The Premier Edition Of The Rant Of The Day #2

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By Nick Whitworth @pwpitstopnick

Well, I’m back with another rant so you must have liked my debut article. Fresh off my 14 hour work day, exhaustion kicking in, caffeine wearing off and the need to rant. So, here we go… Episode 2’s topics are:

Neville’s apparent WWE departure

– NXT stars call up with lack of booking

– AJ Styles’ WWE run

– Sister Abigail arrives

– Dolph Ziggler: underrated?

1: Every single one of us has quit a job at some point in our lives, whether it was to better your career or just didn’t like the work, we have all said adios to an employer. This brings me to Neville and his apparent WWE departure.

Neville hadn’t reached the same level of success on the main roster that he had achieved in NXT, disappointing to us fans? Yes, but within the past year he turned heel, adopted a smug attitude and became the focal point on 205 Live. His stock within WWE was on the rise…. And now this.

The word on the street is Neville was unhappy with being cut from the Wrestlemania 33 DVD which meant no Mania royalties. A tad unfair if you ask me, but I am just a guy who rants eh… He did a post on his twitter account about his new t-shirt that came out to which he wasn’t a fan of and then was told to put over the backstage leader (it was a joke, did you laugh?) Enzo Amore. I am sure a lot of his fans will understand his positioning and why he chose to peace out.

Leaving on his own terms, being unhappy with WWE and being well known for his excellence in the ring, Neville is going to be in high demand around the globe. It is now up to him to show the powers within the mighty company they call WWE, just how wrong they got it. Well, make that how wrong they got it again (insert Cody Rhodes here).

Where do I see the former PAC going? If he is smart, and I’m sure he has had this phone call already, he needs to show up and cause chaos within Ring Of Honor. Make so much noise that the Bullet Club comes a knockin’. “Heel” Neville would be a natural with the Bullet Club and would be the best choice for his career. New Japan is also where he needs to be (umm just like the Bullet Club) and the fans there would be in for a real treat. To see him go toe to toe with some of the world’s finest and being able to be himself….. Cash money all the way. Neville, I know you’re reading this and I like to think what I am saying is what you will be doing…. Will I be right??

2: How many of you are huge fans of NXT , raise your hand? How many of you are confused by the bad booking most of these stars receive once they touch the main roster, raise your hand? My point exactly.

Triple H, the staff of NXT and the wrestlers themselves work extremely hard to get their character over, and to become a major player on the main roster. Yet so many seem lost. Triple H has said many times that he does not want NXT talent brought up just for the sake of bringing them up. He has said they need to have a reason behind their call up. Triple H, how mad are you right now?

Yes, many have gone on to become main event stars, but so many others are barely seen. What Triple H does in NXT should be done the exact way on the main roster. Take Nakamura for instance, he seems lost on Smackdown Live, not as “full of fire” as he was in NXT and not showcased the same. Sure he has had World Title matches, but it wasn’t the same. He isn’t portrayed as the star he is and it shows.

Tyler Breeze… I couldn’t name a bad Breeze match down in NXT. Heck, he even wrestled Japanese legend Jushin “Thunder” Liger at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn. Breeze is a work horse with uber talent and if pushed right could be the next Shawn Michaels. Their gimmick is pretty similar huh??

Tye Dillinger is another guy who was the work horse of NXT. Only Dillinger could take a “Perfect 10” gimmick and not only get it over, but take it to “YES” level (you know what I mean). Crowds love chanting 10 so much that they do it when Tye isn’t even in the match….And where is Tye anyways? Smackdown Live I think (sarcasm). Why? I have no clue, but there is so much money to be made of him.

These were just a few of the many who are lost in the shuffle when they really shouldn’t be. By the time WWE higher ups realize the bad booking with a lot of the NXT stars and ask Triple H for advice. If not, by the time WWE does decide to get behind some, their steam would of fizzled out and will not draw a dime and WWE would only have themselves to blame.

3: I have been an AJ Styles fan for about 15 years and nobody went berserk like I did when Styles walked through the certain at the Royal Rumble 2016. With Roman Reigns standing stall, all alone in the ring when the countdown comes on…. 5,4,3,2,1 and then unknown music blasts through the speakers. The crowd was silent. Seriously, if somebody would have sneezed you would heard it on TV. Then “I Am Phenomenal” pops on the titantron. The place went ape. Everybody at their homes went ape. I sat there still as can be saying “oh neat”… ok I lied, i went ape as well. AJ Styles has arrived.

Styles might have been looked upon by WWE higher ups as a mid card talent but he made them eat those words real quick. So quick that in fact it only took him 9 months to be World Champion. AJ was so popular that when WWE decided to go back to doing the brand split that they had The Phenomenal One lead Smackdown Live into greatness. Smackdown Live was neck and neck with Monday Night Raw with AJ as champ. Fans want to see Styles as Champ. Plain and simple.

AJ belongs in a WWE ring. For being 40 years young, he is a head above everybody else on the WWE roster, he even shines on the microphone. One of the reasons why AJ is the best he has ever been is because he is having fun. You can tell so easily that he loves being in the WWE and you can just as easily tell WWE loves having him around. Just take a peek at his merch on WWE Shop.

Since dropping the WWE Title ratings have dropped, attendance has dropped and Smackdown just isn’t the same. The Mahal experiment isn’t quite working so now is the time to scoot Styles back to the top. Give him another solid run with the belt and let him help newer stars get over along the way. I am sure I’m not the only one patiently awaiting a second run as WWE Champion.

4: Since the arrival of Bray Wyatt, he has spoken quite often of Sister Abigail. Recently the name had become more frequent in Wyatt’s promos causing us fans to wonder if she is “real”. Who could Sister Abigail be?

The thought of who could play Sister Abigail crossed my mind more often than it should. The only person I could really see as that character is Jessicka Havok. I truly think she fits the mold of what Sister Abigail should be. Nobody in NXT fits that bill and honestly not too many stars on the indy scene fit that bill either. Havok seems like a natural choice.

Nikki Cross would be a great Sister Abigail as well but her identity is already identified so switching gears could be a dangerous gamble. Sarah Logan, the former Crazy Mary Dobson, would be a perfect choice as well. Just like Cross, her character is already known to the NXT world so I wouldn’t mess that up just yet.

Lots to think about but all that came to a crashing halt when Bray revealed Sister Abigail lived inside him. Yeah, my interest was gone just like that. All that Sister Abigail could have been was washed away and now we have to believe she is Wyatt’s alter ego… It is a stinker and it will garner zero fan interest. Unless WWE has a few tricks up their sleeve with this one I truly think this move was a waste and makes for a sleeper of a story line. Bathroom break…

It of course is WWE and anything is possible. Maybe out comes Sister Abigail… This intimidating female standing on the stage gazing towards Finn Balor… And she removes her gas mask….

5: When people talk about Dolph Ziggler the term “underrated” always pops up. Ziggler is a tremendous talent who should be showcased like the true mega star he is… Right? Dolph is only used to put over new talent… Right? Dolph should be a main event star…. Ok, you catch my drift. Well let’s see how underrated he is.

“The Showoff” seems to be involved in go nowhere feuds and seems to be on cruise control as of late but underrated… I disagree. He is a 2 time World Heavyweight Champ, 5 time Intercontinental Champ, 1 time United States Champ, 1 time Tag Team Champ and a Money In The Bank winner. Those stats do not equal underrated.

His second World Championship reign, Ziggler was in line for a solid push but that all ended with a concussion. You can’t blame WWE on this one. Injuries happen, just this one happened when Dolph was positioned as a top guy. The injury took all the momentum he had built up and flushed it down the toilet. He ended up holding the belt for only 69 days. Better then zero though.

Ziggler is good. No sorry, Ziggler is fantastic. His issue is that he is just so good that it hurts him. He is the greatest seller I have ever seen and it actually makes his opponent come off as the better one in the match. We tend to lose focus on him because of how great he is at making us believe his opponent is destroying him. WWE sees that so they use that to their advantage by having him be the guy to help newer talent get over with the fans.

I agree, he still should of had a better run then he has had but underrated is a tough sell for me. He has accomplished more than most in WWE yet we focus on the “Poor Dolph” portion people talk about. Is he underrated or is it in the same category as people chanting “CENA SUCKS” or booing Roman Reigns… Because internet says so..

Well, I am gassed out. Worked a full work week in 3 days all on 4-5 hour sleep each night. I still managed to squeeze in time to rant when I could be sleeping. Did I score brownie points? Also a quick tidbit about myself. As you might have noticed in my articles I am a true Canadian and i say “eh”. It is true, we do say that word. We just don’t say aboot… Thanks again my peeps, remember, keep on supporting your local wrestling scene. Nothing better than watching home grown talent busting their tails just to please us fans. These guys are true stars in my eyes.

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