Ultima Lucha Tres: Part 3

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“Ultima Lucha Tres part 3”

        The end is here! Ultima Lucha Tres comes to an end tonight and so does season 3 of Lucha Underground. As this show has been made into a two hour finale, I know its gonna be one hell of a show and Lucha Underground is gonna go out with a bang. Let’s see what happens in tonight’s episode.

Steel Cage Match

Matanza Cueto w/Dario Cueto  def  El Dragon Azteca Jr.

Dario leads his demon brother to the cage with the famous key as we wait for the monsters opponent for tonight, Azteca. Starting the show with the steel cage match is gonna kick off some amazing action tonight. The match starts and right away Azteca gets some amazing offence stunning the monster but the monster comes back very quickly. Matanza does an over head release suplex to Azteca and that sent him right through the cage and to the floor. It broke the cage and that was not supposed to happen but Azteca’s feet hit the floor. Melissa starts to announce Azteca as the winner of the match but Dario takes the mic and decides to restart the match, basically screwing Azteca. Only pinfall or submission can win the match now. As the crew works frantically to fix the cage, Matanza beats the hell out of Azteca on the outside of the ring. They finally get back in the cage and Azteca tries his best to come back but Matanza is getting the best of him. All of a sudden we see Black Lotus climb to the top of the cage and she hits a flying crossbody on Azteca taking him down. Matanza grabs Azteca and with a slam he gets the pin and wins the match. Lotus then hits Matanza with a powerbomb as he was climbing the turnbuckle. She then goes after Dario calling him a lier. Matanza gets up and slams Lotus hard to the mat then Dario leads the monster away with the key.

Three Way Match for the Gauntlet of the Gods

Mil Muertes w/Catrina  def  Jeremiah Crane &  Cage

This is Crane’s first ever Ultima Lucha Tres match and as he heads to the ring, he has the most insane look in his eyes. Cage had the Gauntlet but it has been returned to Dario and Cage wants it back. Muertes is doing Catrina’s work and that’s why he’s in the match. Before the match starts Dario comes out and makes the match an elimination match. This makes things even more nuts as these three get ready for battle. Mil Muertes has been selected by Catrina to recover the Gauntlet so he is ready to win for sure. The bell rings and the action begins and bodies start to fly. Crane is the smallest man in this match but he just may have the biggest heart as he is damn nuts. Things head to the floor as Crane and Muertes both get dives on Cage. Cage sets up a few tables but Crane attracts him with a trashcan. Crane is busted wide open and he is bleeding all over the place. Muertes choke slams Crane through a table then hits Cage with a swinging head scissors and then an uppercut that put Cage out on the mat. Catrina watches from the side and she is eerily quiet. Cage and Muertes are battling in the ring as Crane bleeds on the floor. Cage goes for Crane and Crane stabs Cage in the top of the head with a handful of squers. Crane then, after he couldn’t get the pin on Cage, goes for a pain of glass and busts it over Muertes. Blood is now coming from all three men in this match and its everywhere. Cage sets Muertes on the tables he set up earlier, in the ring Cage gets Crane with a superplex to the outside right through Muertes and the tables. It was insane, Cage and Crane get back in the ring and Cage pins Crane taking him out of the match. Its down to a one on one, Muertes and Cage. In the ring these two behemoth’s start to battle. The believers are going completely nuts as the match continues. Crane comes back to the ring and he hits Cage in the back with a chair. This sets up the end as Muertes slams Cage and gets the pin. Mil Muertes wins the match and the Gauntlet of the Gods. Catrina gives Muertes the Gauntlet and he puts it on and punches the mat. The lights go out for a second and behind Muertes in the ring is King Cuerno. He attacks Muertes and then slams Catrina. One year ago Muertes took out Cuerno at Ultima Lucha and he hasn’t been seen since. Tonight he made a statement and he stole the Gauntlet of the Gods.

             The Johnny Mundo story is next as we see a video that Taya made about Mundo and his Lucha Underground career.

Career vs Title Match

Prince Puma  def  Johnny Mundo (c)

The conclusion and main event of Ultima Lucha Tres is upon us. Puma debuted in Lucha Underground against Mundo and tonight could be his final Lucha Underground match against the same man. The match starts and things start off a bit slow. A lot of on the mat wrestling has things at an even match. With one hour left of the show and this being the main event, I can’t understand how these two are gonna battle for an hour, not that they can’t but that’s a long time. Things end up on the outside and Puma does a dive off the balcony railing. The believers chant “Holy Shit” as things get a bit nuts in the ring. Both men are beating the hell out of each other but they seem evenly matched. Mundo will get a move, then Puma will get one, each time they both try for a pin but both always kick out. The ref gets a little to close and he takes a kick from Puma, getting taken out of the match. All of a sudden Jack Evans and PJ Black show up and they beat down Puma. Taya brings another ref out but Puma still kicks out of Mundo’s pin attempt. The worldwide underground beat down the ref and send him packing. With Mundo and his crew beating down Puma, we see Angelico come to help Puma. Angelico has been gone for about a year and tonight he’s back. With all hell breaking loose, we have bodies all over the place but neither Puma or Mundo can get the pin. Back from commercial we have the exhausted Puma and Mundo slugging it out. The believers chant “fight forever” as kick out after kick out happens. Finally with a flipping senton, Puma hits it right on and pins Mundo and is the new Lucha Underground Champion. The first ever two time champ. Dario Cueto comes out to congratulate Puma for winning but he decides that their will be one more match tonight. Puma will defend his newly won title against Pentagon Dark, the Gift of the Gods champion and both men will put their careers on the line.

Lucha Underground Championship Title and Career vs Career Match

Pentagon Dark (c)  def  Prince Puma (c)

Puma just fought Mundo for damn near and hour and now he has to fight the fresh Pentagon Dark. Dark just won the Gift of the Gods title last week but tonight its not on the line. Puma’s newly won title is on the line though and both men have a chance to loose their jobs. Things start in a fast and heavy way with both men attacking hard. A few dives to the floor from Puma takes out Dark. Dark messes up Puma’s arm and he can hardly use it. Slaps back and forth have both men wobbly. The believers are so loud as they chant the Lucha Underground song while Dark beats on Puma. With his hurt arm, Puma can’t quite get the moves he wants with the right amount of strength. Puma almost gets Dark with his senton but Vampiro pulls Dark out of the way. With a package pile driver, Dark takes out the new champion and wins the Lucha Underground Championship. Puma will leave Lucha Underground forever and Dark is a duel champion.

       With the action in the ring over we see a video of most of the Lucha Underground wrestlers and where they might be going. In the end Dario Cueto is shot and things are to be continued.

     A great Ultima Lucha Tres and an amazing season 3 of Lucha Underground comes to a close. Hopefully season 4 will be as rumors have it in limbo at the moment. With NXT still on Wednesdays, things still won’t be the same for me until a return happens. I’ve enjoyed doing these reviews each week and when or if a continuation happens you can be sure you will see reviews from me.           Until Then…..Lucha,Lucha,Lucha!         


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