The Rant Of The Day #3

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The Rant Of The Day #3

Here we go again…. Another rant… So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. This weeks topics are:

– WWE vs Bullet Club

– Should WWE have a cross promotional event ?

– Chris Jericho/Kenny Omega twitter war

– Should WWE add more dream matches to Pay Per Views?

– Does WWE actually listen to its fans?

1: Since the Bullet Club invaded Monday Night Raw over a month ago, the war between these two has completely taken off. Twitter shots, promos, a job firing, and even a cease and desist letter have occurred.

 It seems like a simple invasion of WWE hit a few nerves on some within WWE. No clue why, as WWE did the exact same thing to WCW back in the late 90’s. Except one thing was different…. WWE was on the opposite end of this invasion.
We recently found out WWE released writer Jimmy Jacobs from his position due to his social media post of a picture of him with the Bullet Club out side of RAW during the invasion. A simple picture with friends was the cause of his release. Maybe I am the only one who pays attention to social media but I lost count of how many times I have seen AJ Styles, or Finn Balor post pictures of them with their pals in the Bullet Club. Heck, there was even a picture of a big group of WWE stars and NJPW stars having supper during a recent Japan tour.

Roman Reigns took to twitter to take a jab at Cody Rhodes saying Cody couldn’t draw an audience. Cody, of course, responded with a nice promo during Ring Of Honor’s Global Wars: Chicago iPPV about Reigns failed drug test. Genius if you ask me. That promo lit the internet up with excitement and the thought of a possible outcome.

 Even the poor ol’ Young Bucks receiving a cease and desist letter about the use of “Too Sweet” hand gesture. This forced The Bucks to remove all merchandise they had with anything “Too Sweet” related. Sad, eh? Not one bit. The Young Bucks went to create a cease and desist t-shirt which sold like hot cakes and the Bullet Club came up with a “One Sweet”. Brilliant.

So why all this? Maybe I am a tad nutty.. Well, I do have 2 kids 13 months apart so I must be nutty somewhat, but a huge part of me thinks there is more to this then meets the eye. Not a simple WWE showing dominance over threats to the company. I think this is all set up for a possible feud. Yes, I know the Bullet Club have contracts but money is money and anything is possible.

 To involve twitter wars, the firing of a guy who did what current stars do (pictures with their buddies) and shoot promos, one has to think like I do. Great minds do think alike… Their is a shakeup happening and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a certain group show up on WWE television waging war on the company. Just think of the money that could be made here. You know Vince himself wants in on this. Vince, we will just pretend this was your thought process this whole time.

2: Speaking of a possible war of WWE vs Bullet Club, why not do a full on WWE vs NJPW event. Why not do a WWE vs ROH event. The matches that would be lined up for these shows are matches fans could only dream about.

 Vince would have to check his ego at the door here and just let these matches happen, with outcomes that would leave the fans wanting more. McMahon would need to book these events with the thought of what works best for the business and not just WWE.
 This wouldn’t be the first time WWE has done this either. They have worked with NJPW and even Mexico’s own AAA in the past. WWE has even been involved in talent exchanges as well. I think it is super smart and as WWE says
“best for business”. It benefits all parties involved immensely.

NXT has a working relationship with EVOLVE and Triple H and Gabe Sapolsky have been putting 2 great minds together. Why not have an NXT vs EVOLVE pay per view? If the 2 head honchos are working together wouldn’t it be fitting to go head to head with each other with each brands top talent squaring off…..

 These types of events add new stars to the line ups and creates possible dream matches. With WWE growing stale and needing a boost and a hit on the restart button, cross promotional events are the answer. I would bet all my wife’s money that these events would be up there with Wrestlemania in PPV buys. Current fans, fans who gave up on wrestling and band wagon jumpers would tune in to these events just because the hype was real.
 Let’s make this happen. Contact ROH, and lets do an event soon. Real soon. Jay Lethal vs AJ Styles inside a WWE ring….. Anybody??

3: Over the past few weeks it seems like a storm’s a brewin’ between Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega. Both have taken shots at each other via twitter and fans around the globe are curious as to what this is all about.

This all started over a fan stating Omega was “the best in the world”causing Jericho to chime in with “best in the world? Kenny Omega isn’t even the best in Winnipeg” with a hashtag of “overrated”.  Y2J went on to state in various other twitter shots about being in the “big leagues”.

Jericho is by far the best of his generation. The guy is so good that even at the good ol’ age of 46, he can out perform the entire roster. He keeps his character fresh by adding different elements to it which keeps him from growing stale. Everytime he comes back from a hiatus, the crowd goes wild for him and he comes back better each time.

Omega, is one of the greatest of his generation. His matches with Kazuchika Okada made him the hottest star on the planet. Every company wants a piece of The Cleaner and so they should. Kenny oozes charisma and oozes ring knowledge. He knows how to work and how to make each match the best it could be. WWE has to want a piece of this and this could be the start of the Omega/WWE relationship.

This could be a set up for Jericho’s upcoming cruise he has lined up to sail from Miami to the Bahamas featuring wrestling legends and a Ring Of Honor tournament. Sounds like a sweet deal here, but I still feel like there is more to this then this being just for Jericho’s cruise.

Maybe I am right…. Maybe I am wrong, but I think Jericho will be Kenny Omega’s first target in WWE. With both being from Winnipeg, I think that will be their starting point for the feud. They are both uber talented and Jericho getting better with age, I think this would be a fantastic way to debut The Cleaner into the WWE world.. sorry, universe.

If I am wrong (I better not be), the feud strictly for this cruise is still a great selling point and will sell tickets 100%. I just think both are smart enough to know this is meant for the grandest stage of them all… Wrestlemania.


4: With the viral meningitis knocking out top stars for TLC, WWE was insanely smart by adding a dream match to the show. Of course I am talking about AJ Styles vs Finn Balor. 2 of WWE’s best squaring off in a match we never thought we would see.

By actually taking advantage of what should of been a disadvantage by loosing marquee stars featured in the upcoming PPV, WWE actually came up with a fantastic match and even talked about both stars leading a “group” in Japan. The match itself was a show stealer and possible match of the year for WWE, with zero build up. Just a simple case of putting 2 greats together and giving them ample time to create magic. The “Too Sweet” moment at the end added that final touch of brilliance (and maybe a possible start to the Bullet Club invasion on WWE TV?)

Fans around the globe were obsessed with this match so much that it brought me to this thought…. Why not have these dream matches more often. I am not saying over kill it or anything, just use it to spark fan interest and sell tickets. Every fan has dream matches we would like to see and by starting with Balor/Styles was a great starting point.

Adding this touch would create excitement and create that buzz WWE quite often needs during its lackluster times. It brings excitement from the audience, excitement from the crowd and excitement from everybody backstage. Just look at Shinsuke Nakamura’s NXT debut vs Sami Zayn. That place was electric and ate the whole match up. Chanting “this is awesome” before the match started because we were about to witness a dream match take place. And boy did it deliver.

Creating dream matches wouldn’t involve alot of time building up the feud. The 2 names itself is enough to garner more excitement then a 2 month build up from promos to beat downs. Just announce the names and sit back and watch the reactions from around the world. Dream matches = money. WWE, time to ignite the world here and add a few more for us fans to go bananas over.

5:  For years WWE has claimed they listen to the fans as to who to push and who not to. Is that true? I will go with sometimes. I say that because if the fans push hard enough they will listen but other wise WWE just follows the plans they have in place. I mean, the fans do what a Universal Champion to appear once in a blue moon and fight maybe 8-9 minutes at most.

When Batista came back to do what I can only assume was his final run with the company (2013-2014). WWE decided to give him a run to the top and didn’t care what the fans wanted. It became evident their plans were to make Batista the Champ despite Daniel Bryan being insanely over with the fans. So much that when Bryan didn’t appear in the Royal Rumble, the fans turned on the product and just filled the arena with loud boos.

The boos didn’t end there either. The fans reigned hate on Batista and his obvious mega push and got behind Daniel Bryan more then I have ever seen before in my life. His “YES” chants were amazing to witness. Seeing 15,000 people all doing the same motion, chanting the same thing was a sight to see. Did that stop WWE from going with their plan of Batista and his run at the top?

The fans chewed everything WWE did and spit it out from that point on that they had no choice but to switch gears and go a different route. Announcing Bryan vs Triple H and the winner going on to face Orton and Batista in the main event of Wrestlemania 30. Finally, they listened, well had no choice, and the end result of Bryan hoisting the straps in the air as confetti fell to the ground was what the fans wanted to happen.

Fast forward to 2017 and WWE still continues to ignore their fan base and follow there plans no matter what. So much that they reunited The Shield in hopes the crowd will finally get behind Roman Reigns has it is so apparent that WWE wants him to be the top dog.

NXT, they listen. They gauge their audience and the responses they give towards the product. Not one star on that roster gets any type of negative reaction like some main roster stars, and I am not talking heel heat either. NXT gives the fans what they want and that is why that brand outshines the WWE main roster.

I am not saying WWE shouldn’t put plans in place or try new things (Jinder Mahal as WWE Champion), I am saying that as soon as those plans start to sour then it is time to reevaluate the situation. At the end of the day, the fans are just as important as the talent. Without them there is no WWE. So this makes their opinions matter. Yes, you can’t please everybody… Yes, every demographic has different views on the talent, but WWE should pay more attention to the overall reactions (including tv ratings and attendance for their shows) and switch up when need be and not let history repeat itself with the whole Bryan/Batista situation.

Summary: – Bullet Club/WWE situation is all a work. The B.C will show up on WWE television

– WWE should work with other promotions to create magic (a la Bullet Club invasion)

– Jericho/Omega feud is the start to Omega’s WWE run

– WWE…. please pay more attention to the overall reactions from your fan base

Well, that is all. My brain is fried from 70+ hours of work this week on about 5 hours sleep a night. I am behind on a lot my wrestling. Time to make a coffee and see what all I missed. Keep on supporting your local wrestling promotions. Those guys bust their butts and deserve more credit then they will ever get. It is up to us fans to make sure they get that proper credit. Until next time folks….

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