Smash Wrestling TV Review – Episode 14

by Lewis Carlan

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This week’s episode of Smash Wrestling TV featured two matches with incredible potential – Bobby Lashley vs. “Speedball” Mike Bailey and Tyson Dux defending his Smash Title against former champion Mark Haskins.

Match 1 – Bobby Lashley vs. “Speedball” Mike Bailey

This match was a classic power vs. speed encounter as Lashley met the talented Mike Bailey for the first time. What we got here was a solid match as expected from the participants. Lashley was the much larger of the two and suggested that Bailey “lay down” and “get it over with”. Naturally Bailey refused.  Lashley hit a number of big power moves that looked devastating. At one point Lashley threw Bailey into the corner like a dart which looked great on TV. Bailey used his kicking and aerial attack to slowly chop down Lashley. Speedball hit a nice moonsault to the outside onto Lashley that took the big man out. Lots of near falls added to the excitement of the match. My favorite spot was Lashley attempting the spear only get eat a spinning back kick to the head from Bailey. Lashley did eventually connect with a spear and gained the victory over Bailey.

This match was a terrific opener that told a great story of an underdog trying to overcome the odds against a seemingly unbeatable opponent. I’ve been a fan a “Speedball” Mike Bailey for some time now and he really was able to showcase his incredible skills here against Bobby Lashley. The crowd was hot for this one. Even though we got a few dueling chants, it was obvious the crowd was mainly behind the underdog Bailey.

Winner – Bobby Lashley

Match 2 – Tyson Dux (c) vs. Mark Haskins for Smash Championship

This match was absolutely incredible, plain and simple. Haskins and Dux put on a wrestling clinic that had everyone watching on the edge their seats. The action was fast paced from the opening bell with both wrestlers hitting numerous big moves. I loved former Smash Champion Haskins hitting a number of huge moves and locking on submissions but just couldn’t put away the resilient Tyson Dux. Haskins hit three superkicks in row but still could not beat Tyson Dux. The last five minutes was fast and furious with many near falls that had the fans standing. The match ended when Dux hit two successive brainbusters on Haskins and gained a pinfall victory to remain champion.

It doesn’t get much better than this match if you are a professional wrestling fan. I really hope we will see many more Tyson Dux/Mark Haskins matches in the near future.

Final Thoughts – This episode of Smash Wrestling was incredible. It is a must watch episode without a doubt. Smash Wrestling continues to deliver the quality programming that every pro wrestling fan desires.

Until next time, thanks for reading!

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