NXT Review – 11/1/2017

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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

 This week on NXT we have some great action coming our way. TakeOver Houston is creeping ever so closely and I can not wait. Tonight we will see the contract signing between Andrade “Cien” Almas and Drew McIntyre for their match at TakeOver Houston for McIntyre’s NXT championship. Also tonight we will see SAnitY put their NXT tag team championship titles on the line against the returning Authors of Pain in a rematch. Let’s get to the action.

Nikki Cross  def  Taynara Conti

Conti has gotten a boost as of late ever since she was coaxed by Adam Cole to get involved with Cross during her triple threat match for a spot in the fatal 4 way at TakeOver Houston for the NXT women’s championship. Cross lost that match, but she came back and won the battle royal so she got her spot in the match anyway. Tonight she gets her revenge on Conti, one on one, inside the ring. There’s no where for Conti to run unless she wants to lose this match. The 2 women are in the ring and Cross looks insane as usual but they are both ready to fight. The bell rings and Cross goes at Conti like a wild animal. Conti runs away but Cross catches her quickly. Back in the ring, Conti gets some hard kicks and Cross takes it with ease. Setting Conti in the corner upside down, Cross stops the hell out of her. With a swinging fisherman’s neck breaker, Cross gets the pin and the win. Cross got her revenge tonight.

Fabian Aichner  def  Johnny Gargano

Johnny Wrestling is in action next and with his opponent being a bit bigger in size tonight, he definitely has his hands full. Aichner is another NXT superstar that has made his way from the Cruiserweight Classic and is climbing the ladder lately and he sure as hell has the skills, he was trained by WCW legend Alex Wright. Aichner awaits Gargano in the ring and when the bell rings were off. The crowd chants “Johnny Wrestling” as the two start off with some mat wrestling. Gargano gets the first pin attempt and follows it up with a nice dropkick takedown. With some across the ring running, Aichner catches Gargano and power slams him. On the floor, Gargano gets slammed on the guard rail as Aichner catches him when he tries for an over the top rope cross body. Back from a small commercial, Aichner has Gargano in a bear hug in the middle of the ring. The crowd chants for Johnny Wrestling again and Gargano gets a second wind and hits his slingshot spear but Aichner kicks out of the pin attempt. With a slingshot DDT, Gargano still can not make Aichner give in. Gargano takes a huge forearm to the back and then Aichner power bombs him in the middle of the ring but Gargano kicks out of the pin. Aichner does a moonsault and takes Gargano’s knee’s to his stomach. This gives Gargano some excitement as he tries for the Gargano escape but Aichner turns it into a pin and upsets Gargano with a steal of the win. From the Cruiserweight Classic to his first match in NXT, which he lost, Aichner pulls off a huge upset over Johnny Gargano tonight.


        Next up is the contract signing between Andrade Cien Almas and the NXT champion Drew McIntyre for their match at TakeOver Houston. As McIntyre makes his way to the ring, Almas attacks him from behind. He stomps on the champ and hits him with the contract a few times. Almas sign’s the contract and then uses Selina’s gum to stick it to the layed out champ.

NXT Tag Team Championship Title Match

SAnitY (Eric Young & Alexander Wolf)(c)  def  The Authors of Pain (Akam & Rezar)

Sanity won the tag titles at TakeOver Brooklyn 3 as they took them from the Authors of Pain. The AOP came back last week and immediately got themselves a rematch to try and get their titles back. Sanity has run amuck in the NXT ever since they arrived but lately, since they won the titles, they have been even more trouble. Young and Rezar start the match and Young controls things as he stays in his corner and tags in Wolf. With a few tags in and out, Sanity keep themselves fresh. Rezar finds the strength and slams Wolf into the turnbuckle in his corner and then the tagging in and out starts from the AOP. Akem comes in and gets some moves on Wolf and then his brother Rezar does his thing. Wolf doesn’t know where he is as he gets knocked silly. The crowd gets behind Wolf and he tries to get to Young for a tag but Rezar is just too strong at the moment and drags him away. A double boot puts both Wolf and Rezar on the mat but both men get a tag to their partners and now Young and Akem come in and go at it. Young hits a few high flying moves on Akem but he just can not keep his shoulders on the mat. All four men are in the ring now and all hell has broken loose. AOP hits the super collider and they almost get the win but all of a sudden the Undisputed Era hit the ring and stop the pin. The Era starts beating down everyone but Killian Dain runs in to help his fellow Sanity members. Then Roderick Strong comes to the ring. He puts on the Undisputed Era arm band that Cole gave him last week. When it looks like Strong has joined the Era, he attacks them instead. With everything going nuts in the ring, GM William Regal comes out. He announces that at TakeOver Houston it will be The Undisputed Era versus Sanity versus The Authors of Pain and Roderick Strong in a triple threat match but this match will be a match not seen in 20 years, there will be two rings and one cage, this match will be a War Games match!

        What a freaking week! We saw Almas attack the champ, we saw Cross get her revenge, we saw Johnny Wrestling take a huge loss and we saw Sanity retain their NXT tag team titles. On top of all of that, Mr. Regal announced at TakeOver Houston there will be a triple threat War Games match. I got goose bumps when I heard that news. Man I love NXT!       Until Next Week!

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