GFW Impact Review – 10/19/2017

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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

  GFW/Impact is about to begin and this week I think will be a good one. Thursday night at 8 pm on the POP network is where my TV is every week. Let’s get to this week’s show.

      Things start off with Lashley and the American Top Team coming to the Impact Zone. They are pissed at what Moose and Stephen Bonner did to their gym.

Johnny Impact  def  Chris Adonis

This special grudge match is gonna be a tough one. Adonis is here tonight to defend his friend, the GFW Global Champion Eli Drake. The bell rings and Impact attacks like a bullet. Adonis gets to his feet and fists go back and forth and Adonis gives Impact a hard back body drop. Adonis gets Impact in a bear hug and he squeezes the air out of him. Dominating at the moment, Adonis stands over the now limp Impact and sets up for the Adonis lock. Locking it in, Impact goes over the top rope making Adonis break the hold as that may have been the only way he could have escaped it. The crowd gets behind Impact as he gets Adonis down and hits him with a flipping elbow off the top rope and wins the match. Drake comes to the ring but Impact notices him and stops his attack right away. Impact beats down the champ but of course, Adonis gets him from behind and Drake and Adonis beat on Impact for a bit. Garza Jr. runs to the ring with a steel chair in hand and chases Drake and Adonis away saving Impact from the beat down.

5 Way Match

Texano  def  El Hijo Del Fantasma, James Storm, EC3 (c) & Eddie Edwards

We goto the Hard Rock in Cancun and we have ourselves a 5-way match. The first pin will win this fight, and yes its gonna be a fight. Its every man for himself but Fantasma and Texano are kind of working as a team so Edwards, Storm, and EC3 do the same thing but that doesn’t last long. The action is taking place in and outside of the ring and the Hard Rock crowd is so very loud as they are getting into it. Edwards and Fantasma battle as Fantasma’s father watches from ringside. Storm and EC3 are on the floor and Fantasma goes at it with Texano and Edwards puts in his two cents. With pin attempts from everyone, we see saves again and again as everyone wants to win this match. All 5 men are back in the ring and Fantasma is getting the best of everyone until EC3 takes him down. Fists back and forth between Storm and Texano takes center stage for a bit but right away everyone is up and fighting again. Back to the floor, Edwards hits the ring post hard and it lays him out. Texano gets a chair and tells Storm to attack Fantasma’s father with it but with Fantasma going after Storm to stop him, Texano hits the ring and takes down EC3 and he gets the pin and the win.

      O.V.E. are back in Tijuana in the Crash promotion to confront Konan. In order for Konan to even talk to them, he wants them to put the GFW tag titles on the line tonight.

Dezmond Xavier  def  Andrew Everett w/Caleb Konley & Trevor Lee (c)

An X-division match is up next and with Xavier winning the Super X Cup, he is on a roll and could pull this one off too. Everett is one of the best there is in the ring when it comes to the X-division. Everett takes control of the match right away as he keeps Xavier on the mat. Konley and Lee look on from ringside but Everett knows just what he is doing in that ring. Xavier gets a second wind and with a few fists and a slam in the corner, he takes Everett to the mat. He then hits a dive to the outside taking Lee and Konley to the floor. Xavier gets distracted and Everett tries his best to capitalize but with a back handspring kick to the face, Xavier takes out Everett and wins the match.

       A video of the history between Grado and Joseph Park is up next. If you have been following GFW/Impact then you know that Park has been using Grado and has been taking his money. Grado heads to the ring and he calls out Joseph Park. Park comes out to explain himself. The two argue and with court in session, Park confesses to stealing Grado’s money. Park has Grado’s visa and he feels that he can control the situation. Park has a contract for a match at Bound for Glory, a Monster’s Ball Match. If Grado wins then he will get his visa back. If Grado doesn’t win then he leaves GFW and America forever. Grado agrees and signs the contract before he leaves the ring Park let’s him know that he didn’t read the fine print. The match at Bound for Glory isn’t against Park, its against his brother Abyss.

GFW Tag Team Title Match

O.V.E. (Dave & Jake Christ) (c)  def  Black Diamond & Black Danger

As O.V.E. head to the ring, they are taken down by a flying Black Diamond. O.V.E. defends their titles tonight at the Crash promotion. Konan set this match up as O.V.E. wanted to talk to the LAX leader, but they have to go through this match first. Black Danger and Jake battle in the ring and Danger takes him down in the corner. The brothers get a double team and it keeps them in charge. On the outside, Jake hits a backflip taking Diamond and Danger down. Back in the ring, Jake gets thrown up by Diamond and speared by Danger from the top rope. So many hardcore crazy moves from both teams wear down all 4 men in the ring. With the spike piledriver, O.V.E. retains their GFW Tag Team Titles.

        Back in the Impact Zone, American Top Team fills the ring as they want their property back from Moose and Stephen Bonner. Dan Lambert runs his mouth about his collection of wrestling memorabilia and he shows off a few titles that he has in that collection. They want revenge and Lashley and King Moe will be at his disposal and they will do whatever he wants them to do. A challenge is made for a fight between Lashley and Moe against Moose and Bonner at Bound for Glory. Moose’s music hits and as him and Bonner head to the ring, Lashley jumps them from behind. The American Top Team race to help Lashley beat down Moose and Bonner. Security comes out to try and settle things down but it takes more then just security. A few wrestlers come to help too but they all get taken out too. Back in Tijuana, O.V.E. finally get their face to face with Konan and as Konan can’t fight for himself, he calls for his boys and they beat down the brothers. At Bound for Glory O.V.E. and LAX will have a 5150 Street Fight for the GFW Tag Team Titles.

Knockouts Grudge Match

Taya Valkyrie  def  Rosemary

Ever since Valkyrie has shown up in Impact, not only is she still undefeated, but she has been completely dominating. Now Rosemary has been dominate in Impact forever and she’s a force to be reckoned with. Valkyrie hits the ring first and awaits Rosemary. Both women in the ring now, the bell rings and the match is underway. The crowd gets behind Rosemary as ever since Decay has broken up, she has still stayed relevant in the knockouts division. No time is wasted as both women go nuts on each other. Rosemary gets a leg up first as she sends Valkyrie back and forth across the ring. On the apron now, slaps take over the action and Rosemary gets knocked to the steps. Back in the ring, Valkyrie is in charge now as she has Rosemary on the mat. Dragging Rosemary around the ring by her hair, Valkyrie sends her to the floor. These two women’s feud has been building and I’m sure, as two of the best in the knockouts division, they will have many more awesome fights like this one. The action in the ring goes back and forth as Valkyrie takes Rosemary out with a double stomp and she gets the pin. What a great main event that was. Valkyrie tries to get a road to Valhalla after the match but Rosemary challenges Valkyrie to a match at Bound for Glory.


       Another great Impact this week. We had some great matches and in between things didn’t get dragged out and I love that. Bound for Glory is getting ever so close and its gonna be awesome.              Until Next Week!

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