic look devastating. We have seen this like 4 or 5 times before and I’m sure tonight will be a repeat of one of those matches we’ve already seen. I don’t think we have seen Pain in an NXT ring before but with his partner Maluta, he was a part of the Cruiserweight Classic and he has been in an NXT ring before. Dozovic and Pain start the match and Pain tries to push Dozovic around but Dozovic stands there like a tree. Maluta comes in to try and save his partner but to no prevail. With a slam to Pain, Dozovic pulls a page out of Scotty 2 Hotties playbook and does the worm and follows up with an elbow on Pain. With Knight in now, Machinery has a bit of fun as they squish both of their opponent’s. With a few tags back and forth, we see Heavy Machinery smash both Pain and Maluta to the mat and with a compactor, Dozovic gets the pin. I knew we would see a domination, Steaks and Weights!


Kairi Sane  def  Billie Kay w/Payton Royce

The winner of the Mae Young Classic may have her hands full with this match because every time someone wrestles one half of the Iconic Duo, they always have the other on their back. Sane and her patient pirate look makes her way to the ring first followed by the Iconic Duo. Billie Kay will not be involved with the fatal 4 way at TakeOver but we all know that she will be at ringside. Sane starts with some speed but Kay stops her in her tracks. It doesn’t take long for Royce to get involved with a distraction to Sane and Kay takes her down with a forearm. Getting the smaller Sane in a kind of torcher rack, Kay stretches her almost in half. With attitude, Sane takes Kay down with a spear and follows up with some chops and a sliding knee. Royce gets involved again but Kay can’t capitalize. With Kay on the mat, Sane hits the top buckle and comes down with her inSane elbow and she gets the win tonight. Will we see the same at TakeOver Houston? I can’t wait to find out.


Kassius Ohno enters Mr. Regal’s office and asks for a match with Lars Sullivan at TakeOver Houston. Mr. Regal grants him his request and we will see that match. Next up we see the history of the War Games match. Selina Vega and Andrade “Cien” Almas talk about Almas match with NXT champion Drew McIntyre at TakeOver Houston.


Velveteen Dream  def  Cezar Bononi

Dream has been a thorn in Aleister Black’s side lately and at TakeOver they will finally face off. Tonight though, Dream has another match to focus on. I’m wondering if we will see Lio Rush get involved with the TakeOver match? Dream comes to the ring ready as always and he gets the camera to follow him as he climbs through the ropes. Bononi has been making a name for himself lately. We have seen him in tag team action as well as singles action and tonight he faces the most unorthodox of the NXT roster. The agression starts right away from both men as we see Dream kick the hell out of Bononi in the corner. Dream gets in the referee’s face for a moment but he moves his attention back to a limp Bononi and slams him hard and gets the very quick win. After the match Dream gets a mic and talks to Black about their match at TakeOver.


Ruby Riot gets an update on her ankle injury. She finds out that she has another week or two to heal.Sonya Deville comes in and Riot challenges her to a match when she’s all healed up.


Roderick Strong  vs  Adam Cole

A few weeks back, Cole tried to get Strong to join The Undisputed Era as he gave him an armband. Everyone thought that Strong was gonna join the Era but last week when he came to the ring we found out that it was not the case. Strong attacked Cole and the other Era members along with Sanity. That’s when Mr. Regal announced the War Games match. Tonight things are gonna hit the fan as I know that Strong has some anger he’s gonna let loose. Cole has back up so Fish and O’Reilly may get involved in the match tonight. Cole comes to the ring alone which is unusual but he can hold his own in the ring. The crowd gets behind both men as the two takes turns taking control. Strong gets a leg up as he sends Cole to the floor and follows up with a takedown. Strong tries to get back in the ring but Cole flips the script and kicks Strong to the floor. Strong has struggled a bit in NXT as he couldn’t capture the NXT title on a few occasions but maybe if he can take out the new threat to NXT’s leader then just maybe his title chance could move closer once again. Back in the ring, Cole is keeping Strong week with some leg scissors and then a sleeper hold. Strong finds a way back to his feet and hits Cole with a pendulum backbreaker. Coming with some huge chops, Strong has control of things again. I’m surprised that no one from the Undisputed Era has made their way to ringside yet, maybe its because Cole is doing fine on his own. With a superkick and a crazy takedown it looks like Cole has it in the bag but Strong kicks out. The two go to the top turnbuckle and Strong hits a powerbomb as he jumps off the ropes and Cole’s head hits the top buckle hard. With both men on the mat, now is when we see Fish and O’Reilly run to Cole’s rescue. The match is thrown out but we see with the Undisputed Era in the ring, The Authors of Pain come to Strong’s side, then on the other side of the ring we have Sanity make their way to the ring apron. All three teams that will be involved in War Games are staring each other down. Then all hell breaks loose when everyone attacks everyone. With everyone on the floor, Strong gets Cole to the top rope and superplex’s Cole onto the pile as the show goes off the air.


What a crazy night. There were a few fill in matches but NXT knows how to push there stars that they want to push. The matches for TakeOver Houston are piling up and I get more and more excited every week. I can’t wait for next week as we will be only one week away from War Games.                  Until Next Week!




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