Fight Club Pro Present’s, Day Of The Dead, The Review

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By Mark Worrall @hoohoowozza


The penultimate show of 2017 for the Wolverhampton based promotion Fight Club Pro who have enjoyed a remarkable year this year which has seen this promotion grow to heights beyond anyone’s expectation. Well maybe that is not so true as many a follower of the promotion are most probably not that surprised to see Fight Club Pro grow so rapidly, with the style of wrestling that is on show at every event, alongside the professionalism of how every show is run and the star line-ups that fill each shows roster, for me there is no surprise at all that this company keeps on producing great entertaining shows.

Tonight’s show had a Halloween theme with fans being encouraged to either dress up, cover their faces with makeup, or just genuinely look scary. Every turn of the head a fan would be wearing something scary or something that resembled the October end Halloween special. The title of the show did genuinely fit with the theme of the show and the on looking fans.


Not always being a fan of these types of match I felt in a take it or leave it mood as the show opened with eight wrestlers mixing it up going supposedly through the routine of each performer hitting their highspot and rotating through the roster of stars involved until somebody finally manages to gain a pin! However, this felt a little different and was the perfect way to open the event and really get the crowd buzzing for what was to follow for the rest of the show. Dan Moloney tombstoning Shay Purser on the ramp as Purser made his entrance seemingly would put him out of the match with Kay Lee Ray taking exception and flying through the ropes hoping to take out Moloney. Of course wrestlers would enter the ring, hit a move and then themselves feel the force of another wrestler and it was Sexsmith that really got the match going with his ‘Slice Bread’ manoeuvre hitting the spot on Stevie Boy that introduced the crowd to their first sight of ‘Mr Cocko’ until Kay Lee Ray saved Stevie Boy from that ordeal. If I am honest, every one performed well in what was an entertaining match, but the highlight being the debut of ‘Brock Purser’ who unleashed and somehow managing to hit a F5 on Eddie Dennis! Amongst all this it would Jack Sexsmith who would somehow score a pinfall on Stevie Boy to give him the win! However, Shay Purser stole the show in this match!


My most anticipated match of the night, and for me it did not disappoint. It can also be difficult to follow such an opening match as a scramble that gets the crowd hot and then proceed to such a match that this was with plenty of mat wrestling to begin with that for me showed the quality of the two wrestlers involved as they both tangled to gain an advantage as Starr attempted to work the left arm of Haskins, who in turn took to working the legs of Starr with the intention of applying his Sharpshooter finisher which Starr avoided at all cost so Haskins turned to applying an ankle lock which Starr did manage to escape. This was a class confrontation with Starr hitting a great neckbreaker on Haskins that could have easily taken the match. However Haskins finally was able to lock his sharpshooter on Starr and forced the American to tap. Excellent match as I expected although the crowd did seem to ease off a little just watching two men of this calibre have an excellent wrestling match was all I needed.


Without any doubt match of the night! It is testament to how far Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis have come in just a few months as they stood facing Moustache Mountain and a chorus of ‘Aussie Open’ and ‘Moustache Mountain’ sang simultaneously throughout the packed out Starworks Warehouse for what seemed like a hour and really showed how much this crowd respected both teams. Personally I feel that Fight Club Pro could now introduce a Tag Team Championship and make the matches have a little more reason why these teams should be facing each other! However, maybe it is irrelevant and just having a great wrestling match is enough? This certainly had that, with a heavily invested crowd behind them both these teams put on a masterclass of tag team wrestling with the more senior team of MM taking control early as they worked Fletcher until he finally found a tag to Davis who unleashed on Bate and Seven at one time power bombing Bate single handily whilst giving Seven a smack at the same time. Davis was awesome throughout, and for a big man took some incredible bumps that included Bate sending him over the guard rail onto some poor unsuspecting fans! Aussie Open’s resilience seemed to pay off as they nailed their finisher that needed Trent to push Davis onto Fletcher who had Bate pinned to break the count. Tyler Bate, showing his experience, (which may seem ironic for such a young man!) nailed a couple of strong lariats on Davis and really started to show what a class act he really is as he impressively hit Davis with his ‘Tyler Bomb’ finisher putting an end to the match. Following the match a standing ovation from the entire warehouse paid tribute to both teams who simply showed why this promotion is so good.


Yet again another matched that struggled slightly having come off the back of a heavily hot match that we saw previously with the always intense Banks seemingly getting the better of the Mexican star at times who seemed to get frustrated with the intensity that his opponent brings to the match, obviously Fenix wanted to fly, but Banks was having none of that. An exchange of double stomps saw Banks grab a near fall and the crowd seem to forget the previous match and brought themselves into the ongoing encounter and a terrific Spanish fly off the top rope from Fenix nearly enabled the Mexican to walk away with the victory. Banks was able to pick up the win though has he planted the ‘Kiwi Crusher’ and this put his opponent away as both guys put up a superb effort.


Watching Pete Dunne make an entrance and you know a star as entered the building! For me, Dunne has everything and he’s a dick, and boy does he play that character so well! Dunne cut a promo that at first the fan would be forgiven thinking that Dunne was about to put Omari over, however Dunne began to ramble about how pathetic his opponent was, gaining the necessary heat Dunne needed until Omari kicked the WWE UK champion, immediately winning the crowd over. Dunne bullied his way through the match, treating his former protégé with distain as he sent Omari through every piece of railing that surrounded the ring, attempting to infuriate his opponent, who would retaliate, nailing a move that seem give Dunne more encouragement to beat up Omari and still be a dick about it! Omari reached a point that any slap that Dunne threw at him saw him no selling and he would follow with a DDT or a great looking gut wrench power bomb that got him a near fall. Dunne however continued to be the bully, inviting his prey to throw some kicks, which Dunne simply brushed aside until Omari found an opening and planted the ‘Ozone’ on Dunne who desperately reached an arm to the ropes to avoid the three count. Irate, Dunne found his finisher as he nailed ‘Bitter End’ which seemingly left Omari down, however, Omari found a way to kick out that only pissed off Dunne more and he immediately repeated his finisher, only this time the big O could not find a way out leaving Dunne the victor. Great match with Dunne quickly leaving allowing Omari to receive a standing ovation, which he truly deserved, also showing what a class act Dunne is.


Not originally a scheduled match ring announcer Matt Richards introduces Havoc and Margera to the ring, who then decides they want a match. The Anti fun police answer the call and it looks like we have a four on two handicap match until the Session ‘Goth’ Martina joins the Callous Hearts team and we have a four on three tag team match that if I am honest did very little for me as we were exposed to the usual nonsense these types of matches have including a bag full of sweets that amusingly got the ‘you sick fuck’ chants and ended with Damian Dunne’s head being shoved down the front of Martina’s pants has she hit him with a tombstone that gave the Callous Hearts and the Goth the win. As stated this match did very little for me, however it was fun and the crowd were into it and that is all that matters.



Penta El Om is a much travelled man and Fight Club Pro saw the return of the Mexican legend for its second time since April’s Dream Invitational show. A title match against current FCP Champion Chris Brooke’s is his reward for returning to the promotion and you have to wonder if a title change is on the cards?! Brooke’s, sporting a mask was as always accompanied by his sidekick Lycos, who himself has his arm in plaster still recovering from his recent injury, however, Lycos would find himself involved in the match as the bout began as both Penta and Brooke’s went ringside until Brooke’s took a hit from Penta using the tray usually seen in the hands of Lycos. Penta seem to dominate the champion, always one step ahead even when slapping the chest of Brooke’s as they visited each ringpost with Brooke’s moving away at the fourth post but Penta being too smart to follow through with Brooke’s seemingly not smart enough has he connected with the post. Lycos interference had him pulling the ref out of the ring after Brooke’s had been hit by a Destroyer from Penta that saw the introduction of fellow countryman Rey Fenix to even up the odds has he assisted Penta who nailed a package piledriver on the unfortunate wolf. For me, the finish of the match would be rather a disappointment. Ok, I understood why the finish went the way it did, but having Brooke’s roll up Penta, who was himself attempting a Package piledriver finisher was a rather weak way to end the match! I get that Penta is not going to win the belt as he is not a regular roster member and I know Brooke’s needs to win to look strong, however another roll up win does not make Brooke’s look strong, just a cowardly win, which is fine as that is the roll he sometimes plays. Again, Penta losing to Brooke’s using Brooke’s finisher may not look good for Penta, so I guess this was the easier option? Whatever the reason, this was still a really good main event with Penta looking as good as always.

The penultimate Fight Club Show of the year as always delivered, congrats to ‘Elle’ Generico who won the fancy dress trophy as this company continues make that one Friday of each month the best Friday! Next up is the Infinity tournament, I for one have my own winner picked already and I will be there as I am sure the final show of the year will be as memorable as the rest.

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