Indy Results 10/21 – 10/27

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     “10/21  thru  10/27”

Reality of Wrestling  Ep182                                                                           10/22

Connor Hollow on  def  Bartek

Taylor Ransom  def  Tyree Taylor

The Heavenly Bodies (Dustin & Justin)  def  Warren Johnson & Zack Mason


Championship Wrestling from Hollywood  Ep334                                                10/22

Julius Coleman   def  Richie Slade

Scorpio Sky  def  Falco

Ryan Taylor  def  Tomaste

Spirit and the Stars (Espiritu & Astro Viajero)  vs  The Bonus Boys (Clutch & Sugar Brown)

The match got thrown out as the Rancheros w/Howdy Price attack both teams.


West Coast Wrestling Connection on PDX-TV  Ep177                                                  10/23

No 1 Contendership Semi-Final Tournament Match

Mike Camden w/Jeremy Blanchard  def  Alexander Hammer stone

WCWC Pacific Northwest Championship Title Match

Darin Corbin (c)  def  Cameron Cole

No 1 Contendership Semi-Final Tournament Match

Jeff Boom  def  “The Obsession” Caleb Konley

WCWC Legacy Championship Title Match

“The Rock God” Ricky Gibson (c)  def  Ethan HD



CWF Mid-Atlantic Worldwide  Ep128                                                                           10/25

17th Annual CWF 30 man Rumble for Trevor Lee’s Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title

1- Trevor Lee (c)       2- Ric Converse (7)     3- Dr. Daniel C. Rockingham (1)                                     4- “The Prince of Broadway” Frankie Flynn (2)    5- Bellamy Koga (3)    6- Otto Schwanz (9)          7- Donnie Dollars (4)    8- Mitch Connor (5)    9- Eddy Only (6)    10- Keith Mac (8)                        11- Eric Andrews (10)    12- Nick Richards (12)    13- Mecha Mercenary (11)    14- Mike Mars (13) 15- The Kamikaze Kid (17)    16- Kool Jay (14)    17- Ray Kandrack (15)    18- Dave Dawson (16) 19- Snooty Fox (18)    20- Ethan Alexander Sharpe (23)    21- Brad Attitude (27)                           22- Chet Sterling (28)  23- Michael McAllister (19)  24- Cain Justice (29) 25- Mikael Yamaha (20) 26- Jesse Adler (c) (24)    27- Aaron Biggs (21)    28- Mace Li (25)    29- Arik Royal (26)              30- Roy Wilkins (22)        (Trevor Lee retains his title and out lasts 29 other men)


APW Weekly  Ep23             All Pro Wrestling        Gym Wars                                10/26

Eight Man Tag Team Match

Will Hobbs, Marcus Lewis, Ju-Dizz & Derek Slade  def  Bad Boys Personified (Rik Luxury & Boyce Legrande)w/Lucian D. Light & The Classic Connection(Levi Shapiro & Buddy Royal)w/Brian Zane

Universal Heavyweight Championship Title Match

Jeff Cobb (c)  def  Willie Mack


FIGHT Pro Wrestling Ep14                                                               10/22

Jenny Rose   def  Gemma Cross

Cory Bush  def  Ron Holiday

Hybrid Match

Ricky Reyes  def  Sicend  (Reyes takes out Sicend so Mac Mayhem Wrestles Instead)           Ricky Reyes  def  Mac Mayhem



PWCI this week  Ep102                       “Pro Wrestling Epic”           (Flashback Episode)    10/24

The Mad Conservative gives his opinion on things happening this week.

PWE Championship Title Match

Brandon Aarons  def  Leone Mephisto (c)


VI Pro Wrestling on Shaw TV  (Sept 23,2017)  Ep6    Vancouver Island Pro Wrestling           10/24

Matt Xstatic  def  Shreddz

Backstage with Zakk Merrick & The Uprising

Scott Steel (c)  def  Nolan James


North West Pro Wrestling presents                Mall Brawl  (May 6, 2017)                     10/24

JD Mason  def  Chuck Payne w/Sara Irene

Triple Threat Match

“The Z Man” Randy Zellers  def  Frankie Flawless & Sonny O’Mara

The Chef  def  Hero Runge

NWP Tag Team Championship Title Match

Muscle & Moonshine (Dave Turner & JB Moonshine) (c) w/Pa Moonshine  def  The House of Payne (The Natural Disaster & Max Punishment)

NWP Washington State Heavyweight Championship Title Match

Dangerous Darren Deeds (c)  def  “The Dynamic” Paul Preston



Rocky Mountain Pro Wrestling  S3Ep2                                                                       10/25

Humphrey Jacobs III (c) picked his tag partner (Hacksaw Jim Duggan)

Hunter Grey & Dustin Uhrich  vs  Zero Cool & Filter

Uhrich and Cool refuse to split up 2 Cool Dudes so now

Hunter Grey & Filter  def  2 Cool Dudes

Duane Douglas & CJ Pricefield  picks fight with Derrick Stone

Big Vig  def  Zuma

Kaiden Koyama  def  Anthony Andrews

Curtis Cole & Stephen Ashburn  def  Tough Guy Inc (Timmy Hughes & Bob Evans)



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