The Review, Pro Wrestling Chaos Present’s The Coalition Of Chaos,

By Ciaran James @TheCiaranJames

28/10/17, Bristol

Part 1 – Maiden of Chaos Tournament, Quarter Final & Semi Final Results


Jinny def. Viper 

Sierra Loxton def. Ayesha Raymond 

Session Moth Martina def. Jetta 

Jamie Hayter def. Dahlia Black


Jinny def. Sierra Loxton 

Session Moth Martina def. Jamie Hayter

Knights Of Chaos Championship Match 

The Brotherhood (Elijah & Bane) def. Project Lucha (Martin Kirby & El Ligero) ©  

After the reveal of James Drake last month as the leader of the Brotherhood a win was vital on Saturday, not just vital it was a logical move going forward. With said leader James Drake at ringside flanked by Joe Mezinger the odds were stacked high against Project Lucha, it was surprising to see Bane & Elijah team to take on the champs. The match was a highly competitive and tense affair, The Brotherhood had burrowed themselves deep under the skin of Kirby & Ligero and it showed. As soon as El Ligero demanded the match it was clear emotions would be running high, especially after the despised Elijah unmasked Ligero in the finale last month. Although Drake and Mezinger patrolled ringside, they didn’t really direct traffic until the closing moments of the contest. As Project Lucha rallied against the odds Drake looked to make sure the victory went his way, Joe jumped into action behind the back of the referee and made the numbers count. Just like that Chaos had new Tag Team Champions as Elijah and Bane sealed the fate of Project Lucha.

Part 2

King Of Chaos Championship Match

Eddie Dennis © def. Eddie Ryan 

If ever there was a match with a foregone conclusion this was it, as good as Eddie Ryan might be on his best day the idea that he may defeat Eddie Dennis was laughable. Even with the distraction of the recently turned heel Alex Steele, Eddie Dennis could mark this down as a victory. Thanks to the antics of Alex Steel, Dennis started off on the back foot as Ryan attacked him from behind, he hit the champion hard with a German Suplex. The assault continued as Ryan looked to make easy work of Dennis and secure victory early, but that was to no avail. Eddie Dennis even with the attempted distractions of Alex Steele managed to overwhelm Ryan with his array of hard hitting offence, the forearms, lariats, Superplexes and everything in between was too much for the challenger. Eddie Dennis who is looking better than ever took over the match and never looked to be in peril, even when Ryan took shortcuts the former Welsh Dragon fought back and regained momentum. With the audience firmly behind him Eddie retained with his patented Next Stop Driver.

James Drake def. Martin Kirby 

I did think Pro Wrestling Chaos would hold off on the in-ring debut of James Drake, however due to the personal hatred building up between The Brotherhood and Project Lucha, Martin Kirby came looking for revenge. Without El Ligero at his side the odds were again stacked firmly against the former tag champ, but although outmatched Kirby valiantly pushed on. The Brotherhood attacked Kirby before the bell rang and all James Drake did was pick the bones, he had to show strength here, losing was not an option. Martin did force a comeback but he was quickly knocked back down again by Drake, the leader who wants complete control talked trash as he beat Kirby around the ring. After a one-sided fight Drake finally put Kirby away with a modified Facebuster, he celebrated with his brothers as the WWE superstar made a big impression.

Dahlia Black, Viper & Sierra Loxton def. Jetta, Ayesha Raymond & Jamie Hayter 

The losing combatants from the afternoon got together to exhibit their skills and to show the evening audience what they missed if they were not in attendance earlier in the day. All the women performed well and proved why they were chosen to take part in the tournament, once again Jamie Hayter and Ayesha Raymond were very good. The match was very entertaining and the competitors didn’t take their foot off the accelerator, there is no argument that all of these ladies earned the respect and adulation of the fans.

Pete Dunne def. Dick Riley 

When first announced I was expecting an ultra-competitive contest, this was of course due to the fact the Pete Dunne is one of the best wrestlers in the world and that Dick Riley has been getting better and better in 2017. When the bell rang what we did get was a one-sided exhibition of how good of a worker the ‘Bruiserweight’ is, that’s not to diminish the efforts of Dick Riley. During Dunne’s dominance there was flickers of offence from Riley and how good he is, it just wasn’t enough. Pete Dunne is the complete package, since the UK tournament and defeating Tyler Bate at TakeOver the Birmingham native walks a higher path, he is so good it’s scary. From ring work to character Pete Dunne ticks all the boxes, it’s just a shame he isn’t challenging Drew McIntyre at TakeOver in November. It will be interesting to see what the next move is for Riley in Chaos, he may be able to shrug this defeat off or fear of being left in limbo.

Big Grizzly def. Keith Lee 

The challenge of Keith Lee is huge for any wrestler, for Grizz it was a chance to regain the momentum he lost following defeats by Beano and Mark Andrews. Grizz looked confident making his entrance as did Lee, these two huge competitors dwarfed everyone at ringside. The match itself was easily one of the best of the night, Grizz stood tall and I think it was a career enhancing performance for the Welshman. Keith Lee was as expected exceptional, this man knows his strengths and sticks to them, from speed and power to desire and determination this man is the whole package. I think many of the audience expected a Keith Lee victory, however the sheer will to win of Grizz secured him the well-earned victory. Even the distraction of Beano wasn’t enough to derail the Heir 2 The Throne winner, Keith Lee did give back what he got, the American was massively impressive and earned the respect of the Chaos audience. Cannot fault this match.

Maiden Of Chaos Championship (Vacant) 

Jinny def. Session Moth Martina 

After a wild afternoon of women’s wrestling the final of the Maiden of Chaos Tournament capped off the evening. The favourite heading into this match was Jinny, she dominated the action in the afternoon and decisively defeated her opponents. The debut of Session Moth Martin certainly made an impression on the audience, from her pulse-pounding entrance to bizarre ring style she will fondly be remembered. When pushed Martina did look competitive, when Jinny pushed her too far she fought back, however Jinny had too much skill and precision. The match was worthy of being in the main event, you could question if Martina should have been there but that’s all in the past. Jinny was the rightful winner over the course of the tournament, the right wrestler won. It is arguable that Jinny was the best wrestler over the two shows, very impressive.


Following the final match, it was odd that Jinny didn’t receive a proper coronation as the first Maiden Of Chaos, it seemed that the victory was undermined by the party atmosphere created by Martina. I would have liked to have seen more focus on Jinny, her victory seemed more of an afterthought.

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