Session Moth Martina, The Interview

By Ciaran James @TheCiaranJames

I believe you started training in 2010, who trained you and where and why the decision to become a wrestler? I did, I started training with Main Stage Wrestling in Ireland, I always loved wrestling but never thought I could do it, but then when I met the owner of the school, Before they had started running shows even, I said I’d love to give it a go, but didn’t mean it to be serious, I went down just to try it, and maybe just as a new fitness hobby, but before I knew it I was making my debut, and shortly after that I was wrestling on the biggest shows in Ireland at the time, which were still quite small compared to todays shows, but it gave great experience in front of a crowd. Iv had many trainers over the years, but the one I credit the most is Joe Cabray AKA Luther ward, He trained me from my first year wrestling, was in my very first match, and since his return from NXT and starting up OTT he has had a major part to play, training me more attentively and helping me along my journey to this day. 

So in between traveling all around europe to wrestle, what does Martina do to keep her busy? Well the real me, has been very busy with the amount of travelling iv been doing this year, There has only been two weekend’s this year where I have not been wrestling, and usually with being from Ireland and having to travel which takes it’s time, I don’t get that much free time. Last year I worked weekend’s I wasn’t wrestling at a bar, but this year iv been fully booked and able to leave that job, so between the week, I am a receptionist at an M.S Centre. I also spend a lot of my free time training or attempting to gym,and of course, hanging with friends and the usual real people things.

When did you make your debut, where and who against. How did you feel before and after? This is an interesting one as I made my pro wrestling debut in 2010 as Kazza G vs kasey Owen’s and Omen but I made my Session Moth debut in 2015 joining the lads from the flats in OTT as they found me on tinder and we went drinking. Check the OTT video Vault for the promo. Then I wrestled a fair few 6 man tags with them until Martina had her single’s debut against Toni Storm in OTT. It was fantastic to get out with the lads from the flats and have very funny matches and again it was great to start taking it places on my own and build up my own character that seemed to work as it was insanely popular from the getgo. 


So why ‘Session Moth Martina’, the character alone attracts a wide range of interest. what if anything inspired it? I think what got people so interested in it was the fact it was a very real and relatable and fun character, men and women that may not even like wrestling knew exactly what the character was about. Every thing I do with Martina is inspired by general drunk people and just taking a joke and bringing it into the ring.  

Many will also know you as Kazza G, do you differ on which persona you use pending on your location? Yes of course. I don’t wrestle much anymore as kazza, as I just have grown so used to wrestling as martina and have a lot more fun adding that character into my wrestling, so why would I wrestle if I wasn’t having as much fun as I can be having.

Talk to us about the wrestling scene in Ireland, how was it growing up compared to now? When I began, There was next to no scene, there has been a few kids promotions knocking around and they have been great, its fantastic to have for the up and comers of today, I would not be where I am now without them, but it never grew to the amount of exposure that OTT has. I strongly believe OTT is on par with the biggest promotions in Europe now, in 3 years its managed to become the place everyone wants to wrestle in. The crowds and following it has gained compared to the following the kids shows used to get is outstanding.


You’ve worked with ICW in Scotland, your appearances in the ring and in vignettes with other talent are very entertaining. Does it all come naturally to you? You seem at ease in front of the camera. I have a lot of fun playing my character, and Iv created such a backstory for Martina that it can’t all be said or explained just in the ring, I enjoy the funny promos and so on and like making the effort to put myself out there as much as possible.

Is ICW a second home to you, talk to us about your experiences there? I absolutely adore ICW, from the locker room to the fans, That’s why I make the videos ect and make sure to be a stand out that people will remember, I had a lot of fun in the storyline with ravey davey, and am very much hoping to be back soon, as I had become a regular for most of the year.

You’ve held the OTT Women’s Championship, what did it feel like knowing you were going to represent the promotion as Champion? I was the very first OTT women’s Champion from last October and now I am the first two time champion. OTT is my home and I feel, with all the exposure I have gotten this year, which wouldn’t be possible without OTT, I am very proud that I can take the company with me everywhere I go, people already associate me with OTT even when I wasn’t champion, but its nice now to have my rightful title as Queen of OTT back.


In the UK you’ve made memorable appearances for Lucha Forever, Fight Club Pro and Progress, how does it feel to perform there and gain a huge following in the United Kingdom? Those promotions you have mentioned have made my year the best year of my life. I have had an absolute ball working with them. Fight club pro has without a doubt become my second home, I adore that place, the crowd remind me of OTT so much, they are legit the best I have experienced this year, along with FCP giving me dream matches and some of my favourite ones in my career, and the fact they encourage my idea’s of being completely out there and random. Same can be said for Lucha forever, as they let me have a lot of fun in my matches, including my Lucha character “ el Motho” which I have a lot of fun doing. And Progress of course was spectacular, I never actually thought Id be asked to be with Progress so when I was I was overjoyed. And my debut is one of my favourite matches, the crowd were so welcoming and the glowsticks blew me away.

So tell us the what Mick Foley did when he found out your “Mr Durexo” move was loosely based on Mr Socko? Hahah well, I met him a year ago before he came to OTT, he had heard a lot about me from my peers before I met him, and he absolutely loved it, he let me take a picture with a durexo and socko and then, in the middle of his show, out of nowhere, he called me out on stage and started talking about OTT and mr durexo in front of the audience, very surreal.

The eyes of the world are on the UK & Ireland right now, does the added pressure make you want to perform better? Yes, without a doubt. There are so many talented people getting so much recognition these days, I try every match to do something worth standing out and being different so my act doesn’t go stale and to stay relevant and give people stuff to talk about.


In October you are one of the eight women taking part in Pro Wrestling Chaos, ‘Maiden of Chaos’ Tournament to crown their first women’s champion. Tell us how it feels to be part of the tournament and the chance to make history? It is fantastic, I have wanted to debit for Chaos for a long time so adding that to my list i=on such a big show is great, I’m really looking forward to showing everyone what a session moth is, plus being on the same card as the best women in the UK is an honour.

Recently the WWE held the inaugural Mae Young Classic, going forward is NXT/WWE the destination for you or like many of your peers is Japan a destination to further your career and experience? Yes, definitely, I feel I have done very well this year in the UK and managed to get my following a lot larger, I definitely have plans to take session moth further in the coming years, where? You’ll have to wait and see, but Iv got plans.

From memory, what has been one of your best moments, matches and opponents There has been to many to count, but some of my top moments have been, My entrance at OTT’s wrestlerama was without a doubt the best moment of my life, if you watch the videos they are truly breathtaking, and I still cannot believe the atmosphere in the air is for me. Winning the OTT women title back in the national stadium aswell was a top, most of my matches at fight club have been favourites aswell, I also really enjoyed a match with Ligero, Flash Morgan and anti-fun damo dunne in North wrestling in Newcastle, in spite of being bust open we had a very fun match, also tagging with pastor Williams as the “virgin martina” was insanely fun.

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Since debuting have you set yourself goals year on year or did you take opportunities as they come? I have, Last year I set a list of places I wanted to work and thankfully I have debuted or will debut for each of them, I find the best thing to do is set small goals and work towards them, then before you know it what seemed like the big goals become the next goal on your list.

And finally, male or female who would you love to go one on one with? Ohh that’s a good one , I don’t know, I like to have the most random matches as I can, where anything can happen, So for totally random aspect, Im going to say Pete Dunne. Someone tweeted they wanted to see it and it got me thinking what could even happen in that match.  

A huge thank you to Martina for her time, it was a pleasure to converse with and interview this Irish gem. You can keep up to date with her activities @mothfromdaflats & FB @sessionmothmartina

A Special thank you to Jim Maitland & OTT Wrestling for the images used, you can view more of his work and OTT at the following links:




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