GFW Impact Review – 10/26/2017

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   By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

Its Thursday night and Impact is about to begin. This week we will see matches from Canada, Mexico and Japan as well as from the Impact Zone. With Bound for Glory right around the corner, the GFW locker room has to be all a buzz. Tonight we should see some great matches like every week and I can’t wait. Let’s find out what happens.

EC3 & James Storm  def  El Hijo Del Fantasma & Texano

This match is taking place in Mexico at the CRASH promotion. These four men have been at each other for a few weeks now and tonight things come to a head. EC3 and Fantasma are going at it in the ring and EC3 is taking charge as Fantasma is on the mat. Storm and Texano hit the ring and now we have all four men going at it. Texano and EC3 end up on the floor and Fantasma and Storm follow after. The crowd is going nuts for their team as both men are working over the Impact team. EC3 and Fantasma are in the ring now and EC3 slams Fantasma hard to the mat. This match as lucha libre rules so the ref is being a bit lax in his trying to keep control. Fantasma and Texano use Texano’s rope between Storm’s legs and they toss him up in the air. Fantasma almost gets a pin but EC3 kicks out. Things start to look a bit shaky between Texano and Fantasma as the two fight over who’s gonna pin EC3. This gives Storm a chance to super kick Fantasma and he rolls him up and wins the match for his team.

GFW Global Champion Eli Drake is back stage on the phone and is stopped by Dutch Mantel. He wants to know why Drake is missing media appearance dates. Drake says because he’s busy and leaves it at that.

GFW Tag Team Title Match

O.V.E. (Dave & Jake Christ)(c)  def  Phil Atlas & Brent Banks

Border City Wrestling in Canada is the setting for this match tonight. The Christ brothers are defending their GFW titles in a promotion that has a contract with GFW. Atlas and Dave are in the ring and Atlas is taking Dave down hard. On the outside, Dave hits Atlas with a DDT as he hangs between the ropes. Atlas finds a way to get the tag to Banks and when Banks comes in, he starts flying around the ring. He gets a dive onto Dave on the outside of the ring. Back in the ring, Banks is taking Dave down hard as he hits a flying elbow. Jake is in his corner and he looks like he’s hurt pretty bad. As Banks tries to get Dave with a head scissor flip but Dave stops him and Jake kicks Banks in the face and Dave gets the pin and O.V.E. retain their GFW titles.


     We see Moose and Stephen Bonner training for their fight at Bound for Glory against Lashley and King Moe. We also see Eli Drake again basically refusing to do an interview.


GHC Championship Title Match

Eddie Edwards (c)  def  Naomichi Marufuji

This match is taking place in the NOAH promotion in Japan. Edwards has made history in being the first ever American to hold the GHC title. The two are in the ring beating the hell out of each other and Edwards gets a nice blue thunder bomb. So many hard and heavy moves and kicks from both Edwards and Marufuji. The crowd is so into thus match as they are quiet until a big move happens. Edwards kicks Marufuji to the outside and Marufuji pulls the guard rail closer but can’t get his move off. Setting Marufuji on the guard rail, Edwards hits a suicide dive taking Marufuji down but landing on his neck. Marufuji hits Edwards with a pile driver on the apron and it almost knocks Edwards out. Back in the ring we have a move for move going on but both keep kicking out of pin attempts. With a super nice take down, Edwards gets the pin and retains his GHC title.

       O.V.E. says that if LAX always talks about family, that they have family too and at Bound for Glory their bringing some family. Then all we see is a thumbs up, thumbs down (Sami F’n Callihan). Laurel Van Ness is walking through the crowd with two glasses of champagne.

Petey Williams  def  Idris Abraham, Tarik & Kiomia

Back in Canada in the Border City Wrestling promotion we have a four way X-division match up. Abraham participated in the Super X Cup so you may have seen him before but the other two, Tarik and Kiomia I haven’t seen. Williams is beating the hell out of Abraham as the other two are not even in the ring. Williams can’t get a pin and now Tarik tries going for Williams. The action is going so fast and all four men are hitting move after move that its hard to follow things. Williams is pretty much the most dominate in this match and the crowd is just waiting for him to hit his Canadian destroyer. He finally hits one on Tarik and he gets the pin and the win.

Johnny Impact & Garza Jr.  def  Eli Drake (c) & Chris Adonis  

We are finally back in the Impact Zone for this match. As Drake and Adonis head to the ring, the crowd boo’s them all the way there. Garza heads out next and then his partner for tonight, Johnny Impact. The crowd loves those 2 guys and you can tell because of the ear piercing noise they make. Garza and Adonis start the match. Garza start with some kicks taking Adonis down. Garza tags in Impact and he keeps the take down going until Drake grabs his hair from his corner. Drake tags in and he keeps Impact in his corner and with tagging Adonis we see the double team. The 2 tag in and out keeping themselves fresh and keeping Impact from tagging  Garza in. Impact finally dodges his way to Garza and he tags him in. Garza comes in and stops Drake so he can pull off his tearaway pants and then he kicks Drake in the teeth. Both Impact and Garza hit Drake with a double moonsault, but Drake finds a way to get Garza with a superplex laying him out. Back from commercial, Adonis is beating on Garza in the ring. He gets Garza in a submission, stretching the hell out of him. With Drake in again now he’s keeping Garza on the mat. Every time Impact tags in Drake tags out almost like he’s afraid to fight him. Drake holds Impact from the outside on the apron and when Adonis goes for a close line, Impact moves and Drake gets taken out. Impact rolls up Adonis and gets the win.

X-division Championship Title Match

Trevor Lee (c)  def  Ultimo Ninja

We are back in Mexico at the CRASH promotion and in this match Lee faces Garza juniors brother Ultimo Ninja. The match starts with Lee stomping the hell out of Ninja until the ref had to pull him off. With a few quick moves in the ring, Ninja ends up on the outside. Lee goes out after him and gives Ninja a nice caveman forearm. Back in the ring, Lee tries for a pin but can’t get the win. Lee gets arrogant and gets in the ref’s face because he didn’t count fast enough. Ninja sends Lee to the outside and then he hits a flipping dive, taking Lee down. Things move back in the ring and Ninja keeps control of things until Lee gets a double stomp and he rolls up Ninja using his tights and wins the match. Lee retains his X-division title.

Lashley w/Dan Lambert  vs  Moose w/Stephen Bonner

A few weeks ago Lashley decided to quit professional wrestling to focus on his MMA career. I know what Moose and Bonner did wasn’t right but Lashley getting back in the six sided ring was only in due time. The match starts and Moose is taking charge as he chops the hell out of Lashley. Lashley comes back for a moment with some chops of his own but if you think about it these two are pretty much evenly matched. Lashley doesn’t have his team at ringside tonight so there may not be much interference in this match. These two will face each other again at Bound for Glory but they will both have help then. This match is just a taste of whats to come. The entire commercial break, Moose controlled Lashley on the outside of the ring. Lashley is using a lot of striking moves as he takes Moose down with a strike to his neck. Back in the ring Lashley is beating down Moose and he finds the time to even take a drink of water. The match at Bound for Glory is gonna be a great one as we get to see two guys who are not on the roster in the ring. I think its gonna spice things up in the right way for GFW. Lashley got hit in his eye so Lambert comes in and takes out Moose with a water bottle. Bonner comes in and tries to fight Lambert and then all hell breaks loose. American Top Team comes to the ring but Moose and Bonner take them out this time. The match gets thrown out but Moose gets a mic and decides that he wants to make the match at Bound for Glory a six sides of steel match.

         Another great week of Impact wrestling and things are only gonna get better. There are some crazy matches coming up at Bound for Glory and I can’t wait.    Until Next Time!


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