MVW Ep31 Review – 10/31/2017

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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

       It’s Halloween night and their won’t be any trick or treating going on in the ring tonight, we have some great action that will take place though. We get three matches on this the 31st episode of Modern Vintage Wrestling on the 31st of October, coincidence? Maybe, but I know the show is gonna kick ass. Let’s go!


Dirty Daddy  def  Mike Mars

The huge Mars against the much smaller Daddy in our opening bout tonight. The match starts with Daddy doing his best to slow down Mars with chop after chop. Mars takes it all in and comes back by throwing Daddy into the turnbuckle. The crowd gets behind Daddy as they chant for him trying to get him to his feet. Daddy had just won the Rising Generation League title on CWF Mid-Atlantic Worldwide episode 127 on October 18th. He took that title from non other then Cain Justice and I know that is giving Daddy some fire he wouldn’t have had other wise. Justice is a much smaller man the Mars is. Keeping Daddy in the corner and then on the mat, Mars keeps control of this match and the limp Daddy. Finding a way to pull a second wind out of nowhere, Daddy attacks with more super chops and as he dodges a splash from Mars, Daddy rolls up the big man and steals the win. As the ref is raising Daddy’s hand, Donnie Dollars runs in and attacks him from behind. Mars comes back in the ring and helps Dollars beat up Daddy but then Snooty Fox comes in and helps Daddy out by attacking his opponent in the next match, Donnie Dollars. Their match gets underway.


Snooty Fox  def  Donnie Dollars

As the match between these two starts, Fox spears Mars out of the ring and then focuses on Dollars. The two stand nose to nose and slug it out. Dollars takes control until Fox pull out a huge slam and then a spear taking Dollars down and Fox pulls out the pin and the win. What a short match that was.


     Next up we see the Modern Vintage Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Jason “The Gift” Kincaid and he has something to say. He let’s his opponent next week, Cain Justice (the man who lost his RGL title to Dirty Daddy two weeks ago) that their match will be more then a match, it will be personal.

Caleb Konley  def  Joey Lynch

The main event of this weeks episode is upon us and its gonna be killer. Konley has been a part of Trevor Lee’s crew on GFW/Impact as of late but tonight on MVW, he will fight on his own. Lynch comes out first then Konley and shit is on. The crowd chants for Konley as he is for sure the fan favorite in this match up.  Konley takes control as he holds Lynch on the mat. Headlocks back and forth turn into another stand off nose to nose. Lynch shows his cockiness as he lays across the top turnbuckle while Konley lays on the mat. Both of these men are fighting their hearts out as things end up on the floor for a few moments but things move back into the ring fairly quickly. Konley pulls out some super aggressive moves as he gets Lynch in a leg scissors on the mat. It looks like Lynch won’t ever get to his feet and stable himself because Konley has been so aggressive. Lynch gets Konley down on the mat as it was really a mess up on Konley’s behalf that did it. With another submission, Lynch lays out on the mat. Finding a way to come back, Lynch gets some offensive moves, finally, and Konley takes some hard hits. Things get so exciting as the crowd gets into it with a “This is Awesome” chant as both Konley and Lynch get some great moves. As things go back and forth and Lynch goes for an almost guaranteed win, Konley sneaks in a win for himself. Lynch gets a huge standing ovation after the match.


       What a show this week. Three matches and all three were hard hitting, fast paced fights. We heard from the MVW Heavyweight Champion Jason “The Gift” Kincaid about his match next week with Cain Justice. I know that’s gonna be spectacular for sure.       Until Next Week!

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