Impact Review – 11/9/2017

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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

Its the first show after Bound for Glory and if you didn’t get to see the Pay Per View, like me, then this episode tonight shall be pretty important to you. Along with whatever matches we shall see tonight, we will also get to find out what went down this past Sunday night. There were so many good matches at BFG I can’t wait for this episode to begin. Let’s get things rolling.

First up on tonights show from Canada is a look at last Sunday’s Bound for Glory. Then Eli Drake, the Global heavyweight champion, and his lackey Chris Adonis make their way to the ring. They talk about Drake’s match at BFG. While Drake is talking the crowd gets loud and chants for Johnny Impact. Due to Drake getting stitches after that match, he has been given the night off. All of a sudden Petey Williams interrupts and comes out with a microphone. He let’s Drake know that he hasn’t beat him and asks him to put the title on the line right now. Williams heads to the ring and takes out Adonis with a kick then gets in the ring. He gets the best of the champ but Adonis saves him. Next week we will see the match between Drake and Williams for sure.

WOW, Jimmy Jacobs in on Impact Wrestling! He joins commentary for the next match.

Matt Sydal  def  Sonjay Dutt

Both of these men were involved in the X-division match at Bound for Glory. Neither one walked away with the title but tonight will be a push for whoever wins to get a title shot against the champ Trevor Lee I’m sure. Dutt and Sydal are going at it hard inside the ring. Both men are getting some great moves on each other. The match has stayed close to the mat so far as we see some arm drags and headlock holds. Jimmy Jacobs leaves the commentary table as he is not getting the attention he wants. All that did was distract everyone from the great action going on in the ring. Sydal is getting Dutt in some compromising positions as he is using his yoga like skills. Things get a bit slow as both men are on the mat. Dutt holds his leg as it looks like Sydal may have hurt it. Pin attempts from both men do not pay off yet and the action continues. Finally heading to the top, Sydal goes for a high risk maneuver but Dutt stops it quick and hits him with a superplex. The show goes to a commercial and it breaks up the match momentum for means I hate that shit with a passion when they do that. Back to the show, Dutt and Sydal are kicking each other back and forth. He puts Dutt in a crazy looking submission as he bends his leg almost to the back of his head. Good thing Dutt made it to the ropes. On the floor now, the ref is trying to get these two back in the ring. A swinging DDT from Dutt puts Sydal on the mat but with his hurt leg, Dutt can’t capitalise. Sydal comes back with a shooting star press and he pins Dutt clean. As Sydal is raising his hand, EC3 comes out and makes his way to the ring with mic in hand. Getting on Sydal, EC3 calls him a choke artist when the big match comes his way.

Backstage Johnny Impact is on a warpath as he is looking for Alberto El Patron.



Hector Garza, Amazing Red & Sonjay Dutt  def  Petey Williams & Team Canada (Bobby Roode &            “Showtime” Eric Young)

This match is from 2004. Its one of the exclusive matches on the new GWN Network. If you have been following TNA/Impact/GFW, whatever you call it these days, for the past 15 years then you know how things were back then. High impact and high risk. Its crazy seeing how young and different all of the me in this match were. The two partners of Petey Williams are both in WWE now. Bobby Roode is on SD Live and “Showtime” Eric Young, with blonde hair, is the leader of Sanity on NXT. This match started in the middle of the action and with crazy move after move both teams did amazing but in the end the team of Sonjay Dutt, Amazing Red and the late great Hector Garza picked up the win.


GHC Heavyweight Championship Title Match

Eddie Edwards (c)  def  El Hijo Del Fantasma

This match is making history tonight. The GHC championship from Pro Wrestling NOAH has never been defended any other place then on NOAH. With Edwards being the first foreigner to be the GHC champion, that gives the title a chance to be fought over in other promotions. Edwards home promotion, Impact, is that place tonight. Fantasma and Edwards have been involved with the Impact versus AAA matches as of late so the two are no strangers to each other. Fantasma is trying to cement his place in the Impact history books and tonight he has a hell of a chance. The match is started with announcing the two contenders and were off with making history. With a handshake, the two go at each other. A stalemate happens right away as Fantasma tries to take Edwards down. Hard chops from Edwards stings the chest of Fantasma but he comes back and tries for a cover. Going to the top rope, Edwards hits the mat as he takes a hunacanrana hard to the mat. He comes back with a superplex to Fantasma to the middle of the ring and then Edwards hits a blue thunder bomb but Fantasma kicks out some how. These two are taking a beating from each other and things are slowing a bit. Sunday at BFG Edwards took a tiger driver on the apron and he just tried to hit Fantasma with one but it didn’t work. This turns into a suicide dive from both men back to back. Edwards tries again and again for a tiger driver but he can’t get the win. Fantasma comes off the top rope and Edwards turns it into a Boston knee party then he hits a diehard flosion and retains his GHC title. The two shake hands after the match.



6 man tag team match

O.V.E. (Dave & Jake Christ) & Sami Callihan  def  Phil Atlas, Marcus Bank & Ray Steele

THUMBS UP! THUMBS DOWN! Since I missed Bound for Glory, this is my first time seeing one of my favorite wrestlers of all time, Sami Callihan in an Impact ring. This is exciting as I have followed the whole Ohio side of wrestling for awhile now. I thought it was exciting when Dave and Jake Christ showed up in Impact and then they won the tag team titles, and now this, I mean come on Impact is becoming so damn amazing! The bell rings and Callihan comes with a huge boot taking Burk straight to the mat hard. O.V.E. were already a force to be reckoned with but with Callihan added to their group, no one will ever stop them. Atlas comes in and gets destroyed with an all seeing eye as O.V.E. wins this very short match. LAX comes to ringside and Homicide gets Callihan from behind in the ring. Callihan took out Homicide at Bound for Glory during the 5150 match so I see a singles match between the two in the works for sure. Things get nuts for a moment but O.V.E. get away for now. LAX has the numbers for sure but I can’t wait to see where this feud goes. Kudos Impact Wrestling.

Allie  def  KC Spinelli

Allie did not win the title in the three way match at Bound for Glory on Sunday but she looked amazing in the match. Tonight though, she’s all alone but as she has been on a roll over the past few months, she can hold her own no doubt. We have seen Spinelli on Impact TV before so we kind of have a sense of how she works in the ring. Spinelli gets some nice takedowns on Allie and she takes great control of the match. Ever since Gail Kim and especially Rosemary kind of took Allie under their wing, she has looked great. Allie comes back as she kicks Spinelli into the turnbuckle and the crowd pops loud for her. With a few clotheslines and a couple sliding elbows, Allie is getting some great momentum. Both women are getting frustrated with the other as kick out after kick out happens. Slowing down a bit, Allie gets caught with a takedown but as Spinelli misses her moonsault, Allie takes her out with a death valley driver and she wins the match.

Backstage finally Johnny Impact attacks Alberto El Patron. The two are beating the hell out of each other all over the place. If Patron wouldn’t have gotten involved at BFG, Impact wouldn’t have went after Patron. Somehow, backstage, Braxton Sutter and Caleb Konley get involved with the fight. Impact and Patron end up outside in the street. Security tries to break things up but they all get taken out. Back and forth Impact and Patron get a leg up and they both end up on the roof of a bathroom building. Patron falls off and Impact jumps off after him taking the pile of security out along with Patron. When these two get set up with an actual match, shits gonna hit the fan and that’s gonna be awesome. The two make there way to the ring and Patron gets a mic and tells Impact to get in the ring and they will have a match. Patron changes his mind until Impact says something about his father. This sets Patron off and he hits the ring and the two fight.

Impact was a bit crazy tonight. The landscape is changing so much and I feel that its for the better. With their relationships around the world, each week we get to see new wrestlers and promotions. No other wrestling promotion does anything like this and that’s what sets them apart. People have their opinion about Impact these days but I’ll say this, I’ll always watch every week. Until Next Week!




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