Modern Vintage Wrestling Ep. 30 Review – 10/24/17

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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector


          Episode 30 of Modern Vintage Wrestling is here and I’m ready for the action. We have two matches tonight, a 6 Man Tag Team Match that involves The Sandwich Squad and Chet Sterling they will take on CW Anderson and The Dawson’s, Dave and Zane. Also we will see the MVW Heavyweight Champion Jason “The Gift” Kincaid defend his title against the man who challenged his last week, John Skyler. Things are gonna be great so let’s get rolling.


MVW Heavyweight Championship Title Match

Jason “The Gift” Kincaid (c)  def  John Skyler

Kincaid has been defending his MVW title every single week and every week another opponent gives him a hell of a match but The Gift prevails every time. Skyler has been running a muck lately as he put himself into the Master of the Ring tournament, but couldn’t pull off the win of course, and he put himself at the front of the line for the match tonight. When the match starts the 2 men go at each other and right away things look kind of even. Kincaid uses his calmness after he takes a hit and it gives him a second wind. On the outside, Kincaid uses a fans can of soda and busts it on, Skyler’s head. Kincaid lays out on the floor and Skyler stops the refs count to keep the match going. Skyler starts an argument with  some one in the crowd and Kincaid takes advantage. Back in the ring, Skyler takes charge but only until Kincaid gets a slam, followed by a double stomp and then a flipping powerbomb into the turnbuckle. Again and again, pin attempts get kicked out of. Skylar gets a submission but Kincaid finds a way to get out of it. With a nice take down, Kincaid climbs onto the ring post and hits a double stomp. On the entrance way, Kincaid hits a 619 and knocks Skylar silly. Skylar gets a 2 and 15/16ths count as Kincaid gets his shoulder up. On the top rope, Kincaid gets Skylar in an off the top stunner and he retains his MVW heavyweight championship title once again.


6 Man Tag Team Match

CW Anderson (c) & The Dawson’s (Zane & Dave)(c)  def  Chet Sterling & The Sandwich Squad (Aaron Biggs & Mecha Mercenary) (c)

This is gonna be a big match as we have 4 huge men in the ring plus 2 men who have the skills to pay the bills. Sandwich Squad and the Dawson’s have faced each other many times, so they know one another pretty well. Sterling just won the Master of the Ring tournament so he’s on a bit of a high at the moment. Anderson was one of the men who lost in that tournament so he’s gonna go at Sterling pretty hard. The match starts and the fight is on. A bit of an argument starts with a fan in the crowd and that person threw a thing of nachos at the Dawson’s and a “nacho cheese” chant starts. Sterling and Anderson start the match, but Anderson, tags in Dave and the double team starts one Sterling. Sterling gets the best of Anderson until the ring fills up and everyone goes after each other. Mercenary gives a splash to all 3 men on the other team in the corner. Sterling follows up with a splash, too, and then he does a dive over the top rope  taking the other team down on the floor. The Squad gets the best of Zane in the ring, but as he’s the legal man Sterling takes the beating again. Things look like they are going in the Dawson’s and Anderson’s favor, but as Anderson becomes the legal man again, Sterling takes him out with a huge kick. The Squad gets the Dawson’s in the corners and they take turns giving out splashes. Sterling gets an off the top rope dropkick but gets laid out himself. Biggs takes Zane down, and as he tries for a pin, Anderson kicks the shit out of him. Giving Biggs a huge kick too lets Anderson roll him up and get the win for his team. After the match, all 3 men beat down Sterling. The lights go out, and when they come back on, in the ring Rick Converse stands eye to eye with Anderson. This sends Anderson and the Dawson’s packing. Sterling decides that Converse will fill out his team at World at War.

            What a show this week. Kincaid defended his title tonight for the fourth week in a row. The 6 man tag match was huge too. Rick Converse returned tonight also. MVW never disappoints.                    Until Next Week!


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