PWG All-Star Weekend 2017 Preview

By Luke Dorsch

Pro Wrestling Guerilla Presents: All-Star Weekend 13 –Reseda, CA American Legion Post #308

Hot off of one of, if not the best Battle of Los Angeles in its history, is another annual weekend event, All Star Weekend.  Traditionally, ASW has had some of the biggest and best matches in the promotions history. My first experience with ASW was back in May of 2011 when they held All Star Weekend 8, featuring such memorable matches as: Willie Mack and Kevin Steen, Austin Aries and Roderick Strong versus The Cutler Bros, El Generico and Ricochet vs Akira Tozawa and Kevin Steen (one of my favorite matches ever) and Kings of Wrestling collide as PWG Champion Claudio Castagnoli faced his partner Chris Hero.  Night 2 had the RockNes Monsters vs Tozawa and Steen, Generico vs Eddie Edwards, Young Bucks vs Aries and Strong, Claudio Castagnoli vs Low Ki. The boys always seem to deliver for All Star Weekend shows, this year the line-up is as follows:


Night One- 20 October 2017

Adam Brooks vs Mark Haskins

Australian wrestler Adam Brooks making his PWG debut draws former Progress Champion Mark Haskins.  I’m far more familiar with Haskins’ body of work than I am with his opponents, Haskins unfortunately seems to be left out of the conversation as to the great talent from the UK currently making waves, taking a bit of a backseat to Scurll, Osprey, ZSJ, British Strong Style, and others.  Haskins is a two time BOLA veteran in Reseda making it to the semi-finals in 2016 and losing to Travis Banks this year in the opening round.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Mark Haskins can do it all from catch as catch can, high flying, submission, strong style he can do it all, I hope he gets a break.


Joey Janella vs Trevor Lee

Pro Wrestling’s Bad Boy got into this year’s BOLA as late replacement and he sure did impress the hell out of everyone.  On Night 2 of BOLA he and Sammy Guevara stole the show on a night full of show stealing matches.  He draws Impact Wrestling Superstar The Carolina Caveman Trevor Lee.  I’ve always been high on Joey Janella’s crazy ass shit and I love me some Trevor Lee so, I can’t see this being a shit match at all.  It’s going to be a hard hitting crazy match,that the fans will love.


Keith Lee vs Johan Rock

This was originally supposed to be Jeff Cobb vs Jonah Rock, but due to some changes in the card we get to see this one. Keith Lee was a finalist at this year’s BOLA and J-Rock did very well against former longtime PWG and current Evolve Champion Zack Sabre, Jr last month.  Expect a real hard hitting and athletic match by two of the biggest and strongest on the international independent scene.


Flash Morgan Webster vs Travis Banks

Both of these two made their PWG debuts at this year’s BOLA, Travis making it the semi-finals and Flash losing to last year’s winner Marty Scurll in the opening round.  I watch a lot of Progress and I am really glad these two are able to work the US indie’s like PWG before they’re eventually snatched up and misused by WWE.


Ricochet vs WALTER

What the hell did Ricochet ever do to Super Dragon and Excalibur to deserve this?  He’s one of the best professional wrestlers on this planet, he’s the only two time winner of The Battle of Los Angeles, and what does he get for his efforts…a match with one of if not the scariest guy on the indie scene….Progress and WXW’s WALTER.  WALTER is the current and two time Progress Atlas Champion, defeating Matt Riddle and Riddle and Timothy Thatcher for the title in some of the stiffest most hard hitting matches you’ll see.  So, I guess WALTER is going to beat the holy hell out of Ricochet, the night before he gets his long overdue title shot.


Flamita vs Rey Horus vs Sammy Guevara

This is going to be non-stop insane action from bell to bell.  Good luck for everyone sitting in the front row in Reseda.  I’m 100% sold on all three of these guys.  Sammy Guevara is young and has nothing but potential as long as he doesn’t break his neck. Sammy made his PWG debut back in July and did well in this year’s BOLA totally stealing the show with Joey Janella.  This lucha rules match is going to knock your socks off.


PWG World Tag Team Title Match

The Lucha Bros (c) vs The Chosen Bros

The Lucha Brothers consisting of Penta El 0M and his real life brother Fenix take on the undefeated Chosen Bros (Matt Riddle and Jeff Cobb) who aren’t real life brothers in what for me is the match I’m most looking forward to.   The Lucha Bros took the titles away from The Young Bucks earlier this year and defeated them in a rematch a few months later.  The Chosen Bros have literally beaten everyone, including The Young Bucks, War Machine, reDRagon, and everyone else they’ve faced in PWG.  I truly hope this is the time for Riddle and Cobb who are both fantastic as singles performers but really shine as a tag team.  This whole card is great on night one, but the main event will steal the show.




Night 2- 21 October 21 2017


Matt Sydal vs Rey Horus

One of the innovators of the modern high flying style Matt Sydal takes on a guy that I’m sure used to watch him years ago, in Rey Horus.  Sydal can still fly with the best of them, Horus brings a unique and balanced lucha style that everyone seems to enjoy.  Should be a pretty solid match and I expect Rey Horus to go over.


Adam Brooks vs Jonah Rock

The battle of the Aussie’s it seems, as both are super familiar with each other from the Melbourne independent scene in the MCW promotion (not to be confused with my local indie promotion also called MCW) these two are currently both title holders in Melbourne City Wrestling with Jonah Rock currently their Heavyweight Champion and Brooks as the Intercommon wealth Champion. I believe they were also the promotions tag champions but I’m not 100% on that.


Travis Banks vs Trent

New Japan and Ring of Honor’s Heavyweight Trent is making his return to PWG to tackle the winner of the 2017 Super Strong Style tournament winner Travis Banks. This won’t be a show stealer, but I expect good things from this match.  Trent may be getting a big of a little push over in NJPW now that he’s no longer in the Jr. Division so I expect Banks to go over here and continue his stellar 2017.


Joey Janella vs Marty Scurll

The Bad Boy vs The Villain should be great, I believe it will be the first ever meeting between these two individuals and if Marty is motivated I expect a really good match.  Tons of crazy spots from Janella, and when Marty is on in PWG, he is really on.  His match with Flash from BOLA was reminiscent of the 2015-2016 PWG Villain. I think once Janella brings it, Marty will no choice but to show why he’s one of the hottest talents in the world right now.


Mark Haskins and Flash Morgan Webster vs The Young Bucks

This should be a great match, with tons of comedy from the Bucks and Flash.  Haskins is one of the most adaptable wrestlers going these days so, he should be able to keep right up with the others.  I’m not sure how this one will turn out, tons of rumors swirling around the future of Flash in particular, so this one is up in the air for me, but if I had to bet, I wouldn’t bet against The Elite. It’s going to be another great “dream” match for Progress fans who don’t get to see their favorites take on the American independent wrestler’s too often.


WALTER vs Zack Sabre, Jr.

I believe these two have faced one another a few years back in WXW, but both gentlemen have improved their game tremendously since then.  This should be a great match and expect the much larger WALTER to chop ZSJ chest in, and throw him around like a rag doll.  You can’t count out the former longtime PWG and current Evolve Champion as he’s come back and defeated much larger opponents in a completely believable way all over the world.  This could be a main event match anywhere so I look forward to seeing this as much as any other match this weekend.



The Kentucky Gentleman Chuck Taylor (c) vs Ricochet

It’s student versus teacher as newly crowned PWG Champion Dustin defends his title for the first time against his former protégé’ Ricochet who just happened to have earned this title shot by winning the Battle of Los Angeles last month which made him the only two time winner.  Ricochet won back in 2014 by defeating Roderick Strong and Johnny Gargano, and this year by defeating Jeff Cobb and Keith Lee in the finals respectively.  These two have faced each other before through the years in IWA Mid-South, PWG back in 2011 at Steen Wolf, CZW, and CHIKARA just to name a few. Fan favorite and ½ of the Best Friends Chuckie T won the PWG Championship back in July by defeating Zack Sabre Jr in the rematch from their initial encounter in February.  He and the other half of the Best Friends Trent, spent the bulk of this year in a feud with LDRS 2000 (ZSJ and Marty Scurll) ultimately as I said winning the title.  Which is ironic, because at one point not long ago, Dustin had the longest losing streak ever in PWG, but something happened, his humorous antics in the ring, the change in his in-ring style, or his hilarious color commentary with Excalibur, whatever it was Taylor earned the top spot in the company.  Whether or not he is a place holder champion or in this for the long haul we’ll have to wait and see.  But, it’s interesting times for both men, Ricochet may finally be free from his contractual obligations with Lucia Underground and the Prince Puma character, while Dustin and Greg have taken the Best Friends team on the road specifically working Ring of Honor shows and looking great.  I don’t know what to expect as to the outcome, I could see it going either way. Ricochet is ridiculously good, and most of the time the stuff he does in the ring looks so good and easy, people don’t even realize the magic this man is capable of.  Taylor, is LOVED in Reseda and I don’t think his time is up just yet as the promotion’s champion.  But with all the history between the two, and the hot streak both men are on right now, this sleeper match could be something special.  This weekend will indeed be another ALL STAR WEEKEND for the faithful fans of Pro Wrestling Guerilla.




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